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Essentia (ESS) ICO Review – ICO Token News



Today’s social and technological landscape is a fertile ground for new ideas, services and tools which are being developed quickly and continuously. Users are presented with more choice than ever before. However, choice is provided at the expense of privacy, security and personal data usage. Often users and their data are considered the product to benefit from. Users’ journeys are reliant on trusting third parties and intermediaries with the security of their data and software environments. In this context, being able to effectively protect users’ privacy and data resembles a paradox.

Blockchain-based technologies have the power to solve the issues presented by this context. Yet in their current state, these technologies will not be sufficient nor effective until users are able to easily and proficiently interact with them. Decentralized solutions and intermediary-free services or tools are of critical importance to enable users to regain control over their freedom, privacy and what constitutes their digital “life pieces” including IDs and data.

Why Essentia?

Essentia provides a complete set of solutions to users, decentralized service providers and their technologies. Essentia is the multi asset swiss-army knife solution that users always have in their pocket. Providing a gateway to decentralized resources and, through them, traditional internet services, while also having exclusive, full control, over their identity, digital life and data. Essentia fills the solution gap of the current landscape and makes available a complete and versatile multi-chain framework. Its primary goal is to empower users with a toolset of decentralized solutions which seamlessly integrate with on-chain or off-chain systems, services or resources. Essentia protects users’ privacy, needs and security by developing a bleeding-edge and user-friendly framework.

The Essentia framework gives full and granular control to users and enables them to act anonymously, pseudo-anonymously or publicly. Users can decide whether or not to share their data in part or in full and when, how and where that data is shared. Beyond the ID system and its connected data and metadata tools or services, Essentia also provides secure, trustable and decentralized software environment solutions that can run on all major OSs and hardware.

Essentia is the connective tissue between the user, decentralized resources and traditional systems. It enables anyone, anywhere to take advantage in full of current and future technologies. The Essentia framework is the missing link that finally enables a trustable, simple and powerful way to interact with decentralized systems and everything that can be connected with them, whether software or hardware.

User Benefits

With the Essentia framework, the users’ IDs, data, desktop, files, accounts, software, wallets, logins and so forth are not managed by third-parties or centralized services. They can simply follow the user and always be fully accessible and used from anywhere, in a trustable operating data environment. Protected by cryptography and blockchain-based systems, the user is able to instantly and securely gain access to on-chain and off-chain third-party services and to interact with them. In each instance, deciding whether or not to share information or data. The user’s data can be encrypted and maintained on decentralized storage, removing any concerns regarding the persistence and content of the user’s data. Users’ encrypted data is not publicly connected with their IDs. Data can only be cryptographically accessed and used by its owner and by whom the owner decides to give access and partial or full control to.

ESS Token Overview

ESS Tokens are ERC20-based Ethereum Tokens. Each and every ESS Token is equal to each other and has exactly the same qualities, properties, and characteristics. After the ICO Token period ends, no additional ESS Tokens will be created. ESS Tokens, managed mainly by the ESS-Fuel module, work like the fuel of the Essentia Framework by accomplishing several functions. The Token layer and its functions will be gradually introduced and implemented throughout the development of the entire Essentia Platform.

The ESS Token is devoted to the following main tasks (these will be enabled step by step, and made operational, as the underlying infrastructure is ready for them):

  1. As an antispam measure which prevents the abuse of the resources, or services, of the Essentia Framework (or anything connected to it). It also protects Essentia from several kinds of attacks that can be perpetrated against the infrastructure, the users or the connected resources and parties.
  2. It works as the fuel that keeps the Essentia Platform/Framework alive and provides the ability to access, maintain or use some specific component, feature or service.
  3. It is used to pay for extra internal resources (e.g. for more storage than the minimum included for free or for more configuration slots than the free default).
  4. It is used to pay for renting additional decentralized third-party resources connected to Essentia (e.g. computational power or running instances of the components)
  5. It is used to pay for extra goods/services/content/fees on the in house ESS-Dapp-Centre and also on the integrated, and trusted, third-party marketplaces and Dapp-Stores. It can also be used for the integrated DEX, the Essentia Decentralized Exchange
  6. ESS Tokens that are used at system level (like for antispam mechanisms for example), as well as the ESS Tokens collected as fees, will be periodically redistributed to the ESS Token owners in equal proportion to their stakes.
  7. This enables a distributed governance layer that can involve users into project and platform related decisions. Users are able to make proposals, or vote for them, with the ESS Token.
  8. The token allows the user with a minimum stake of coins, beyond participating to the governance of the project, to have access to dedicated exclusive resources
  9. It is used to manage the user’s reputation layer by discouraging bad actors that would fear, not only eventually losing their reputation, but also a corresponding part of their tokens stake.
  10. Part of the ESS Tokens allocated to the Essentia Project will serve as a reserve dedicated to foster and promote the adoption of the Essentia Framework and to reward the active users for their involvement, participation or resource-sharing.

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  • Matteo Gianpietro Zago
    Matteo Gianpietro Zago
    Matteo Gianpietro Zago
    Founder, Project Lead
  • Mirco Mongiardino
    Mirco Mongiardino
    Mirco Mongiardino
    Founder, Project Lead
  • Vladimir Holubovych
    Vladimir Holubovych
    Vladimir Holubovych
    Operations Lead
  • Stefan Djokic
    Stefan Djokic
    Stefan Djokic
    Technical Team
  • Alex Grek
    Alex Grek
    Alex Grek
  • Oleksandr Kozlov
    Oleksandr Kozlov
    Oleksandr Kozlov
    Software Architect
  • Nikolay Hryshchenkov
    Nikolay Hryshchenkov
    Nikolay Hryshchenkov
    Technical Team Lead
  • Dmytro Striletskyi
    Dmytro Striletskyi
    Dmytro Striletskyi
    Technical Team
  • Anatoliy Kurotych
    Anatoliy Kurotych
    Anatoliy Kurotych
  • Roman Boyko
    Roman Boyko
    Roman Boyko
  • Roman Loboda
    Roman Loboda
    Roman Loboda
  • Alex Pikuta
    Alex Pikuta
    Alex Pikuta


  • 1
    Q1. 2018

    • Raw functions (s/v/e/d/)
    • File Storage (swarm, IPFS, storj)
    • Wallet multi-asset (eth, btc, iota,..)
    • dApps Store
    • CLI and UI implementations
    • eLogin basic version (anon IDs)
    • BLOCKTIME initial rollout
    • First round of dApps integrations:
    • Status, ED, Aragon,, Gnosis
    • Alpha/mvp of ESS Framework
    • Finalising Essentia for Individuals:


    • Continuing R&D and Tests
    • Continuing prototyping

    • Community engagement bonuses
    • Ambassadors Campaigns
    • Meetups / conferences worldwide
    • Self-hosted regular meetup Ams
    • 1st Airdrop after the ICO ends
    • Publishing Essentia for Individuals:

  • 2
    Q2 2018

    • Additional backend/home modules
    • Custom VPN, TOR, Mysterium
    • Single-chain nodes and modules:
    • ETH, BTC, IOTA, LTC, etcetera..
    • 2nd/3rd round of dApps integrations
    • eLogin 3rd-party ID management
    • On-chain modules initial rollout
    • Minimal and low-res adaptations
    • Decentralized repositories
    • First beta of the ESS framework
    • Start developing Essentia for Government solutions: MTK Finnish Government and others
    • Start developing Essentia for Enterprise solutions

    • Selecting final prototypes
    • Alpha of KeyWare (HW Seed)
    • Pre-alpha of devices (Eggs)

    • 1st ESS Hackaton for projects to built on top of the Essentia Protocol
    • Development bounties
    • Security / bug reporting bounties
    • Meetups / conferences worldwide
    • Self-hosted regular meetup 2 cities
    • 2nd Airdrop ~1 month after 1st
    • Start of Essentia for Government solutions: MTK Government and others
    • Start developing Essentia for Enterprise solutions

  • 3
    Q3 2018
    • Full BLOCKTIME rollout
    • Custom derivation paths
    • Framework CLI automation/scripts
    • Alpha ESS token layer
    • Cross-chain modules initial rollout
    • Alpha ID system (anon, pseudo)
    • Login second stage (+pseudo)
    • 4th round of dApps integrations
    • Native mobile app beta
    • ESS framework second beta
    • Launch of Essentia as ICO Launchpad: Projects to be built on top of Essentia Protocol

    • ESS KeyWare device
    • ESS-Sense selection
    • Eggs alpha/beta
    • ESS-OS alpha (multi-arch)

    • In-framework incentives
    • 2nd ESS Hackathon
    • Development bounties
    • Security / bug reporting bounties
    • Public beta-testing program start
    • Meetups / conferences worldwide
    • Self-hosted regular meetup 3 cities
    • 3rd Airdrop ~2.5 month after 2nd
  • 4
    Q4 2018

    • Advanced features and settings
    • eLogin third stage rollout (+KYC)
    • Decentralized ID beta (an,ps,kyc)
    • eDNS/NS consolidation
    • Beta ESS Token layer / recycle
    • First purely-on-chain modules
    • State channel layer initial rollout
    • Standalone modules and nodes
    • Low-res environments and IoT (beta)
    • Mobile RC
    • ESS framework third beta
    • Launch of Essentia for Government solutions: MTK Government and others
    • Launch of Essentia for Enterprise solutions

    • First ESS-Eggs release
    • eGPS demo/alpha (with scs)
    • IoT tailored public versions
    • ESS-OS beta release (debian)

    • 1st ESS ideas contest
    • Use incentivization programs (ess)
    • 3rd ESS Hackathon
    • Development bounties
    • Security / bug reporting bounties
    • Meetups / conferences worldwide
    • Self-hosted regular meetup 3 cities
    • Launch of Essentia for Government solutions: MTK Government and others
    • Launch of Essentia for Enterprise solutions

  • 5
    Q1/2 2019

    • Decentralized ID full rollout
    • ESS token layer complete
    • State channels: done
    • Move/clone modules on-chain (scs)
    • Virtualization of resources (intro)
    • Cross/multi-chain full operability
    • Fully customizable framework
    • Mobile stable release (android, osx)
    • Multi-language implementations
    • Decentralized governance (intro)
    • ESS framework RC and stable

    • ESS-OS RC and initial release
    • eGPS deployed
    • Automatable Custom Constellations
    • IoT implementations
    • KeyWare enhancements
    • Autonomous Eggs tests
    • HW-based native oracles tests

    • ESSDEV zero (devs conference)
    • Follow up of previous programs
  • 6
    Q3/4 2019

    • Self-sustainability protocol (recycle)
    • Virtualization of the resources
    • Resource sharing
    • Distributed computing
    • Mission-critical deployments
    • Decentralized governance
    • Low-res environments and IoT full
    • SW-based native oracles tests
    • Decentralized ESS framework

    • HW-based native oracles
    • Autonomous Eggs
    • Next generation Eggs Test
    • Autonomous constellations tests
    • Micro/minimal/ms devices
    • Begin of native ESS-aOS (non-deb)

    • 1st ESSCON + Hackathon
    • Follow up

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