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ENDO (ET) ICO Review – ICO Token News


ENDO is a Blockchain, a protocol, and various data verification services. The Ecosystem of the ENDO protocol creates a decentralized environment for verified data. Data that people and robots will be able to trust: remotely, instantly, and safely.

Using the ENDO protocol, you can create private and public Blockchain, configure levels of access to information, the conditions for data exchange between different organizations, and depersonalize and protect data.

On the basis of the ENDO protocol, applications have been created that allow the transfer of paper documents with ink signatures to digital ones; a person can receive a digital certificate of their identity; brand things to create a digital passport of authenticity.

Anyone will be able to create their own applications based on the ENDO protocol as early as the beginning of 2019.

The ENDO Ecosystem allows organizations and users to participate in the information exchange process and use the services with the ENDO token.

All ENDO applications and products have one goal – to create a single, secure and certified environment for any type of data.

Now you can manage your personal, corporate, and public information about achievements, awards, indicators, transactions, etc., using the ENDO platform. By your consent, the platform provides secure access to your stored information to third parties.

Distributed Registry Technology

Blockchain technology-enabled companies to supply more reliable systems for verification and data management. Distributed registry technology can provide an easily accessible tool that can improve business processes of data exchange, asset management, system state changes.

Cryptographic algorithms prevent the appearance of false information between the participants in the event that it falls into the hands of scammers.

These functions allow companies to maintain the security of confidential commercial/personal data and at the same time to be efficient and easily manageable, for example, medical or financial institutions.

ENDO Protocol

ENDO Protocol is a set of rules, algorithms, and business process logic, describing the interaction of subsystems among themselves. The ENDO protocol regulates the overall interaction between network units, allows them to communicate securely and transfer data among themselves. ENDO Protocol describes the following entities and processes:

  • Data verification.
  • Hashing, data encryption.
  • Algorithms for providing access to data.
  • Cryptography The cryptography used to protect data, and the interaction between applications.
  • Structure of the open and closed software interface.
  • Ontology of the data.
  • Structure of data storage, the structure of interaction with local and cloud storage.

 ENDO Core

ENDO Core is the foundation for all applications that are integrated with the network of Blockchain. Core performs functions that do not require a high level of trust and can be executed centrally.

ENDO Core is an open source desktop application. Core tasks include:

  • Encryption, hashing of data.
  • Receiving files from the repository.
  • Transfer files to the repository.
  • Integration with the network of Blockchain.
  • Recording and working with databases.
  • Scheme of interaction with other applications.
  • Storing data-type models.
  • Providing an API for integrations.

The general logic of designing an application on a platform consists of two blocks.

The “application logic” reflects the main functionality of the application (the functional depends on the specifics of the application and can be any). The functional of the application describes the rules of working with the user and the general business idea of the application. Additional data models can also be added there.

ENDO Core is responsible for encryption and data transmission logic, communicating with the network of blockchain via API. GoApp Logic implements the merge task between the file store, the database and the API, allowing you to implement the task of linking a particular file to the repository with a record of the file in the database. GoApp Logic allows you to send data to the API on the Blockchain.


Blockchain is an important link in the system and contains data and logic that require a high level of trust. Since, from the point of view of the cost of storage and data processing, Blockchain is an expensive solution, it is necessary to select the minimum required a set of tasks to ensure the proper level of trust.

Necessary Tasks

  • Data verification, storage, and creation of hashes of data.
  • Authentication of users and companies.
  • Storing of open data of applications and companies (application identifier in the network, open documents about the company owner, etc.).
  • Managing tokens and their transactions.
  • Decentralization of the logic and data of the scoring system.
  • Ensure the download and execution of custom smart contracts.


EToken is an internal platform token. EToken is the only means of exchange that can be used to pay for checking data and exchanging data between users of the system.

Why do we need EToken?

  1. Verification of data – the process of storing information on Blockchain. The decentralized platform is supported by nodes, respectively, a token is needed to stimulate network members to maintain the system.
  2. EToken is needed for data exchange between organizations – they set the cost of data exchange between each other.
  3. Etoken can be used when receiving services or paying for goods related to the use of verified data.
  4. EToken is used to vote for the development of the protocol and determine the economic parameters of the system.
  5. EToken is used to stimulate developers who create applications on the open Blockchain protocol of ENDO. The percentage of ICO tokens from transactions through the application is awarded to the creator of said application.

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  • Yan Palmachinskiy
    Yan Palmachinskiy
    Yan Palmachinskiy
    CEO, founder

    IT technology entrepreneur and founder of international IT company "Take IT Easy". Creator of SAAS services that use AI: GoFocus, PiperCat, Webster University.
  • Vladislav Utushkin
    Vladislav Utushkin
    Vladislav Utushkin

    Has more than 10 years of marketing, consulting and analytics experience. 5+ years of experience in managing the Internet marketing agency “RVR Project”. Successfully closed the $ 12.000.000 token sale for MARK.SPACE.
  • Mikhail Plyaskin
    Mikhail Plyaskin
    Mikhail Plyaskin

    Founder of company that unifies organizations in the communications sector. Education: Novosibirsk State University of Economics & Management.
  • Julia Stafford
    Julia Stafford
    Julia Stafford
    Head of Digital Advertising

    More than 10 years experience in Internet marketing, including large Russian companies and international advertising agencies. Specialist in the promotion of IT projects on the blockchain.
  • Boris Baranov
    Boris Baranov
    Boris Baranov
    Head Community Manager

    10+ years experience in translation/localization IT projects, former Couchsurfing Ambassador.
  • Nicolay Berezowsky
    Nicolay Berezowsky
    Nicolay Berezowsky
    System Architect

    More than 3 years of backend-development experience, 2 years of business system analysis experience (freelance & in company). Scientific work in the field of distributed ledgers analysis. Novosibirsk State University.
  • Yaroslav Karpov
    Yaroslav Karpov
    Yaroslav Karpov
    Business Development Director, Japan

    5 years of experience in commodities trading with Japan/APAC, 2 years in Russia's trade mission in Tokyo, 3 years of project management in automotive industry, participated in a successful crypto project (VR/AR).
  • Andrey Veselov
    Andrey Veselov
    Andrey Veselov
    Investment Manager

    Stock market manager. Structured products and portfolio investments. Intraday speculation. Asset manager for past 3 years.
  • Kirill Khristenko
    Kirill Khristenko
    Kirill Khristenko
    Legal support

    Has more than 4 years of experience in the finance and legal practice. Worked for the court, engaged in legal support, interacted with authorities, tax services, banks. Novosibirsk State University, Faculty of Economics graduate.
  • Dmitrii Remnev
    Dmitrii Remnev
    Dmitrii Remnev
    Community Manager

    Has worked as an assistant manager in a company that produces equipment for virtual reality, has taught English in China, has studied at Seneca College, Canada
  • Kate Ten
    Kate Ten
    Kate Ten
    Community Manager

    More than 4 years of experience in journalism, 2 years experience as copywriter and SEO-optimizer, Worked in advertising holding BBDO as a PR-manager. Moscow State University.
  • Valentina Boltenkova
    Valentina Boltenkova
    Valentina Boltenkova
    Lead UX/UI designer

    Specialize in advertising and information materials design. Has more than 10 years e-commerce experience in leading companies such as Alfa Bank and Beeline.


  • 1
    Stage 1

    Team formation
    Successful implementation of 80+ outsourcing projects (IT development, digital production) GoFocus LMS platform launch
    PiperCat service for marketing automation and autofunnels building launch
  • 2
    Stage 2

    Idea formalization
    Customer development
    Platform testnet private launch
    ENDO Documents MVP
    First integrations connected to ENDO Documents

  • 3
    Stage 3

    Q1 / 2018
    Private presentations with market whales
    Shipping company connected to ENDO Workflow
    20+ companies confirmed integration
    Platform code optimization
  • 4
    Stage 4

    Q2 / 2018
    Marketing campaign
    Platform interface
    MVP Token Sale
  • 5
    Stage 5

    Q3 / 2018
    Platform testnet public launch
    ERC-20 token distribution
    ENDO KYC App beta
    ENDO Documents App public version launch
  • 6
    Stage 6

    Q4 / 2018
    Platform mainnet launch
    ERC-20 token to ENDO Token exchange
    MyENDO launch
    ENDO Scoring mechanism launch
    ENDO Workflow app public launch
    Protocol patent registration
  • 7
    Stage 7

    EOS Smart Contracts integration
    Multi-blockchain architecture
    ENDO Reviews app launch
    ENDO Base app launch
    Integrations support
  • 8
    Stage 8

    Government support Apps updates

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