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EMMARES (EMA) ICO Review – ICO Token News


EMMARES has the potential to disrupt the market of digital ads by delivering an excellent return on investment, much more significant than traditional online advertisements. As the first service of its kind, EMMARES delivers a very new approach to online advertising through email channels and gives a new dimension to email marketing.

Enriching contact list quality and generating new leads and traffic are the most frequently stated goals in marketing. Providers spend most of their budget in this arena in hopes of achieving those goals. The most common way that we do that today is through web advertising. There are many different techniques to enhance engagement, but all of them have a common goal – to establish constant contact and communication with a prospect. Classic web advertising was used to gather email addresses and get permission to send content through email. Statistics and estimations show that only Google is earning over $19 billion in advertisement dollars. Conversion rates through such channels are much higher than through traditional channels and vary in different sectors.  Through evolution, marketing progressed from classic marketing communication tools and advertisement methods to digital. This changed the core concept of marketing. The importance of TV and classic media waned and, with targeted budget and e-campaigns, e-marketers are now able to achieve better and more measurable results. Today, everybody can calculate the cost per new lead or cost per click on their website and see the conversion rate.

EMMARES minimizes spam with its global content evaluation system. Mailing recipients will evaluate received emails and they will be rewarded with EMA tokens. An adequate rewards pool will help trusted and highquality email marketers reach targeted new customers. Cleaning the internet of unwanted low-quality content will bring trust and transparency to users.  EMMARES is a blockchain system based on global assessment and rewarding, which uses EMA tokens as the fuel for its operation. The rewards pool is assured by the content provider (email marketer). With a sufficient sampling rate, evaluations will become trusted and reliable sources of feedback. The mailing recipient’s token rewards will be held in their personal wallets and they will be able to spend them on their own promotions or sell them to other marketers, providing a reward budget for their campaigns.

Who benefits from EMMARES

Email marketers – Publishers

Our unique, transparent model is based on encouraging publishers to send good, interesting and relevant content.

Token buyers

By purchasing EMMARES tokens, you are securing significant privileges as a (presale) token holder as well as supporting a new, expanding project with huge potential. You get to be part of a system, which represents the future of Email marketing world where everyone gets only the content they are interested in and Email marketers get higher ROI. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.

Mailing recipients

EvaluatorsAs a participant in EMMARES community, you get tokens in return for evaluating the Email content you receive. It is that simple. You also get the possibility to subscribe only to the content you are interested in, from the highest scored Email marketers.

EMail MArketing REwarding System based on decentralized blockchain technology

All content sent by providers using EMMARES ( is the first of such providers) will be evaluated and rated by the recipients. For rating the content, the recipients will be rewarded with EMMARES (EMA) tokens. The content and the content providers will gain or lose reputation points based on the evaluation results. This process will identify and reward high-quality content and weed out low-quality content that is not worth reading. Based on our experience with, we are developing the email marketing ESP service, which integrates smart mail classification, a decentralized intelligence and rewards system through EMMARES beta, to be launched in Q1 2018. Squizmail and latter MailRocker will provide a real-world application for EMMARES testing and development purposes and a rewards system that anyone can use. EMMARES will be available for legitimate ESPs as well as for common email users without ESP services. The ICO countdown has already begun for this token.

Presale and crowdsale information

To fuel the development of the next-generation EMMARES Email global digital reputation system, EMA tokens are now introduced and available for distribution. There are phases in the distribution plan-the Private Placement and Public phase which starts with phase 1 (Pre-Distribution) stage and the distribution stages 2-6 (“Distribution”). MA Tokens form presale and Private placement will be distributed in two weeks after ICO. Unsold EMA for Pre-Distribution will be re-offered in Distribution Stage.  The Target Amount (Hard cap) in Distribution Stage = 35.000 ETH (raised during Private Placement and Pre-Distribution stage). The USD-denominated price of ETH will be fixed one hour before the launch of Distribution event (with retroactive effect); – The number of ETH raised before the launch of Distribution event will be calculated with the subscribed EMA and applicable discount rate in each tranche private placement agreement. – In Distribution Stage, the EMA/ETH conversion rate is visible from the table above. Please note, that we calculate the price of each token purchase to ETH on a daily basis. The total amount of ETH collected and the equivalent USD amount will be shown on EMMARES website on a defined daily rate during crowdsale.


  • Bojan Oremuž
    Bojan Oremuž
    Bojan Oremuž
    CEO and founder
  • Denis Orešnik
    Denis Orešnik
    Denis Orešnik
    Cofounder and developer
  • Tadej Oremuž
    Tadej Oremuž
    Tadej Oremuž
    Cofounder and developer
  • Jure Tovrljan
    Jure Tovrljan
    Jure Tovrljan
    Creative design & advertising
  • Dejan Plavše
    Dejan Plavše
    Dejan Plavše
  • Taja Oremuž
    Taja Oremuž
    Taja Oremuž
    Graphic design & marketing
  • Krištof Gajšek
    Krištof Gajšek
    Krištof Gajšek
    Full stack developer
  • Matic Korošec
    Matic Korošec
    Matic Korošec
    Junior developer
  • Janez Sevčnikar
    Janez Sevčnikar
    Janez Sevčnikar
    Bounty manager


  • 1
    ESP provider since.
  • 2
    January, 2016
    Development of a new ESP.
  • 3
    May, 2017
    Idea of Emmares.
  • 4
    July, 2017
    Project and ICO preparation.
  • 5
    October, 2017
    Announcement on Blockchain Adria conference.
  • 6
    January 16th, 2018
    Official Emmares announcement
  • 7
    February/March, 2018
  • 8
    March, 2018
  • 9
    Q2, 2018
  • 10
    Q2, 2018
    Beta rollout Emmares.
  • 11
    Q4, 2018
    Production Emmares and beta smart services.
  • 12
    Q1, 2019
    Production smart services.
  • 13
    Q2-Q4, 2019

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