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Elysian (ELY) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Elysian is an innovative new decentralized platform that will use the Ethereum blockchain to secure customer data, facilitate Ecommerce transactions, and drastically change user experience. The integration of smart contracts and blockchain technology will ultimately provide a higher level of security in the realm of Ecommerce. The interoperability of the platform will serve as the basis for future scalability and sustainable growth.  Extensive analysis into competing businesses exposes a lack of unprecedented user experience. The current status quo is not healthily sustainable as advancements in technology become more commonplace.

The Rise of Cryptocurrencies

While the cryptocurrency market is establishing itself in the world of speculative trading, it has not yet been widely accepted as a viable transaction method for goods and services. Undoubtedly, one of the most common questions beginners ask is, “How can I use my cryptocurrency aside from trading on an exchange?” Until now, few retailers and distributors, including the major Ecommerce giants, have offered a practical solution. As a result, consumers in the cryptocurrency market are stuck in limbo with no solution, unless they want to go through the additional effort and pay the increasing fees of converting to fiat money. This is precisely why the Elysian Ecommerce platform is needed, to provide consumers with the freedom to utilize their cryptocurrency in any manner they choose. As it stands now, in the absence of an Ecommerce company that accepts cryptocurrency in exchange for products and services, people are still required to transact using fiat currency. The original design of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency was to bypass centralized monetary systems and enact true, peer-to-peer transactions. Nowhere in Satoshi’s landmark white paper did it state that Bitcoin was to be a purely speculative investment; yet, that is precisely what it has become.


The emergence of blockchain technology is beginning to revolutionize the internet. However, blockchain itself is still in its infancy. Consequently, many businesses in the Ecommerce industry are still unaware of blockchain technology or are content with the current status quo in terms of cybersecurity. The alarming number of data breaches are evidence of this. The ability to store customer data on the blockchain provides a revolutionary new level of security that was nonexistent in years past. This is a prime example of how the creation of blockchain in its purest form was meant to be used for the real-world application. This immutable ledger serves as the foundation for transactions and storing data that cannot be tampered with. Decentralization prevents the data from being on one single server and openly visible to hackers. This has an immediate effect on overall data security.

The primary function of the Elysian platform is to revolutionize the entire Ecommerce industry by improving security and creating a new, unique user experience. Elysian will be the first Ecommerce platform to combine two vital aspects that are necessary for the progression of the industry – integrating blockchain to store all customer data securely and using technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to help differentiate Elysian from competition in terms of user experience.

Token System

The Ethereum network allows for the creation of ERC20 tokens to operate as replacements for other intermediaries. In the Elysian system, ELYCOIN (ELY) will be the fuel that powers the Elysian platform. The token will be an integral part of the ecosystem as the preferred method of transaction. Since our tokens will be of the standardized ERC20 format, they will simply be integrated by others who wish to display them. The code will be available to the public for transparency. Through the Ethereum blockchain, all transactions and transfers are performed autonomously with superior transparency and complete decentralization. The primary objective of the ICO token creation is to allow supporters of the Elysian vision an incentive to contribute to the Elysian ecosystem. We are launching a Token Generation Event to enable us to add more features to the platform, build a following through targeted digital marketing and influencer marketing, pursue exclusive partnerships with high-profile retailers and manufacturers and expand the team. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.

Growth Pool

The growth pool is designed to promote engagement and interaction between the Elysian team and the community. The token percentage allocated to the growth pool will be integrated into the ecosystem in a way that provides a legitimate utility for the token. Generating community growth is an aspect that many companies in the crypto space do not emphasize enough. As a result, several projects have a poor social media presence and support base, which makes it difficult to achieve healthy, sustainable growth. Elysian has developed a model for community expansion through the growth pool to prioritize relations between the team and the supporters.

Token Distribution

Elysian will be minting 1 billion total tokens, with a starting circulating supply of 250 million at the completion of the TGE; a number that is subject to future change based on the amount of Growth Pool tokens released per annum. The hardcap for the TGE is $19 million.


Elysian will improve the security and efficiency of Ecommerce transactions, starting with the first successful beta test on the Elysian Ecommerce platform, using the Elysian online store and its initial partner companies. The integration of blockchain technology and smart contracts will provide a higher level of security and secure data storage to increase trust in the business-to-consumer (B2C) relationship. Businesses will have access to a highly responsive and tech-savvy consumer market through the Elysian platform and ecosystem. The addition of beneficial aspects such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality will provide interoperability and access to a wider variety of consumers than current Ecommerce platforms, in addition to an enhanced, unprecedented user experience.


  • Leo Ameri (Ramin)
    Leo Ameri (Ramin)
    Leo Ameri (Ramin)
    CEO & Founder
  • Jesse Brandenburg
    Jesse Brandenburg
    Jesse Brandenburg
  • Ioan Hategan
    Ioan Hategan
    Ioan Hategan
  • Levon Tikoyan
    Levon Tikoyan
    Levon Tikoyan
    CTO / Lead Developer
  • KJ Magill
    KJ Magill
    KJ Magill
  • Roelof Gootjes
    Roelof Gootjes
    Roelof Gootjes
    Head of Strategic Partnerships
  • Ihor Pidruchny
    Ihor Pidruchny
    Ihor Pidruchny
    Blockchain Engineer
  • Nadine Dominik
    Nadine Dominik
    Nadine Dominik
    Corporate Secretary
  • Tyler Sanford
    Tyler Sanford
    Tyler Sanford
    Marketing Consultant
  • Tammy Saint-Wynters
    Tammy Saint-Wynters
    Tammy Saint-Wynters


  • 1
    Q2 / 2017
    The Elysian concept is born
  • 2
    Q3 / 2017 - Q1 / 2018
    The concept is in development
  • 3
    Q2 / 2018
    The Elysian Private Event begins, followed shortly thereafter by the Elysian TGE
  • 4
    Q3 / 2018
    Team Expansion; Launch of the official Desktop Wallet (Windows, Linux & Mac)
  • 5
    Q4 / 2018
    Launch of the official Mobile Wallet (iOS & Android)
  • 6
    Q1 / 2019
    Private blockchain implementation for data storage
  • 7
    Q2 / 2019
    Launch of the official Elysian Merch Program
  • 8
    Q3 / 2019
    Launch of the official Elysian Platform
  • 9
    Q4 / 2019
    Atomic Swap integration into the Elysian Ecommerce platform
  • 10
    Q1 / 2020
    Expand the range of altcoins accepted on the Elysian platform
  • 11
    Q2 / 2020
    Opening of a Strategic Office in Europe
  • 12
    Q3 / 2020
    Opening of a Strategic Office in Asia
  • 13
    Q4 / 2020
    AI integration into the Ecommerce platform
  • 14
    Q3 / 2021
    VR integration into the Ecommerce platform
  • 15
    1% of the global Ecommerce websites start using the Elysian platform

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