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EIPlatform (EMI) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Originally the idea of founding the EIP (Esports Interactive Platform) belongs to one of the founders of the cybersports scene. After having worked for 10 years in the sector, he started off as common gamer and rose to become the owner of one of the top esports teams in the world – Team Empire. Over the years, the esports audience has grown at an astounding rate putting it into the top 5 most viewed sports with the estimate of around 400 million followers worldwide (165 frequent enthusiasts and 215 occasional viewers). The total annual export growth rate is the highest in the world. A recent report by Deloitte says that esports will keep its leadership in terms of growth rates over the next 5 years. The strategy of the EIP project is to capitalise on this trend and to create financial benefits for the esports and business community.

As of today, small beginning teams, beginning streamers, medium-sized tournaments and tournaments of local significance do not have access to the budgets of major brands. Often, major brands are interested in a local or selective audience, but they continue to work only with top teams / major tournaments / top streamers, as they show impressive figures. In this situation the brand hits the target audience with large budgets that do not provide maximum efficiency, and the main part of the audience does not receive budgets from top brands. In addition, a large part of the budget is taken by various intermediaries and agencies. Industry experts see that the gap between the rapid growth in the popularity of e-sports and the development of marketing tools necessary for effective communication with this new audience is also growing rapidly. The EI Platform will close this gap.

EIP Solutions

For business

One of the goals of EIP is to optimize the marketing and sales chain by creating direct access to the end customer with unique technological tools and experience in attracting and interacting with the target audience on the esports market. The creation of a single EI Platform equipped with artificial intelligence will:-

  • Provide a direct channel to reach the target audience for marketing and advertising campaigns with a high degree of success.
  • Enter the market to gain access to several non-endemic partners who will be able to use additional tools to interact with audiences.

For the audience

Registered EIP users (audience members) receive exclusive goods and services from funded companies:

  • Exclusive tickets to tournaments from tournament platforms,
  • Team merchandise and additional features on media platforms.
  • Receive additional preferential terms for the purchase of goods and services from sponsors
  • Gain rewards for certain actions on the platform


The EI Platform is a decentralized marketing system that allows participating brands and companies to understand, develop, forecast, monetize content, conduct advertising campaigns, implement loyalty programs and receive feedback from the audience. Audiences will gain access to budgets of brands and will be able to participate in the development of the esports infrastructure as well. EIP takes on the following functions:

  • Issuance of EMI tokens and its subsequent distribution to raise the funds for the development and the expansion of the system.
  • Design of a fair and secure order execution model based on the principles of decentralization.
  • Development of smart contracts for launching the processes of payment and order fulfillment
  • . • Launch of the website and applications for companies, audiences, and all participants of the esports market to use.
  • Creation of an effective stimulating model for each of the parties to encourage them to join the EIP ecosystem
  • Development of active marketing campaigns to accelerate the project launch in the initial stages
  • Formation of regulatory and legal grounds of the ecosystem

Blockchain & Smart Contracts

The blockchain is a shared-database technology, most popular for underpinning bitcoin digital currency. It works with linked databases that update digital ledgers unceasingly. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a decentralized blockchain network. Smart contracts permit trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among disparate, anonymous parties without the need for a central authority, legal system, or external enforcement mechanism. They render transactions traceable, transparent, and irreversible.

The EIP platform is designed as a very high-load system. The market potential for the EIP ecosystem consists of millions of users, each of them making dozens of orders per year. The main focus is on speed of performance, followed by smart contracts support, predictability, stability, and ease of use. We plan to use the most proven and scalable open source technologies and constantly monitor alternative technical implementations.

EMI Token

After the ICO period, all contributors will receive ERC20 exchangeable EMI tokens on the Ethereum network. Whenever the EIP blockchain is launched with its own token mechanism, the ERC20 token will always be accepted for exchange to a new token 1:1. The EMI token is a core component of the EIP ecosystem and is designed to facilitate all kinds of operations that make the token an integral part of the ecosystem and the driver for its economy. The EMI token is fractionally divisible, transferable and mutually interchangeable. The token balances and transfers will be tracked by EIP.

If you are new in the crypto world and interested to invest in ICO project then reading ICO Beginners Guide can help you to understand it in a better way.



  • Sergey Nevodnichiy
    Sergey Nevodnichiy
    Sergey Nevodnichiy
    CEO & Founder
    15 years experience in the Esports industry; created one of the most popular teams in the history of Esports – Team Empire. MBA - Strategic Management and Marketing.
  • Yury Mertsalov
    Yury Mertsalov
    Yury Mertsalov
    Experienced venture capital and private equity professional with focus on Esports and ecommerce. 5 years of investing experience in bitcoin and crypto-assets.
  • Andrey Rost
    Andrey Rost
    Andrey Rost
    For over 20 years he has been engaged in corporate PR in the field of fuel and energy, banking and IT sectors. One of the founders of a chain of public catering establishments, comprising more than 120 establishments.
  • Mikhail Barashkov
    Mikhail Barashkov
    Mikhail Barashkov
    Co-founder of Team Empire and Spartak Esports. 20 years experience in the foreign exchange and money market. The head of the PSB direction in the banknote market and precious metals market.
  • Nana Kulikova
    Nana Kulikova
    Nana Kulikova
    15 years of PR and Media practice: founder of the main crypto award in Russia - RcryptA, participated in successful ICO projects.

  • Vlad Dobrov
    Vlad Dobrov
    Vlad Dobrov
    ICO Advisor
    International entrepreneur with 15 years top level corporate financial background; two degrees in Economics and Finance and a certified Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants, AUS and NZ.

  • Prof. Dr. Rudolf Mauch
    Prof. Dr. Rudolf Mauch
    Prof. Dr. Rudolf Mauch
    Senior Advisor
    Owner of Mauch & Partner Management Consulting Professor of Economics at University of Prague since 14 years CoFounder at MOBIUZ tech Singapore.
  • Roger Crook
    Roger Crook
    Roger Crook
    Entrepreneur, disruptor and independent strategic advisor in FinTech, LogisticsTech and Logistics , blockchain ICO’s and cryptocurrencies. CEO of Capital Springboard.
  • Ksenjia Kraewska
    Ksenjia Kraewska
    Ksenjia Kraewska

    German Ph.D. Expert in economic behavior and sociology, marketing strategy and communications, international relations and trade, technology transfer and new markets. Over 15 years experience in MarCom and Corporate Affairs at Symrise AG and Tizen.

  • Andrew Chung
    Andrew Chung
    Andrew Chung

    Experienced IT, ecommerce, and financial sector professional; dual degree in Computer Science and Psychology. Over 3 years of avid research on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Technical and Fundamental Analyst, that has participated in multiple ICO projects.
  • Kyle Headley
    Kyle Headley
    Kyle Headley
    Senior Advisor

    Expert leader with a demonstrated history of success in the technology industry. Strong experience working within blockchain environments and leading business enhancing evolution. Cryptocurrency enthusiast, advisor, investor and spokesperson.
  • Yuliya Tarasova
    Yuliya Tarasova
    Yuliya Tarasova
    Legal Advisor

    Legal Counsel, specializing in commercial law for over 15 years. Expert in intellectual rights related to IT. The head of an expert-legal center and developer of methodologies and practices for the protection of intellectual and information property and trade secrets.


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