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DreamTeam ICO Token Review – ICO Token News

Dream Team ICO at E-gaming is taking over the sector, influencing thousands and millions of youths to play and earn. Looking at the current scenario, you can easily measure-up its dominance over one’s emotions and financial status. However, conditions and situations are changing, in fact improving with time. Today, e-gaming is powered by Blockchain technology, making data structure more transparent and data verification well-streamlined. Therefore, here dismisses the need of any third-party involvement, so unauthorized and backdoor transactions.

To the gamers, Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies are no surprise, and such intent helps the industry embrace new technologies that improves and expedites the banking system. E-gaming has completely to do with the age. Going through the Newzoo’s 2017 Global Esports Market Report, you will see, e-sports entertain the young vendible demographic: The Millenarian. E-gaming enthusiasts all over the world are mostly aged between 19 and 35. They are all the early adopters of technology, so the Blockchain.


The dimension of Blockchain application across ESports industry

Be it a startup or an experienced ESport troop, now all leverage the Blockchain to set-out Smart Contracts, followed by fuel betting, tournament hosting and convenient purchase of digital assets. They all, subsequently, contribute to the growth of an influential eSports ecosystem. Well, much has been discussed about Blockchain technology and how eSports startups leveraging on it, when it comes to handling the bets and trading of skins. Besides, there comes another application of eSports Blockchain and it is that walking the amateurs through to become Pro at both tournaments and forming their own platforms.

Then a startup eSports platform, FirstBlood launched an Ethereum Blockchain, decentralizing everything associated in eSports, such as tournament setups and distribution of winnings. This later came to enable e-gamers test their expertise and also make bets without having any third-party involved for money transfers and regulations. Players play solo as well as with group to test their abilities in eSports and in a competitive space. This has made more and bigger Blockchain Companies enter the industry with full force.

DreamTeam: A Quick Overview

DreamTeam: As the name suggests, it has literally taken the Blockchain-powered eSports one step ahead of the race. The brand has come up with a platform to help with e-gaming recruitment and management facilities for all genres of players including amateurs, novice and even Pro teams. One of the most appreciable features of having a Blockchain-powered eSports Recruitment and Management Platform is it ensures contract-based financial relations between all participants and no third-parties. In addition to this, DreamTeam as well aids the formation of short-termed tournaments and encrypted payment.

On the platform powered by DreamTeam, when a team wins, the winning amounts, as per pre-set rules, get automatically transferred to player’s account. Besides, here come the other players, who also receive their share of money without any bargain (in-person) or delay in the processing. Well, the DreamTeam says, this is not the only thing they have lived this far for; they envision developing a platform into multi-million dollar ecosystem, infrastructure with media rights sales, prize money, sponsorships and players’ salaries.

How is Blockchain Smart Contract changing the whole scenario?

Blockchain has evidently revolutionized the entire eSports market, for the market being full of youths majorly, who are more inclined towards adopting technologies. However, the creators and skeptics are still claiming that the eSports industry has still more scopes left to be improved or completely revolutionized and DreamTeam is simply ripe to accept everything that come their way and helping the e-gaming industry get better and better. Supporting and facilitating amateur e-gamers throughout the team formation and tournaments is just the inception of a future world.

How eSports industry originated – At a glance

Not many years ago, games were just a fun or leisure time activity, which has incredibly turned into a highly competitive industry with the infusion of real eSports.  Surely, there are occasional players, but with multi-million dollars tournaments and winning prize, this has now become a real job.

Since much has been talked about ‘how Blockchain has revolutionized esports industry, let’s now focus on how DreamTeam ICO has been planned to help develop and infuse more technologies and DApps into their platform. The team is presently aiming at enabling gamers to recruit more gamers, practice and build a bigger or more teams, for this initiating an ICO is a must.

 DreamTeam: Incorporating future into present

They wished, if they could enable the e-gamers to build their own dream team and today they have made their dream come into reality. With front-line platform backed by Blockchain Smart Contracts, DreamTeam has turned out to be a real ground for e-gamers to practice, win and build their own team for a professional career in the industry. Well, funny it may sound to many, but eSports industry is now a multi-billion industry, making thousands of dollars in a minute.

Take a look at the DreamTeam ICO schedule –

  • Token = DTT
  • Started – On December 11, 2017
  • To be ended – on December 14, 2017

Concept behind DreamTeam’s ICO – Being the first eSports Recruitment and Management platform in the world for novice, amateurs and even Pro players, DreamTeam is looking beyond Blockchain, smart-contracts. Encouraging trust and transparency, this very brand is tending to build a multi-billion dollar ecosystem that makes things easier, quicker, streamlined and more efficiently profitable for the e-gamers.

Token (DTT) – Plans in the pipeline

DreamTeam tokens are based on Ethereum and they are ERC20 standard. ERC20 Ethereum tokens can be stored like all other ICO tokens in a pre-set Ethereum wallet. The team is moreover planning to shift onto more featured and convenient platforms such as Waves or draft their own Token Sale protocols.

Apart from the platform, there are also a few more plans to incorporate DreamTeam tokens into the market of general gaming, enabling people to buy games, software, gaming products, accessories and even eSports tickets with TOKENS (DTT). More plans say, the team is as well planning to enlist the tokens on popular exchanges, to be further traded like Cryptocurrency.

Know ICO phase

DreamTeam distributes its tokens in two large token-sales, subsequent to this come small pre-sales. Typically, there are bonuses for the early adopters, hence the faster you buy, the cheaper it costs. The initial price for first 2000 DTTs is 1 ETH.

Investment: Usage and Outcomes


DTTs are to serve as one of the payment methods within the platform. On entering the DreamTeam platform, you get multiple products and services to buy and leverage on. For example, from player recruitment and team management to acquire sponsorships, transferring teams, managing salary payouts and media right sales. Well, that’s not it. Crowdfunding tokens can as well be sent to non-members, for example – Fans and Followers of particular e-games. As an authorized player of DreamTeam, you can go avail premium service in order to enlist your profile on top of search results or convert your account onto the premium mode.

dreamteam fees

Data analysis

Apart from acting as a ground for e-gamers to practice their skills and build own team, the DreamTeam platform is a valuable source of e-gaming data exchange too. All the data they give out, can be used to build a fresh, e-gaming startup. Moreover, these can be used by researchers to design and develop new e-games and for gamers to gain important information, stats to improve their techniques and master themselves in any particular game. If you just thought, that was all, you were wrong. Data provided on the DreamTeam platform are also used to learn about Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. In that way, each team gets to leverage virtual advice to predict their flight and recommend matches to improve team activities.

Advantages of becoming a DreamTeam member

With the launch of Blockchain, Smart Contract technologies, DreamTeam enjoys an exclusive prospect to come up with all-in-one solution and create multi-billion dollar ecosystem. Benefits are more comprehensible below –

  • This is the first and successful eSports recruitment and management platform
  • A convenient and streamlined way to find players, build a team, train, practice and play tournaments.
  • Doing everything mentioned above takes just a few minutes while in the convention way, things used to be draggy and taxing.
  • The most advanced and efficient platform to become a Pro player from a novice and amateur player.
  • Optimal tool of eSports coaching, team management, scouting and analytics.
  • Be it sponsorships or prize money management/distributions, media right sales, players’ salaries or player transfers.

The maiden platform to soundly consolidate all eSports trades under one roof

In the early 90’s, the gaming market saw the business expanding hardly within the 100 million USD range with only a dozen million players, Minesweeper being the only popular game pick. However, today, the scenario has incredibly changed and across the globe. Making $100 Billion annually, the e-gaming industry is currently dealing with 2.3 billion gamers all over the world. Surprisingly, 1.4 billion out of it are registered players, concentrating to win world’s top 10 competitive titles.

A multi-facilitated eSports recruitment and management platform

Despite having 250 million solo players available worldwide, there is yet 1 million team; the question is quite obvious – Where is rest and why don’t they prefer teaming up? The answer is – They are unable to find a suitable match to then practice and improve their skills plus game tactics. Imagine a job recruitment without incorporating with a Job Portal – sounds unrealistic, right? Until now, finding and choosing a suitable player for teaming-up was scary enough, leaving the players to wonder about how to advance from an amateur to Pro player and enjoy big winning prizes. DreamTeam, being backed by Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies, has put end to all such wonders and worries as players have found the most efficient platform to experience the future of eSports business.

gaming recruitment 

Build your own Pro team and manage the business

Of 250 million players available around the globe, there can be built thousands of teams, who can come in front and train to become Pro from an average or amateur player. However, the one constraint is earlier they did not have enough resources or tools to train and practice various gaming and team building tactics. Appreciatively, DreamTeam has noticed the need and come up with the best, technology-backed solution. The community is no more limited to chats and forum discussions, but actually find their potential team member and become a competitive team in the world’s best e-gamers’ list. Well, that’s not it. As it has much been discussed, the platform also facilitates with Team Management essentials, so that a proper eSports business rises up. Be it players’ transfers from one team to another, paying out salaries or making any other transactions, everything is to be done on a single platform and through a streamlined course. More significantly, you will also get varied analytic tools to better your gaming techniques, build and practice strategies and keep a track of all the activities happening within the team.

Blockchain -> DreamTeam -> eSports – How all connected?

Finding, matching and registering the players – Done. Thanks to the database built on the Blockchain. Players’ register is an open book, although the details are put up ‘anonymously.’ And, make a note, it is unalterable. Again, thanks for such security, privacy yet a transparency.

eSports: The decentralized version

Well, these are not only things Blockchain solution has met. There are many and one is putting up specialized tokens on sales to buy skins across the web, whereas others concentrate around gambling and advanced betting opportunities.

The Bottom Line

Brains behind Dreamteam are definitely a dream team. Having years of experience in e-gaming never means they played games and they have traceable project to prove so. Leveraging Blockchain technology, the creators have worked truly hard to develop a successful and all efficient Dash project. It is an all-in-one platform. Unlike the logistics, banking and security industries, wherein Blockchain is likely to be broadly applicable, the eSports industry is amongst the few concentrated around adopting innovations. With the increasing number of projects coming in and infusing Blockchain solutions, it seems like this is just a matter of time eSports industry will become tokenized and smart-contracted.

Looking at the current pace, it is sure that the day is not far!

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