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Dona (DNC) ICO Review – ICO Token News


We offer a new donation platform to make donations accessible to everyone with the help of blockchain technology. By increasing transparency in the flow of donations and building a community for sharing best practices in donations, we deepen the interest in, understanding of, and empathy for donation markets, as well as realize a deeply-rooted donation culture/community in Japan and extend it globally. We have sought to make the platform the de facto standard, as a new donation model that expands donations with our own hands, rather than being left unclear operation. As well as from the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, total individual donation has been increasing, and the market size of donations of the individual (including membership fees) and corporate bodies has grown to more than 1.7 trillion yen. Since the entering into force of the 1998 Law Concerning the Promotion of Specific Non-Profit Organization Activities (the NPO Law), the number of NPOs has continued to increase. Also, like tax-exempt of “Hometown tax”, an act called “tax payment” has been changing to the system where taxes can be paid as donations. It is necessary that the government not only lead public services, but also regard donations as a means for changing society and as social investments through NPOs. However, we believe that the public opinion on donations is one of distrust of charity organizations, or that “git is not certain to what extent such donations are actually helping the situation.” It is akin to distrusting a shop and buying a product without knowing what the product is. The donation culture cannot be established as close at hand unless such obstacles to donations are addressed.

About Tokens

Our platform uses its own tokens (dona coin) issued using a mosaic function in NEM.

The dona coins are used for sending donation money from supports to recipients after system deployment. The tokens are expected to be listed in an exchange. For distributing the tokens, distribution to the registered users is prospected, and the details are published later on. The dona coins are temporarily pooled in a blockchain wallet that is linked to each support project, and automatic remittance is executed when coinciding with the payment (refund) conditions set in the registration of the support project. For example, a setting such as remittance when the target amount is reached and monthly remittance is possible. On the contrary, the setting where the money is automatically refunded if the donated money does not reach the target amount, such as ICO soft cap, is also possible.  The wallet mapped to each support project is configured with Multisig, and money cannot be donated to recipients without the signatures of more than one person. In the basic donation flow, money shall be donated to a recipient only after he/she signs the remittance instruction if the payment conditions are fulfilled. The operator will intervene by signing the instruction only when any issue such as non-correspondence to the refund arises. The wallet of the operator to sign the Multisig is isolated as a cold wallet, and the operator is allowed to sign only the remittance instruction. We are also considering a system for the purchase and delivery of relief supplies that is automatically linked to suppliers. We begin with a system that allows you to purchase goods by exchanging your cryptocurrency with legal tender through the cryptocurrency exchange, and then we aim to increase our business partners from whom you can purchase goods via dona coin payment.

Use of procurement funds

The use of funds procured by ICO is described, with a soft cap and a hard cap as examples. Tokens are distributed at the shown percentages. When a tax is imposed, the amount after taxation is used. With respect to the soft cap, the proportion of development cost increases, and priority is given to the availability of services. With respect to the hard cap, marketing is also taken into consideration to aggressively enhance a share. In addition, localization is assumed to cope with an increasing number of countries subject to service provisioning or advertising and to meet requirements for donation markets. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.

Introduction of technology using AI

There is a sharp increase in the demand for AI (artificial intelligence) as one of the solution strategies for talent shortage and business efficiency. The technologies using AI to be built in this platform are summarized below.

Support Character

A support character in which the Deep Learning is built will reside in theservice and can deliver performance greatly exceeding human judgment. Thecharacter will use its discretion and address the primary response tocommon questions and inquiries, reducing the burden of the call centersubstantially and allowing major service operations.

Auto Speech Recognition

While the platform obtains human conversations (voice) and digitizes thetext, Natural Language Processing allows the platform to interpret naturalspeech. We aim to barrier free design for using services by increasing theinput interface. We also expect it will become the world standard by localizing it.

Speech Synthesis

The platform produces “speech” by converting text data into voice output.
The predictive estimation is executed through machine learning using voiceclips and the corresponding text data. There is no need to teach word rulesexplicitly. The system mentioned above requires massive processing power,but we can realize the system by handling it as a neutral net structureconstructed by Deep Learning.

Why NEM?

Our project started with a study of whether we can produce a new sense of values using a distributed ledger technology such as blockchain.  The reason why we targeted donations is that donations “require greater transparency and reliability” and “require delivering more donations to recipients by reducing fees and the burden on service operations,” and these concepts have a high affinity with the concept of a blockchain. There are many remaining issues regarding blockchain, and we have to evaluate the target area to benefit from blockchain cautiously. The blockchain technology would become a just popular technology if you don’t study whether the blockchain technology is really beneficial to this service. The mission of this project is to provide a new sense of values using blockchain and to make the world a better place through investments in society. So, why we chose NEM from among from various blockchain foundations? Actually, we also studied technologies and independently developed cryptocurrencies, such as DAG (Directed acyclic graph) and Hash Graph, other than blockchain, and in the end, we chose NEM.


  • Kouhei Wada
    Kouhei Wada
    Kouhei Wada
    I have been as a project manager for system product and development in the Embedded Software industry. I have an in-depth knowledge in deep learning and bayesian. Also, I've supported corporate management and have experienced to launch a new business as a senior executive.
  • Norihisa Tauchi
    Norihisa Tauchi
    Norihisa Tauchi
    Financial Officer
    I have extensive experience with financial control, fund management and operation for over a decade. Also, I've supported corporate business promotion.
  • Kouta Tanimura
    Kouta Tanimura
    Kouta Tanimura
    Marketing Officer
    I have a variety of experiences as a marketing director at IT firm. I worked on the marketing of smart phone's application as well as web service having several million users. In the area of research, I have a great deal of knowledge of growth hacking, design thinking and gamification.
  • Moeko Nakano
    Moeko Nakano
    Moeko Nakano
    Public Relations
    I have experience in production and coordination in the marketing field. I've also worked on a wide range of administrative tasks and have made adjustment in communicating with the people inside and outside the company to support our team.
  • Misato Kumatani
    Misato Kumatani
    Misato Kumatani
    Public Relations
    I have contributed in marketing for global ecommerce and been working with my business partners to help them improve their businesses. I also have abundant experiences in customer support both English and Chinese.
  • Hirotoshi Sugiyama
    Hirotoshi Sugiyama
    Hirotoshi Sugiyama
    Project Leader of platform development
    I've worked on development of core system and several web services for 13 years, and have enough skills and experience as a project manager. Especially, I have specialized programming languages such as C,C#, PHP, javascript and SQL. In recent years, I 've focused on the development of web system, and have gained in-depth knowledge in front-end.
  • Tomomi Wakino
    Tomomi Wakino
    Tomomi Wakino
    I have experiences of system development in several different industries including finance, real estates, logistics, and service. Especially having extensive knowledges in server-side design and programming.
  • Yoshihide Unohama
    Yoshihide Unohama
    Yoshihide Unohama
    I experienced over 15 years in software industry and have built high quality system. Also having of profound knowledge and skills in embedded system, which covers from the development to infrastructure establishment of client server system. Recently, I've worked on system development using cloud.
  • Takashi Kishima
    Takashi Kishima
    Takashi Kishima
    Corporate Adviser
    As a CEO, I have been managing an IT company for 13 years since the start of business. The company currently consists of 130 people. In the field of system development, I have a variety of experiences such as business development and project management regarding application and cloud service. With regard to research field, I'm very knowledgeable working on communication protocol stack, code module, gamification, and AI.
  • Shota Mizutani
    Shota Mizutani
    Shota Mizutani
    Former Osaka city Tennouji ward mayor .(Youngest ward mayor ever in Japan.)After expiration of my own term, I have set up a company which is crypto currency mining or ICO consulting.My mission is acting like a mediator between public sector and crypto currency sector in this project.
  • Yoshihiro Takii
    Yoshihiro Takii
    Yoshihiro Takii
    I am a lawyer. I run a law firm. The firm currently consists of 9 people. I will help create new values by crypto currency. Thank you.


  • 1
    May 2017
    Launch the project.
  • 2
    September 2017
    Modeling Platform

  • 3
    October 2017 - February 2018
    Preparation for project release.
    Prepare white paper, web site and so on.
  • 4
    March 2018
    Project Release
    Release white paper, web site. Issue a press release.
  • 5
    middle of March 2018
    Web Site Update
    Pre-registration start, the English version site, published a white paper.
    pre-registration have to let you know the latest information in the news paper.
  • 6
    March 2018 - in 2018
    Ver1.0 develop.
  • 7
    May 2018
    8th of May 2018 (01:00 UTC) to 21th of May 2018 (09:00 UTC).
  • 8
    May 2018
    Token Sale (Stage1)
    22th of May 2018 (01:00 UTC) to 30th of June 2018 (09:00 UTC).

  • 9
    August 2018
    Token Sale (Stage2)
    1th of August 2018 (01:00 UTC) to 31th of August 2018 (09:00 UTC).

  • 10
    August 2018
    Token Sale (Stage2)
    1th of August 2018 (01:00 UTC) to 31th of August 2018 (09:00 UTC).
  • 11
    in 2018
    List on Exchange
  • 12
    early 2019
    Service Scheduled to Start
  • 13
    in 2019
    Continue Developing
    continue development of Ver2.0.

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