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Dating with Benefits (DWB) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Dating with Benefits (DWB)?

Dating with Benefits is the first-ever sugar dating platform powered by blockchain technology. It’s a platform where people can be direct about their dating wants and needs, and instantly define the relationship they want. Our profiles allow members to easily state intentions and expectations, and agree to them through blockchain-enabled smart contracts. Finally, you can get the relationship you’ve always wanted.

What are the problems DWB solves?

The sugar dating industry is steadily growing as more and more people are turning to a service that specifically caters to them. Sugar babies enjoy a life of luxury and are pampered with exotic trips and allowances while sugar daddies and mommas get to set relationships on their terms without wasting time on traditional dating sites. As such, demand for sugar dating services and applications has increased as people are continuously looking for these specific types of dating services. Despite their popularity, sugar dating sites face several problems such as:

Fake profiles, catfishing and scammers

A massive influx of fake profiles and imposters (catfishing) are overrunning most online dating services. Since sugar dating sites cater to a wealthy demographic, they have a much higher percentage of fake profiles, scammers, and individuals posing as someone else. The sugar daddy or momma can’t be sure they aren’t being trapped. On the other hand, for the sugar babies, how can they be sure that the sugar daddies or Sugar Mommas they’re interested in are actually as great as they say they are? It’s been revealed that MANY users on existing sugar sites are simply posing as sugar daddies and sugar mommas as a way to lure unsuspecting users to contact them. Some solutions already exist to curb that, but none have been implemented effectively.

Sexual consent

It’s 2018, everyone has different expectations and boundaries when it comes to sex. Some people expect sex on the first date, and don’t mind pushing the other person’s boundaries. Others would never even think of having sex on the first date, and will feel uncomfortable or even assaulted if someone tried.

Lack of assurance before date

What if a sugar baby wants some assurance beforehand, or wants to prioritize potential dates by letting them offer more than just an attractive profile picture? What kind of assurance do users have that the other person will even show up on the date?

Lack of a reliable reputation system

You’ve found someone you seem to connect with online, but how can you determine what kind of person they are in real life? When meeting someone in a club or on the street, you can get a good feel about what kind of person you’re dealing with. Online, anyone can portray themselves any way they want. There is no reliable reputation system.

Outdated methods for data security and protection of privacy

Imagine this – after trying various dating platforms, you’ve found a site that you like and you’ve been out on a few dates. Unbeknownst to you, the website you are using stores your private information centrally, and doesn’t do an effective job of protecting your data. The site ends up being hacked and your private data (along with millions of other users) is leaked publicly. This is exactly what happened to the Ashley Madison site in July 2015.

No transparent and fair payment model

Ever been on one of those dating sites that allows you have a free one-month trial but needs your credit card details before they give you access? One month later you’ve stopped using the service, but your credit card continues to get billed. Sometimes there are extra fees on there that you don’t remember authorizing, and sometimes you’re locked in for months before you can cancel without even knowing it.

The DWB platform offers specific solutions to all the above problems, which are briefly described below.

Solving the problem of fake profiles, catfishing and scammers : DWB solves this issue with blockchain technology. First, users upload a picture of their face, and then our platform takes a video scan. We scan, match, and verify with facial recognition. User’s data is then encrypted and saved with public and private keys. After additional security and social media checks, we write the hashed, signed data of real-id verification to the blockchain. Our foolproof blockchain verification system enables users to trust a person is who he/she claims to be. This added level of trust substantially increases the safety aspect of meeting strangers, increasing the probability of a successful date.

Solving the problem of reputation : Dating with Benefits solves this problem by using an open reputation system. When the user goes on a date with another user they can receive positive feedback, and any future users interacting with that person have the convenience of seeing that positive feedback and screening them based on it, much like Uber or Airbnb. We use preset tags like “excellent manners” and “great conversationalist” to accomplish this. To keep the atmosphere positive DWB doesn’t use any preset negative feedback options. If users don’t have anything positive to say, they just omit leaving a positive review.

Solving the problem of sexual consent : DWB’s built-in dating suite of smart contracts gives their users better protection. Before going on a date with benefits, both users have the option to sign a smart contract stating they both understand and agree sex is never obligated, and a person always has the right to say no or change their mind. If the date goes well, the users can consent to sex using another smart contract. DWB even developed additional add-on clauses so that users can completely customize their live contracts with their own preferences.

Solving the problem of assurance before the date : A user who proposes a date can offer BENEFIT, DWB’s native digital token, to the person receiving the invitation as an incentive. Additionally, users have the ability to stake BENEFIT when they make real-world plans, and forfeit those deposits if they don’t show up.

Solving the problem of fair and transparent payment method: On the DWB platform there are no hidden fees. Sugar Daddies pay a monthly fee in BENEFIT tokens. BENEFIT is also used as users interact with each other on the platform, and for facilitating transactions the platform charges a 1% fee. DWB is also the only sugar dating platform that pays sugar babies to sign up. A portion of their marketing budget has been reserved to incentivize signups of qualifying sugar babies in major cities when they launch.

Solving the problem of privacy protection and data security : Using blockchain technology enables DWB to safeguard the private information of their users since there is no such thing as a database of user data to steal. The access to data is in the hands of each user with control over how that data is shared. This is all secured by the blockchain ensuring 100% security.

With these unique solutions, DWB offers significant advantages over the existing sugar dating sites and aims to quickly become the leader in blockchain based dating platforms. Because of this, its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has all the potential to be a huge success.

What types of sugar babies are available on this decentralized sugar-dating platform?

The largest category of sugar babies, slightly more than one-third, work in white collar jobs. They have a reliable, stable income, but are not making enough money to live a life of luxury. Buying fancy clothes/ accessories, or dining in an expensive restaurant at a five star hotel are out of the question for most of these sugar babies. Most of the white-collar sugar babies are interested in having fun and making some extra money, as a part time job.

Another one-third of all sugar babies are full-time students. Young and not yet employed, these individuals will become sugar babies in an effort to help pay tuition fees and living expenses, and as something exciting to try while attending university or college.

Actress and models account for 11% of all sugar babies. These individuals typically rank as some of the sexiest and/or most desirable sugar babies. Most of them are in the early days of their career and still looking for their big break. Their goals are to network with high-worth individuals and to improve their financial situation in order to push their careers forward.

The final category of sugar babies (approximately 20%) includes a variety of individuals such as single moms supporting families, high class escorts, and others. In terms of ages, most sugar babies (close to half) are between 18 -22 years old. Approximately one-third of sugar babies are 23 to 26 years old. Only 18% of all sugar babies are older than 27 at the time of the survey

Who are the sugar daddies or mommas available on this platform?

Approximately 33% of sugar daddies/mommas are successful men or women who lead large corporations. Businessmen/women in other roles make up another 29%, lawyers represent 7%, doctors account for 6%, and celebrities make up 6%. Miscellaneous others account for the final 21%, including those born into wealthy families. Sugar daddies are more likely to be older men. Men under 40 years old only make up 7% of Sugar Daddies. Wealthy men between the ages of 40 to 50 make up 42%. Sugar daddies aging from 50 to 60 represent 36% of the demographic. 15% are men over 60 years old. At this time, not enough information is available on Sugar Mommas.

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What kind of relationship users can accept DWB platform?

Statistics indicate 87% of relationships on sugar dating sites are short term relationships. These are typically arranged as mutually beneficial relationships, with both parties regarding each other as short-term companions, or casual sex partners. 11% of relationships can be categorized as boyfriend and girlfriend long-term relationships, but still with no strings attached. Finally, 2% of sugar baby relationships end in marriage!

What does it mean for the platform?

DWB’s goal is to appeal to and incentivize high numbers of Sugar Babies to use the their platform, while still maintaining significant buying pressure and demand for their token by means of Sugar Daddies/Mommas paid memberships and staking mechanisms.

What is the BENEFIT token?

BENEFIT is a multi-utility token that can be used for multiple purposes within the DWB platform. It is an ERC20 token (like other tokens such as Datecoin, Hicky, Ponder, Requitix). The company will release a total token supply of 600,000,000 DBT tokens. It has set a hard cap of 36000 ETH and a soft cap of 4000 ETH. The company expects from all participants a minimum contribution of 0.01 ETH while, for maximum contribution, no upper limit is defined. During the ICO period, the token price is 1 ETH = 10,000 DBT and accepted currency is ETH only, as per details available on DWB’s whitepaper.

dwb token

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Key use cases of BENEFIT token

  • To purchase virtual gifts for other BENEFIT users
  • To incentivize more beautiful sugar babies
  • To rank higher on DWB’s search function
  • To pay for Sugar Daddy memberships
  • To use as an incentive to go on dates
  • To unlock phone number exchanges

How to participate in BENEFIT ICO?

In order to take part in the DWB ICO, all you need to do is to buy BENEFIT tokens. Dissimilar to other ICO events, the Public Pre-Sale of BENEFIT ICO event slates to take place from 24 April 2018 and will last until 15 May 2018 (GMT: 12:00PM). If you contribute more than 100K USD in the presale, you will be rewarded with 50% bonus. If you contribute less than 100K USD during the token pre sale, you will be entitled to get 30% bonus. But, remember, all bonus tokens will be locked for a period of 3 months.

So, the ICO countdown of BENEFIT token is on for the crypto investors looking to invest in a unique crypto token.

The early investor bonus will be distributed to the investors on top of the purchased tokens in the following ways:

●  First day: 25% token bonus

●  First week: 20% token bonus

●  Second week: 15% token bonus

●  Third week: 10% token bonus

●  Fourth week: Nominal price 10,000 DBT = 1ETH

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Why to join BENEFIT token sale

The DWB platform is specifically designed for those who don’t have much time to pursue traditional relationships. The platform is ideal for those wanting to have fun and make some extra money as a part time job, as well as those who wish to meet wealthy and highly influential individuals while being wined and dined. Some of the key reasons why you should join the BENEFIT token sale are as follows:

  •  It is the most innovative and cutting-edge dating platform in the world.
  • It will get you early access to some of the most sought-after Sugar Babies in the world.
  • It will let you date the woman of your dreams – whether that’s the girl next door, or a popular adult entertainer!
  • Finally, it shows high potential to grow in the future and get you more benefitted.

Final remarks

Dating with Benefits thus makes paying for your dates as simple as it was never before. This unique ICO project has plenty of potential to grow and as it is joined by more sugar babies and sugar daddies/mommas, its potential will increase expotentially.


    CEO - Derek is one of the most well known dating coaches in the world. His debut on the reality TV show "Keys To The Vip" brought him world wide fame as a dating expert and helped popularize an entire industry. He is the author of the book "The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating" and currently runs and partially owns one of the largest and oldest dating coaching companies which holds workshops and events in nearly every major city in the world.
    FOUNDER - Mark is passionate about personal development and has been a top dating coach for He brings an exceptional track record in online business, owns the Maltese investment fund Van Stratum Capital and is the author of the inspiring true story 'Drug of Choice'.
    HEAD OF MARKETING - Valtteri is expert in ICO marketing and CEO of, he has 7 years of experience in online marketing and fundraising. Currently Valtteri is focusing on ICO marketing strategies and growth hacking.
    HEAD OF SALES - Jami is a professional ICO marketer and co-founder of two companies; an SEO marketing company and With over 16-years of experience in the online dating world, he has a tremendous amount of insight which was essential in the formation of this project.
    HEAD OF IT - Roan has more than 12 years of professional experience in software and infrastructure development. Having previously worked as a software engineer in the semiconductor industry at ASML, now he is a full stack integration expert.
    BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPER - Anton is an experienced java developer with more than 15 years in the IT industry. He is a full stack blockchain developer, has experience with multiple ICOs and is the founder of Softmotions.
    BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPER - Vyacheslav is an expert java developer with over 10 years of experience in software development and a MS degree in IT from Novosibirsk state university. He is the Co-founder of Softmotions.
    ACCOUNT MANAGER - Hardy managed the highest performing accounts at Europe's biggest adult dating advertiser, Advidi. Hardy lives in Amsterdam and will be in charge of handling Dating With Benefits' accounts of our most trusted partners.
    ADVISOR - Kris is Lead Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Strategist at TER Investments, a cryptocurrency and digital asset management fund. Prior to founding TER, Kris was involved in risk management and proprietary trading of equities for Swift Trade Canada. As an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, Kris believes digital assets and tokens are rapidly changing the landscape of commerce.
    ADVISOR - Tuomo is a blockchain entrepreneur and consultant focused on projects with real-world use cases of blockchain. Currently he is working on various ICO’s and his own project
    ADVISOR - Pavel is an experienced fintech and media entrepreneur. He owns the Faunus Group of companies which is active in online marketing, trading software development and content management. He runs Faunus Media as well as the Crypto Ads Network and he also hosts the Crypto Marketing Conference; the biggest offline event for blockchain and crypto products promotion. Prior to getting involved with the blockchain industry Pavel used to run Faunus Analytics; an analytical service company specializing in big data and statistical analysis software being used by the largest Russian and CIS banks as well as investment and telco companies since 2008.
    ADVISOR - Ramon has extensive management experience in the adult industry, working for such companies as Villa Voyeur, XLove, SGM and LiveJasmin/AWEmpire. Ramon has a legendary track record finding and signing new talent. His network of thousands of models spans four continents. He has committed to bringing 400,000+ of the finest sugar babies onto our platform.
    ADVISOR - Ariel is the Content Coordinator for, an adult industry giant proven to provide the highest level of quality adult content. In charge of the creative development for from idea conception to post production & marketing. Ariel has secured a position in the adult industry as a leader in healthy agent relationships & a big player in the overall production of all adult content in the industry. A firm investor in the idea of blockchain technology & the potential in the adult world, now a top advisor at Dating With Benefits. Ariel has committed to bringing more that 400,000 sugar babies to the platform.


  • 1
    Detailed study of sugar dating audience and identifying the most preferred platform features
    Creation of the Dating With Benefits comprehensive business model
    Blockchain developers and cryptocurrency specialists added to the team
    Adult entertainment professionals added to the team
    Legal issues analysis for service launch in particular countries
    Members test alpha platform and give feedback
  • 2
    Funding of the project with BENEFIT ICO
    End ICO funding, burn any unsold tokens
    Expand the development team
    Build strategic partnerships across the online dating industry
  • 3
    Public Beta launch in first phase countries
    Conducting marketing campaign in target countries
    At the end of Q3 Dating With Benefits will be an operative dating platform with blockchain adaptation
    Incentivize sugar baby memberships
  • 4
    Learning from the market and adapting Dating With Benefits platform functions
    Constant improvements
    Continue to incentivize sugar baby memberships with the goal of 250,000 users by end of 2018
  • 5
    Launching at second phase countries with new improvements and regional modifications
    Worldwide marketing campaigns
    Translations according to new locations
  • 6
    Continue to incentivize sugar baby memberships with the goal of 1 million active users on the Dating With Benefits
    Platform by the end of Q2 2019
  • 7
    By late 2019 a considerable percentage of the sugar dating industry will have switched to the BENEFIT token and more
    Industry leaders will join. BENEFIT will be the mainstream cryptocurrency for the industry

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