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Cryptoflix (FLIX) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Introduction to CRYPTOFLIX

CRYPTOFLIX is a film streaming platform powered by advanced blockchain technology. With this platform, anyone can legally access the movies from anywhere across the borders.  The platform comprises all movies of yesterday, today and tomorrow that users can stream legally on their phone or tablet at low cost.


CRYPTOFLIX is the first media company which has designed an innovative film streaming platform on the blockchain technology. It is an advance technology used by many ICOs such as Lympo, Current, Onyx, Ponder, Pitch, Bunnytoken for their project development. By introducing this platform, a company makes it possible to provide free online content for educational purpose through films and TV to everyone across the world.

The company is aiming to provide stream movies legally to the users at low cost as compared to downloading pirated versions.  To avoid the piracy issues, they are using blockchain and groundbreaking technology to individually watermark the movies.

The paid content of a platform will be selected from past mainstream and current movies that include studio movies, foreign language movies, modern-day classics, etc. However, a platform will give first priority to the local movies.

On the other hand, a free content of the platform is available in form of educational films, TV, and documentaries which can be selected as per the platform guidelines. This content is free for a private individual but private schools, government, institutions, etc. have to choose subscription model to avail the content.

Cryptoflix Intro


CRYPTOFLIX platform is a prime element of the CRYPTOFLIX ecosystem. Here, users will have their own interface with different products and elements of the ecosystem connected with CRYPTOFLIX. The users can easily register in the platform and get access to both paid and free content that includes movies, TV, free educational films, etc. There are two types of content available on the platform that includes:

  1. Cinema Content- paid movies and TV
  2. Educational Screening content- Free film and TV For private individual use

The platform is also providing a digital wallet to its users through which they can top up their balance for paid content. Instead of using any other digital currencies, users can enjoy a great discount if they use FLIX tokens for paying content within the platform.

Institutional users can easily access an educational content of the platform by paying monthly prepaid subscription plan.  This will cost comparatively reasonable and ensure that content owners are completely satisfied and use content correctly. This solution is highly beneficial for schools, organizations, libraries, etc.

Cryptoflix development

Benefits of FLIX Token

The CRYPTOFLIX token is abbreviated with “FLIX”. The token is ERC 233 compliant and can be held in industry standard wallet like MyEtherWallet. By introducing CRYPTOFLIX Film market, the company wants to provide a great opportunity to its token holders to invest in the project. This will offer unique privileges to FLIX token holders like:-

  1. Users can receive good discount for doing payment through FLIX tokens within the Platform
  2. Tokens holders will receive 1% of revenue on re-purchasing the tokens on the platform

What is CRYPTOFLIX FILM Market Place?

With CRYPTOFLIX, the company wants to help the sales agents, producers, and other film industry people to get funds for their projects. At the same time, it also provides privilege to FLIX token holders to act like financers that allow them to get a return on the transaction. Normally, the risk is high when you enter as financer in the filmmaking industry but it brings a bigger return in the earlier stage.

CRYPTOFLIX connect the top quality sales agents, producers and other industry players with FLIX token holders to get finance. They will divide the risk score on the basis of:-

  • Total time will take to launch the project in market
  • Team behind the project
  • From where film value chain does the financing apply
  • Any X-factor in the project
  • Genre, project income and potential market of the project

The Token Holders can easily invest in available film projects and get returns as per the condition of a term sheet. In this way, token holders can finance the film projects while calculating all risks and return associated with it. The platform also provides risk score and comments done by expert analysts that help token holder in taking a right decision.

Cryptoflix Ecosystem

Benefits for Users

The users can avail five incentives with CRYPTOFLIX platform:

  1. This will allow people to legally access mainstream movies and selection of available movies. However, it gives first preference to the local movies with a lot of free content.
  2. Currently, users have to pay a high cost for streaming movies due to the use of expensive data. But, users can save their money by streaming through low data version of the platform which will cost less than high data version from the pirate website.
  3. Allow to stream content at low-speed internet connections
  4. The price structure will be flexible for developed countries users
  5. Eliminate the chances of theft, data loss and phishing schemes from downloading pirated movies

Benefits for Film Industry

  1. Provide access to content owners for a whole new market with trusted multi-territory non-exclusive distribution platform.
  2. The platform uses smart contracts that allow immediate revenue share payment to the content owner
  3. The quality demands for material are comparatively lower than video on demand players
  4. Content owners can decide the price of their titles because price bands of current VOD providers do not apply.

Cryptoflix Token Sale

ICO Details

  • Start Date :15th April 2018
  • Payment Method :ETH
  • Minimum contribution :0.1ETH
  • Soft Cap :7,500,000 FLIX
  • Hard Cap :57,000,000 FLIX

Token Sale Proceeds

  • Legal :4%
  • Contingency :5%
  • Technology development :10%
  • Platform development & marketing :62%
  • Admin and Operations :19%


The company is supported by the core strength of its team which has years of experience in global as well as sales, local production and distribution of feature films.

  • Christian Falkenberg Husum (CEO and Producer)


With CRYPTOFLIX platform and FLIX Tokens, Company wants to interrupt the international film industry and allow people to legally access the movies from anywhere by using normal payment option or digital currency. It will also provide free online content for educational purpose to everyone through films and TV without any boundaries of social-economic status, location, and origin. Similarly like other ICOs such MeetnGreetme, Dafzo, Enlte, Adblurb, BlockFood, ECOS, Cryptofilx also launching its ICO.You can participate in CRYPTOFLIX ICO to contribute your support.

If you want to know everything about investing in ICO, read our page how to invest in ICOs.


  • Christian Falkenberg Husum
    Christian Falkenberg Husum
    Christian Falkenberg Husum
    (CEO and Producer)
    Christian is the founder and primary ideologist of CryptoFlix.
  • Stefan Steen Larsen
    Stefan Steen Larsen
    Stefan Steen Larsen
    (COO and Digital Rights Expert)
    Stefan has worked in the film industry for 10 years as executive producer, international sales agent, and with rights portfolio management.
  • Manmeet Singh
    Manmeet Singh
    Manmeet Singh
    (Strategic Advisor, Asia)
    Manmeet is a Managing Partner at Blockseed Ventures Limited an early-stage investment firm focused on DLT and blockchain technologies.
  • Francisco Javier Pérez Rodríguez
    Francisco Javier Pérez Rodríguez
    Francisco Javier Pérez Rodríguez
    (Educational Content Ambassador) - Founder of the UVAQ newspaper and works on a series of radio/broadcast projects as well as boosting cinematographic and audiovisual content in Latin American Universities. He currently holds a position as Relations coordinator for the National Council of Education and investigations of Communication Science in Mexico.
  • Peter Rommel
    Peter Rommel
    Peter Rommel
    (Producer, Advisory Board Member, CryptoFlix) - After collaborating with Icelandic director Fridrik Thór Fridriksson in his Oscar-nominated feature “Children of Nature“, Peter Rommel founded Rommel Film in Berlin, where he has co-produced international cinema features such as “Movie Days“, “Sweety Barrett“ and “Devil’s Island”.
  • Edward Arentz
    Edward Arentz
    Edward Arentz
    (Film Distributor, Advisory Board Member, CryptoFlix) - Ed has been directly responsible for generating over $70m in theatrical box office in his 17 year distribution career that includes eight Oscar nominations.
  • Mike Boutwell
    Mike Boutwell
    Mike Boutwell
    (IT Architect, Advisory Board Member, CryptoFlix) - With over 10 years of experience working in the technology industry, Mike has advised some of the largest players in the telecommunications field, such as AT&T, Orange, and T-Mobile.
  • Bastian Noreen Larsen
    Bastian Noreen Larsen
    Bastian Noreen Larsen
    (Full Stack Developer) - Bastian has a master’s degree in digital business from the IT University of Copenhagen as well as a PBA in digital concept development. Bastian has a profound know-how of hands-on digital problem solving within UX and user data.
  • Jonathan Brathwaite
    Jonathan Brathwaite
    Jonathan Brathwaite
    (Legal Advisor) - International tax lawyer who has been self-employed for over 15 years in the UK and Barbados and has worked with many jurisdictions including Barbados, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, USA, and Switzerland.
  • Gabriela Y. Rios
    Gabriela Y. Rios
    Gabriela Y. Rios
    (Marketing Manager) - Gabriela is an Online marketing professional that has worked for different start-up companies translating, writing and producing multimedia promotional content.
  • George Thomas
    George Thomas
    George Thomas
    (Blockchain Developer) - From 2014 to 2017 George Thomas was Chief Technology Officer for the Europe, Middle Eastern and Africa operations of Mozido Inc., a leading US-based Mobile Wallet solution provider.


  • 1
    Cryptoflix concept created
  • 2
    Platform Development Initiated
  • 3
    ICO Announced
  • 4
    Content Sourcing
    Regional Partnership Search
    Further Platform development
    Begin development of Anti-Piracy Technology
    Payment Solution Partnership Search
    Legal Market Due Diligence
  • 5
    Launch Cryptoflix Alpha
    Further Content Sourcing and Uploads
    Begin Technology Patent Process
  • 6
    First Public Market Launch of Cryptoflix Platform
    Launch Water Marketing Technology
    Launch Charitable Trust Source Film Market
    Project and Partners
  • 7
    Launch Film Market
    Further Market Rollouts
  • 8
    Focus on Content Sourcing
    Marketing in Current Markets
    Rolling out Platform into New Markets

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