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Cryptics (QRP) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Efficient and stable markets are profitable for everyone, it is proven in conventional markets. Crypto-assets have made an important step towards becoming a new economy, in particular by providing better means of financing entrepreneurial projects. The markets in crypto-assets are of great interest to all market participants, however the lack of stability prevents these markets from reaching their full potential and threatens to impose regulations onto them. Stability can be provided by traders and investors who post liquidity, but in these new markets, traders are more cautious of taking liquidity risks, due to a lack of reliable forecast models and understanding of market dynamics.

We believe in diversification and healthy competition, so our global goal is to increase the safety and reliability of crypto-markets through the implementation of these principles. CRYPTICS is going to achieve this goal, providing transparency and understanding of inner mechanics to traders, investors and traders, and a platform, which connects all of them to each other and to the science community. As a result, miners will be able to decide on which crypto assets they need to focus their resources, traders will be able to get more leverage by providing their services to the CRYPTICS community and investors will get effective tools for short-term and mid-term investment options

CRYPTICS platform Includes forecasting engine, auto-trading engine, fund infrastructure, integration with research and academic community


As a first step, we shall finalize the CRYPTICS algorithm that is focused on predicting changes in the valuation of crypto-assets (including the ITO tokens) both with respect to the fiat currencies and to each other. Due to the fact that crypto-markets are very new, the factors that drive prices are coming from very different sources, so the algorithm uses the method of Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as Machine Learning (ML), and specifically Deep Learning (DL), in order to combine quantitative (e.g. prices) and non-quantitative (e.g. news) data to come with a stable and reliable prediction.

Auto-trading module

CRYPTICS auto-trading module offers immediate execution of the forecasts on the crypto-asset exchanges of customers’ choice. It also includes a constructor of trading strategies where CRYPTICS newcomers can quickly get acquainted with CRYPTICS services and combine them in the profitable trading strategy. Auto-trading engine has an integrated stop-loss option that gives customers another layer of security and allows to CRYPTICS users to adjust key trading settings such as crypto-asset that is up for trade, trade-pair, value of each trade, frequency of execution and a risk profile.


At CRYPTICS we plan to bridge the gap between the knowledge and capital by providing traders with an opportunity to run their strategies on the CRYPTICS platform. CRYPTICS platform will be connected via API to diverse crypto-exchanges. CRYPTICS will invest in robust and stable infrastructure to ensure fast and stable connectivity to the market. Namely, as a customer, you can both buy a forecast to make your personal acquisition of a particular crypto-asset, and follow a diversified strategy developed by one of the traders.


The CRYPTICS team is committed to mutually beneficial cooperation with the scientific community. This will help us quickly implement breakthrough developments in order to improve our service, and representatives from academia will be able to receive our support in various forms. We assume that it could be training programs for students, joint activities for experience exchange, partnership programs of a non-commercial nature and competitions. In particular, we plan to organize contests dedicated to tackle practical AI and Data challenges. We will reward best solutions, both closed and open-source. Apart from that, CRYPTICS is considering the creation of a non-profit platform for academic community to share knowledge and experience through free webinars, courses, etc.

Token Production

Fund-raising and release of CRYPTICS utility tokens is intended to finance the development of the platform and to attract the best talent to make the product as reliable as possible. A part of funds will be used for marketing efforts and advertising the project. CRYPTICS token will be used to pay for any services that the platform has. Since those services are provided in layers (forecasting system, AI community collaboration, private funds platform etc.), raising close to hard cap only means that CRYPTICS will be able to launch faster all of them. Raising a smaller amount will still enable CRYPTICS to launch the services one by one, only the development time is going to take longer. For this reason, we do not introduce a soft cap. Any amount raised will directed at product development. The ITO will start during second quarter of 2018. A total of 66.000.000 CRYPTICS ICO tokens will be provided. The cost of 1 CRYPTICS token is estimated to be 0,001 ETH.


Analysis of the market which we provide in the corresponding section shows the absence of a similar analytical platform in the market of crypto-assets. Along with the usual services of providing historical data and short-term forecasts based exclusively on such data, CRYPTICS offers a number of qualitative differences and advantages:

  • The forecasts of other platforms are often short-term, and hence are used to manage private funds, rather than to provide information to a wider range of users.
  • Other platforms mostly take into account only quantitative market data, while the CRYPTICS platform takes into account data from several important sources including social networks, macroeconomic indicators, opinions of leading analysts, etc.
  • CRYPTICS will not only have a leading team of data scientists with strong AI skills, but will also provide a platform for contests, where academics can try tackling practical problems in ML and DL within the fast developing and challenging area of crypto-assets.
  • CRYPTICS will provide its trader customers with an infrastructure for the decentralized creation of private funds.

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  • Stanislav Maer
    Stanislav Maer
    Stanislav Maer
    (CEO, Projectmanagement, IT & Marketing) -
    Stanislav has created and launched a number of on-line projects, including a contextual
    advertising system, an international marketplace, and an analytical tool for web-masters
    with built-in machine learning.
  • Oleg Tereshchenko
    Oleg Tereshchenko
    Oleg Tereshchenko
    (CEO, Strategic & Process Management) -
    Since 2011, he has created and launched a number of on-line projects, among them a
    task manager, an analytical tool for web-masters with built-in machine learning, and a
    telemedicine project.
  • Maxim Maslennikov
    Maxim Maslennikov
    Maxim Maslennikov
    (CTO, AI Software Architect) -
    Programming and managing commercial projects based on C/C++ and Python.
    Machine learning & deep learning specialist.
  • Ilya Tkachev
    Ilya Tkachev
    Ilya Tkachev
    (Head of R&D, Quant Trader) -
    Since 2008 was trading personally on conventional exchanges, from 2014 professionally,
    as a member of the top market maker company.
  • Yaroslav Khomenk
    Yaroslav Khomenk
    Yaroslav Khomenk
    (Data scientist, Algorithm Development) -
    Since 2015 - data analyst in several large on-line projects in the field of retail and analytics.
  • Alexey Voronetsky
    Alexey Voronetsky
    Alexey Voronetsky
    (Financial Analyst, Product Development) -
    Alexey has experience in setting up advertising campaigns and end-to-end on-line analytics.
    Since 2011 he works at the International Integrator Company NetCracker Technology
  • Dmitry Shcherbakov
    Dmitry Shcherbakov
    Dmitry Shcherbakov
    (Data Scientist. Scientific Research) -
    Doctor of natural sciences, recently received the doctoral degree in Mathematics (with
    focus in Numerical Analysis), holds M. Sc. degree in Financial Mathematics.
  • Andrew Gurar
    Andrew Gurar
    Andrew Gurar
    (Fund Infrastructure Manager,Product development) -
    Andrew possess a strong risk-management understanding and trading experience
    as well as experience in project management with brokerage and investment funds.
  • Andrew Konstantin
    Andrew Konstantin
    Andrew Konstantin
    (UX Expert, Product Front-end) -
    Andrew has a strong experience in UX design and product front-end development.
    He has participated in a number of on-line projects.
  • Valeri Hirda
    Valeri Hirda
    Valeri Hirda
    (Marketing, PPC expert) -
    Advertising professional specialist. Range experience of working in di↵erent position
    gives him an opportunity to be successful in relations within the team and clients.


  • 1
    Concept and Research
    Concept development
    Market research
    Feasibility analysis
  • 2
    Minimum Viable Product
    Core team hiring
    Development and testing of the mathematical models
    Quantitative and non-quantitative data collection
    First forecasts based on ML&DL
    Introduction of MVP
  • 3
    Crowd-sourcing and Production
    Crowd-sourcing campaign
    Further expansion of the team
    AI development for forecast improvements
    Marketing activities all over the world
  • 4
    Automatization and Decentralization
    Trade bot integration
    Development of the decentralized funds infrastructure
    Automatic portfolio management based on KPI forecasts
    Introducing real-time signals from the media
    Launch of the decentralized funds

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