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CPROP (CPROP) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The real estate market is also adopting technical changes to make its operational activities better and more useful. The traditional real estate business is troubled by various issues such as slow processing, manual documentation, an involvement of intermediaries, and expensive cost. The introduction of advanced blockchain technology and technological advancement gives a new dimension to the real estate industry. With this development, companies are capable of running their real estate business in a more efficient and effective manner without incurring any extra cost.

CPROP has entered the real estate market to rectify the common challenges of processing delays and the absence of security.  CPROP represents Cryptoproperties LLC which is endeavouring to abolish the various inefficiencies linked with residential real estate transactions. They are combining advanced blockchain technology features with their proprietary plug-and-play transaction management platform to provide complete transparency and trust to the untrusted world of real estate market. The platform will remove the stress of property buyers by providing them with the advanced features of blockchain authenticated documents, process automation, smart contract escrow, etc. and enable an easy and convenient long-distance transaction system. The company is bringing the blockchain technology into the world of real estate while enhancing the integrity of the property closing process. To know more about ICOs you can check ICO beginners guide.

Similar to other companies such as Gamblica, Guardium, TrustedHealth, CPROP is also intending to launch its ICO to help them to raise funds for their project development and further growth.

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Cprop Intro

All about CPROP

The CPROP platform offers a real estate transaction management system powered by blockchain technology. This platform is designed to be integrated into any existing property portal and brokerage website so that buyers, sellers, and their service providers (real estate agent, Inspectors, lawyers, etc.) can close the deal in a transparent and secure environment.

When a website is integrated with CPROP strategy, it places a button or widget on the website portal.  By clicking this button, users can ask for help from the portal to close the transaction. The CPROP platform ensures complete transparency by displaying all transactions to the parties from start to finish. Trust is the main concern when it comes to processing long-distance transactions. Therefore, a platform will implement smart contract plug-ins to manage required escrows.

The platform mainly targets the key points of long distance and cross-border real estate transactions. The initial platform is specifically working for property transactions and functions well in different locations of the United States where transactions are very complex, expensive, and legally-intensive. The CPROP products’ design can be easily modified according to different market segments such as non-US cross-border and non-US domestic transactions.


The company is stepping ahead with the mission of developing and delivering blockchain-enabled (tokens such as Bunnytoken, Adblurb, DataBroker) solutions that help in addressing the loop points of a global real estate industry.  The solutions will be designed while following the below guidelines:

  1. The solution must be viable, which means they can be easily integrated with an existing business process. There is no need to create entire commercial paradigms from the start which are difficult to implement.
  2. Apart from blockchain, other technologies can be used which can maximize the commercial value.
  3. They can create commercial partnerships early-on to offer validation, ensure scalability, and to speed up the market.

Benefits of the CPROP platform

Property portal and brokerages

    1. Enable the user to grab new revenue opportunities and change the traditional ad-based revenue
    2. Enhance user experience and build trust among customers.
    3. Provide competitive differentiation with blockchain features and the native language transaction process.

Buyers and sellers

  1. Guarantee a high level of trust and reliability by providing escrows and closing documentation.
  2. Provide better visibility on the closing status with a step-by-step approach.
  3. Is capable of providing user-rated service providers. It is important if an acquired property is placed far away.
  4. Provide transaction benefits denominated in cryptocurrency.

Service providers

  1. Provide alternatives for non-advertised channel that help in reaching buyers, especially from overseas.
  2. Allow access to workflow management tools that help in simplifying and enhancing the closing process.
  3. Eliminate the chance of transaction failures as well as reduce the time to close.

Features of CPROP

  1. Seamless integration

The platform will easily integrate with existing property portals. This integration enables a platform to gain swift user adoption and market traction. Additionally, it allows its partner portals to have more revenue generation opportunities and set market differentiation without compromising any aspect of their existing business.

  1. Smart contract escrow

A smart contract is implemented on the platform to  provide buyers and sellers with an outstanding level of security for required escrows. All smart contracts will deploy by CPROP and be audited by trusted external auditors. However, the source code will be publically available for verification purposes.

  1. Authenticated final documents to the blockchain

After the documents has been executed, completed, and finalized, they are converted into PDF format as well as hashed to the blockchain by developing a digital fingerprint and timestamp security feature. The platform is also planning to provide distributed data architecture where all the text documents can be stored by using IPFS. It’s a P2P-distributed file system that offers a content-addressed block storage model, high-throughput with content-addressed hyperlinks.

  1. Service provider directory and user ratings

Buyers can easily search and choose agents according to user ratings, geographic location, rating, region, and language fluency.

  1. Transaction roster

With a transaction roster, users can easily access a transaction with the contact details of all parties, including service providers.

  1. Path tracker

Every workflow stage is comprised of tasks tabs which will allow for the editing and adding of tasks to permissioned parties. The tasks are specially created to provide notification alerts for scheduled completion dates.

  1. Digital IDs

By creating digital IDs, the  company wants to benefit the buyers and sellers to execute their documents remotely with a high-end level of security feature. There is a possibility that CPROP will do a partnership with third-party providers for commercialized product offering for this function

  1. Cryptocurrency payment optionality

The company is planning to equip its platform with an advanced functionality that enables buyers to purchase property with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is already set up for property transactions and other renowned digital currencies may also be used as an acceptable payment method.

What problems is CPROP solving?

1 – Transparency issues

There is a lack of transparency in real estate purchases where parties are not able to view the status and process of transactions. This is a critical task which is unnoticed and takes a long time to close.

2 – Time consuming

Mostly, brokers are facing the difficulty of oversight in monitoring and regulation in the transaction processing. Often, brokers will have little visibility to look at the activities which are taking place by each agent. Moreover, they have no control over various files and documents which are important to a successful transaction.

3 – Lack of coordination

There are numbers of people and companies involved in processing one single transaction. From start to finish, the information is so scattered by multiple parties, it leads to misunderstanding, misdirection, and the mishandling of information.

4 – Lack of knowledge

Most buyers don’t have any legal knowledge or real estate expertise so when the transactions take place in another legal jurisdiction, buyers get confused by various unknown facts. It is important that buyers are confident and understand that their property rights are safe and secure.

5 – No trust and familiarity with service providers

Long distance and overseas buyers are mostly looking for local service providers whom they can trust to accomplish their requirements. The CPROP understand these problems and bring efficient solutions to rectify it by providing:

  • Smart contract escrow.
  • Blockchain-verified documentation.
  • Tokenized deed.
  • Decentralize, secure file storage (IPFS).
  • Process automated workflow management platform.

The implementation of blockchain technology will make sure that all transactions performed on the platform are secured, and transparent and are recorded immutably. In order to successfully accomplish this project, the company is planning to launch its ICO and publish a CPROP ERC20 standard token for it.  If you want to know the ICO stats, then you should check the ICO rating and Influencer marketing ICO reviews that may help you to access relevant information about it. Even you can also check ICO list which is an independently curated catalog of the most promising active and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings.

Cprop value proposition

Value proposition

CPROP is striving to develop an end-to-end transaction management platform that connects the buyers, and sellers directly with their service providers such as banks, agents, inspector, etc.  to enhance transparency levels and shorten the time of the closing process. With this platform, the company wants to promote an efficient way of coordinating data, allow greater transparency and an immutable record of transaction activity on the blockchain technology. This solution will contribute to saving time, cutting costs as well as reducing the chances of frauds and risks for all parties engaged in a transaction. Benefits of the value proposition are:

1 – Trust and security

Safety and security are highly important when it comes to making long-distance transactions. In this scenario, the public blockchain can prove beneficial and ensure a safe and secure way to execute a transaction. CPROP is planning to combine smart contract escrow with blockchain authenticated documents and other features that play well in delivering a high-end level of security.

2 – Transparency and efficiency

The platform will help to narrow down the huge amount of information and standardize the transaction process by enabling the visibility of workflows, critical path activities, and documents to all the included parties.

3 – Easy to use and value for agents

The platform will not only easily incorporate with existing portal websites, but also integrate standardized document templates which are required according to each legal jurisdiction. This will prove beneficial for real estate agents and brokers by providing better control over the transaction process and help in reducing the time to close. With this, brokers and agents will have more time to acquire new clients and listings.

4 – Accessibility

The CPROP’s platform is created to incorporate a directory of user-rated service providers that includes mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and home inspectors. This will help in eliminating the stress of buyers which they feel while hiring people from companies located in other cities/countries they don’t know. The platform will allow its users to access transactions from a roster with the complete contact details of the parties, including a service provider. This will help to raise the confidence level of the buyer.

Token sale details

  • Pre-ICO start date : April 30, 2018
  • Pre-ICO end date : May 10, 2018
  • ICO Date start date : May 21, 2018
  • ICO Date end date : June 10, 2018
  • Total token supply : 6,130,000,000
  • Number of tokens for sale : 4,600,000,000
  • Maximum distributed in pre-ICO : 4,200,000,000
  • Pre-ICO price : USD0.008
  • ICO price : USD0.01
  • Bounties/airdrop : 306,500,000
  • Advisors : 306,500,000
  • Team : 920,000,000

Token allocation

  • Distributed : 75%.
  • Bounties : 5%.
  • Advisors/consultants : 5%.
  • Team : 15%.

Budget allocation fund

  • Operations : 25%.
  • Marketing & community outreach : 20%.
  • Outside professional services : 15%.
  • Contingency : 15%.
  • Product development : 15%.

token sale details


CPROP is a decentralized blockchain organization which is aiming to make real estate transaction activities more effective and accurate with reduced costs. The CPROP platform is created to eliminate the common issues of real estate industry including an absence of security and a delay in the processing of transactions. The company is planning to automate the whole process to bring a standardized harmony in the realm of the real estate industry by making efficient transactions procedure and reducing its associated costs. This is why CPROP is launching its ICO, to streamline the processes of the real estate industry. They have launched CPROP tokens for the ICO event.  To promote an ICO most of the companies launches airdrop.

If you are searching for best ICOs to invest then this project looks to have the potential to provide a safe ICO investment opportunity in real estate industry. The ICO has good future because it is supported by talented and professional team members who have extensive years of experience in managing investments and provide attractive real estate investment plans. With the support of the ICO community management team, the company is launching its ICO event soon and expecting to get great support from the investors.

For those who don’t have much knowledge about ICOs but are interested in becoming a part of it, they should read the ICO marketing guide and ICO planning guide to help them to understand it in a better way.




  • 1
    Pre-ICO and ICO (through Mar 2018)
    - Legal (e.g. SAFT, Singapore incorporation, etc.)
    - Initial alliances identified
    - Launch MVP
    - Deepen advisory team
  • 2
    Detailed design (9 months)
    - Requirements document for REP integrations
    - Requirements document for MVP enhancements
    - Coding
    - Beta testing
  • 3
    “Soft opening” (3 months)
    - Launch web app
    - Debugging and platform refinement
    - Expansion of operational and in-country sales channel partnerships
    - Refinement of post-Phase 3 roadmap and target market
  • 4
    Commercial launch (12 months post-ICO)
    - Intensified marketing
    - Continued expansion partnerships and staff
    - Build operational capabilities
  • 5
    Conversion of legacy records systems (post-ICO; opportunistic)
    - Work with local government to convert property records to blockchain in selected markets
    - Work with selected lenders to convert mortgage documentation to blockchain

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