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CoinPlace (CPL) ICO Review – ICO Token News

eBay has clearly dominated the P2P e-commerce landscape. With e-commerce comes the unquestionable responsibility to streamline online payments—that’s exactly where PayPal comes into play. As the world is moving toward digital revolution, the potential of P2P marketplaces and online payment ecosystems is huge not only in the real world but also in the crypto-verse.

However, nearly all the existing P2P platforms have some built-in limitations. The foremost challenge is that these platforms allow the exchange of not more than two crypto assets. The second one is basically about all the problems that the buyers of these crypto assets face—some of these issues include the loss of anonymity, high commissions, unintuitive interfaces, limited payment choices, and extremely lengthy verification processes.

What if there’s a robust platform that’ll allow trading several ICO tokens and cryptocurrencies without any of those in-your-face limitations? Well, that’s a great vision—and the team behind CoinPlace has already made part of that vision a reality. CoinPlace, a platform, is spearheading the always-evolving P2P crypto-asset market. This platform is designed to include a lot of different crypto assets and is built to achieve high transactional speed. The idea looks quite interesting because the product is already operational. That’s why we decided to review this project’s white paper and see whether it’s one of those ICOs with all sizzle and no steak. Let’s get started with the review, now.

Coinplace Intro

CoinPlace analysis

CoinPlace is the first-ever platform that’s making direct P2P trading of crypto assets, such as tokens and coins, a possibility. That means the crypto traders can now use their fiat currencies to buy the most coveted digital assets. Well, that’s nothing less than a revolution. The people working behind this P2P crypto market has some big plans to take the adoptability of digital assets to the next level. Now, let’s know how this network works.

The working is straightforward

CoinPlace publishes the sale ads for a range of crypto assets so that the investors know about the best deals instantly. By using these ads, the platform will give crypto buyers a chance to negotiate the deal with the seller directly—no middlemen whatsoever. Plus, the transactions will be done online, so the project’s team isn’t ignoring user convenience at any level. Considering everything, this P2P crypto project is with a mission to make the entire cryptocurrency market more accessible, user friendly, and transparent. And for that reason, we’re giving it favorable ICO ratings.

The crypto edge over stock exchanges

Stock exchanges are legal intermediaries standing between a seller and a buyer. An exchange charges operative costs that are generally associated with the taxation and regulation of different fiat currencies. The trading done through stock exchanges is often slow and expensive, too. However, that’s where this P2P platform differs from any traditional stock exchange. First off, this crypto-empowered P2P trading marketplace isn’t an intermediary; instead, it’s a guarantor offering cryptocurrency transfer services. The best part is that the platform doesn’t depend on bank regulations or other similar norms, and that’s why it doesn’t charge any additional fee. Unlike a lot of stock exchanges, the platform experiences no fluctuations in the rates even when there are a few big-ticket transactions happening over it.

Difference between P2P services and CoinPlace

Today, you’ll find several P2P services that’ll let you exchange a crypto asset, but their operational range is very limited. A few of these service providers include LocalEthereum, LocalBitcoins, Paxful, LocalMonero, Cryptolocator, and Qvolta; these platforms work with either Bitcoin or Ether. However, here’s where CoinPlace has the edge because it allows its users to exchange many cryptocurrencies even the traditional ones. Plus, this P2P crypto-asset marketplace has joined hands with a leading payment service provider—and that has extended the platform’s serviceability to over 150 countries. Below, we’ve listed some of the well-known payment services that this network supports.

  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Bank wire
  • Western Union systems
  • Quasi-cash tools
  • Advcash
  • Qiwi
  • WebMoney
  • E-money

Now, with this list, CoinPlace has got the potential to disrupt the crypto-asset exchange business once and for all. If it does fill the criteria for best ICOs to invest in, then it’s good to go.

Coinplace payment methods

Clear-cut market identification

The planning for any ICO event begins by factoring in its targeted audiences. Well, CoinPlace’s developers have done the same thing because they’ve identified the group of people who’ll use this platform.

Token owners: This has to be a no-brainer. This group of users will be one of the first few to quickly buy digital assets for fiat currency. The users will be able to pick any payment methods; these methods generally include using a bank card, a PayPal account, or a bank account.

ICO organizers: These people register their respective ICO projects (such as ShopIn, Phoneum, Bunnytoken) on the platform and begin selling the digital assets. Once the crowdsale ends, these projects can still trade their tokens on the network. On this platform, the tokens will be exchanged for fiat currencies—since trading through fiat money will be allowed on this platform, we can expect ICOs selling like hot cakes.

Crypto-asset owners: This group of users will be given the chance to join trading using their crypto assets. Dissimilar to stock exchanges, this P2P marketplace won’t be setting any trading volume limits. Plus, it won’t even be charging additional payments for withdrawing or crediting the funds.

Newcomers: CoinPlace will let anyone, who’s just stepping in the world of crypto coins, purchase digital assets directly from the seller; plus, it’ll let newcomers use fiat money to make the payment of such transactions.

Apart from all this, this P2P crypto-asset marketplace is backed by fintech experts, trading specialists, blockchain whiz-kids, and financial analysts. Apart from the team, this project enjoys the support of celebrated advisors who’ve served as heads of international banks and similar institutions. Now, since the project’s analysis is out of the way, let’s get to know the freshness that CoinPlace is bringing to the crypto world.

CoinPlace innovation

Once upon a time, you may have read an ICO marketing guide that must’ve highlighted the value of newness for any crypto project. (It’s okay even if you haven’t read one because we’re just reiterating the same thing, now.) As per every good guide covering the topic of how to invest in ICOs, innovation is what primes any project’s pump. So, basically, you should look for innovation in a project before putting your money on it. If it’s not innovative, it won’t be able to sustain in today’s super-competitive landscape. Now, we’d like to declare that CoinPlace is fairly innovative.

More than just an exchange

This project’s main aim is to weed out all the intermediaries that cling to crypto-asset trading. That way, this network is not only bringing down the transactional costs but also simplifying a newcomer’s entry to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies, ICOs (like SprintX, Fire Lotto, Kelta), and other digital assets. In simple words, CoinPlace is way more than a crypto exchange—it’s actually an environment that’s designed to sustain a number of ICO projects and promote the growth of crypto economy. Further, the project aims to make the use of digital assets more transparent, safer, and simpler. All in all, if the project stays true to its vision, then it’ll soon become a magnet for different ICO projects.

A bright road ahead

The people working behind this platform’s evolution hope to develop the service’s functionality to a great extent. The platform aims to deliver new investment opportunities to the customers regularly. The team is quite positive that by the end of 2018, it’ll make the platform support more than 50 tokens and 10 currencies. Since its launch, the project has already received more than 15 ICO applications—and a large part of them are all set to deliver great bonuses to their investor if she/he buys tokens through this platform.

Safety comes first 

As per a report, more than USD 5 billion was raised through ICOs in 2017. Nearly 7 percent of that sum—USD 300 million—was siphoned off by hackers. It’s obvious that more and more hackers are looking forward to taking a slice of the ICO pie. And cybercriminals are doing just that by finding some loopholes in the project. However, that’s basically why the developers behind this project have taken some initiatives to make sure that its ICO funds are totally secured. First, the team has built a fully secured CoinPlace wallet where the data is protected using two-factor authentication. Plus, the team backing this project always monitors its ICO website, and these guys even look for any clone site that may be used for redirecting the invested funds. That’s not all as the developers are always at work to detect any single vulnerability on CoinPlace’s mobile and web apps; once detected, these vulnerabilities will be eliminated then and there.

A token’s paradise

This P2P comes with an exciting goal; it allows every single token on its platform to be swapped with any fiat money or crypto coin. This way, the platform is positioned well to attract a whole lot of traffic—it’ll get especially those investors who’re interested in owning some crypto tokens the easy way. Plus, the platform will provide a killer benefit to the ICOs by listing them immediately once their sale is finished.

Once everything’s said and done, this P2P will definitely create a quite favorable ecosystem where every transparent ICO can reap a lot of benefits ranging from visibility to liquidity. Plus, the platform has the right processes in place to ensure that every crypto-specific transaction is executed fast. Well, that’s just the beginning because the environment even converts digital assets to fiat money and vice versa in a streamlined way. All in all, this platform is a reliable solution for everyone who’s looking forward to experiencing smooth crypto transactions.

Coinplace token distribution

CoinPlace token details

The token follows a robust deflation development model that’s one of the strongest across the crypto market. As per the token economics followed by CoinPlace, 10 percent of the total token turnover will be burnt. Also, the burning of these tokens will be done for 3 years or until the CPL’s price reaches USD 100.

The price of the native tokens will depend on several factors. Some of these factors include the total number of tokens sold; the complete volume invested in making a single-time purchase; and different stage bonuses. Afterward, the token’s price will be wholly determined by its demand.

CoinPlace ICO info

  • Ticker: CPL
  • Price: 1 CPL = ETH 0.001 coin
  • Total token issued: 35,000,000 CPL tokens
  • ICO launch: March 20, 2018, to May 16, 2018
  • Bonus: Available
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Soft cap: 1,000 ETH coins
  • Hard cap: 20,000 ETH coins
  • Minimum investment limit: 500 CPL tokens
  • Unsold tokens: Burnt
  • Country: Russia

And, hey, if you’re interested in how CoinPlace has planned its ICO, then you should go through a generic ICO planning guide first—that’ll clear some of your doubts.

Summarizing CoinPlace      

After going through all the details in the project’s white paper, we believe that this platform is different from other ICOs. First, this ecosystem has already a fully functional exchange that’s working in the same way as the white paper outlines. One of the basic ideas is to let people easily invest in ICOs with improved safety and transparency using any money service—i.e., fiat money, debit card, credit card, BTC, ETH, PayPal, West Union, etc. In short, the project is running its crowdsale to speed up the total number of ICOs it can attract. With its ICO’s proceeds, the project plans to improve its offerings and add new services. If you think that this concept has got the investor inside you excited, then join the sale. However, just make sure to visit its website first and do your due diligence.


    (CEO) -
    Director of the Russian-Chinese Center for Trade and Economic Partnership, co-founder of the AirCreditGroup leasing company.
    (COO) - Co-founder of the Nakamoto Capital fund. Financial technology and venture business expert.
    (Strategy) - Over 15 years of venture business experience. Previously managed several venture companies.
    (CTO) - Over 10 years of experience implementing integrated IT projects and Cyber Security projects at financial institutions.
    (CISO) - Winner of numerous international competitions, hackathons, olympiads. Over 10 years of working on security assessment and deployments for banks, e-commerce and large enterprises.


  • 1
    Project concept created
  • 2
    Platform development launched
  • 3
    Token model approved
  • 4
    Closed platform testing
  • 5
    Open testing of CPL token
  • 6
  • 7
    Listing of Bitcoin, Ethereum and 5 tokens of third-party ICO's on the platform
  • 8
  • 9
    Offering of over 60 ICO tokens and over 20 crypto assets
  • 10
    Mobile app launch
  • 11
    CoinPlace issuing over 50 grants and joining more than 5 projects
  • 12
    Offering of over 120 ICO tokens and over 60 crypto assets

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