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Coinnup (CU) ICO Review – ICO Token News


The digital space is developing on blockchain with new applications are launched every day to bring a decentralized solution to the digital economy. Fintech related development is taking the lead with over 30% of share in overall blockchain base technology surfaced so far. Undoubtedly the decentralization and transparency are way forward from here, but on another hand, this will be only possible with mass adoption. Our user focus centric ecosystem will provide customized solutions comprise of fiat central that bring merchants and buyers to just one point of sale terminal, An exchange for traders and one wallet an approach for securing digital assets that will be synchronised across all devices. Pay utility bills or recharge mobile, send and receive payments domestically or internationally, shop online or offline. Pay for your holiday’s trips, book hotels, and flights right from one app.

Coinnup is the only ICO that will be launched using in-house ICO launchpad. Coinnup ICO launchpad will be another core component that will offer turn-key solutions for upcoming ICOs. All of our components and services will be accessible through one single, made for the human platform that will use Coinnup digital ERC20 utility tokens CU.Coinnup will be starting off with two major components, Portfolio management and coins ranking followed by the fiat central and exchange. We intend to make MVP available for public feedback during our ICO. Most of the ICO companies launch airdrop to promote their ICOs.

Why Coinnup

Coinnup team consists of financial experts, marketers, innovators, developers, designers, and economists. Our project is based on extensive research into everyday user business needs. Our vision of a centralized approached decentralized innovation is “the difference that makes the difference.” Our all-in-one solution goes beyond just cryptocurrency-to-fiat, trading, deposits/withdrawals, and wallets. Our model allows scalability to grow and anticipate the needs of our users.

Our Solutions

ID Central – Our unique ID verification system will guarantee that users can trade, buy, or sell cryptocurrency within minutes. We will accomplish this by providing users with a central profile that only needs to be verified once to access all of our services.

One off verification using app or Web – 2 Step process will take less than a minute to get verified and jump into the crypto world. Using our ID Central by mobile app or web platform. New users will upload photos of themselves and any government-issued ID. Once verified, IDs will be linked to C-Key and act as backup passwords in case users lose access to the platform or their wallet.

C-Key – no more passwords – C-Key provides centralized security for user accounts. One key will allow access, to the web platform, trading, wallet, mobile wallet, fiat central and all other services offered by Coinnup. Users will able to reset passwords, authorize trades, and confirm withdrawals using C-Key. To maximize the security of user accounts and wallets, C-key will be used in conjunction with 2FA and user IDs.

Coinnup POS Network

The goal of Coinnup point-of-sale network is to “be everywhere.” Cryptocurrency is still a foreign phenomenon to most of the world’s population, specifically in wholesale and retail environments.Businesses familiar with cryptocurrencies are nearly ready to accept blockchain solutions, but hesitant due to the absence of an established, reliable platform. We expect mass adoption of blockchain-based business solutions, which can save businesses overhead on banking fees and commissions.

Our point-of-sale (POS) system will allow customers to pay utility bills, top up mobile credit, send and receive money domestically and internationally, buy groceries, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, much more, on-the-go. This will not only offer tremendous convenience to buyers but also support business growth, reshaping any retail business with a single portable POS terminal. The Coinnup platform will comprise of both software and hardware, including mobile devices for traders.

Coinnup Debit Card

Coinnup aims to provide users instant access to their funds at any time, anywhere in the world. The Coinnup debit card will be linked to primary and secondary user accounts. Funds held in the primary account will be available for debit card transactions, and funds held on the secondary account will equal the total value of cryptocurrency contained in the user’s wallet.

Funds in the secondary account will remain at the user’s disposal at all times for an added layer of protection, the user will have to transfer the funds to the primary account to make purchases.Users will also have a “merge” option, which will remove the protection layer and allow users to complete purchases using funds in their secondary account in case of insufficient funds in primary account.


Coinnup’s out-of-the-box ICO Launchpad solution offers all required components on one platform. Our unique assessment mechanism will only allow selected ICOs to come onboard to ensure quality of accepted projects. Detailed initial assessment of ICOs will build trust within the crowd funding community and add credibility to future projects.

Every ICO will be assigned a dedicated team to manage the following aspects of their ICO. Team background checks

  • Legal Compliance (including business registration, jurisdiction, financial licenses)
  • Whitepaper
  • Issue ICO rating scores (overall + breakdown)
  • ICO website
  • Smart contracts management (Multiple blockchains, ETHEREUM, NEO, NEM)
  • Customised bonus structure
  • Customised marketing solution (different marketing & PR approch for various level of the campagins)
  • Contributors on-boarding
  • Contributors KYC/AML compliance
  • Referral program and customer Support
  • Getting listed on Coinnup exchange.


  • Tayyab Rahman
    Tayyab Rahman
    Tayyab Rahman
    CEO & Founder
  • Myroslav Gavryliak
    Myroslav Gavryliak
    Myroslav Gavryliak
    Lead Engineer
  • Sergey Novoseletskiy
    Sergey Novoseletskiy
    Sergey Novoseletskiy
    Full Stack Developer
  • Bogdan Ruptash
    Bogdan Ruptash
    Bogdan Ruptash
    Full Stack Developer
  • Marko Pajic
    Marko Pajic
    Marko Pajic
    Marketing Head
  • Rachna Pandya
    Rachna Pandya
    Rachna Pandya
    Marketing Head
  • Maks Voloshynovskyi
    Maks Voloshynovskyi
    Maks Voloshynovskyi
    UX/UI Designer
  • Diego Barrionuevo
    Diego Barrionuevo
    Diego Barrionuevo
  • Diana Tomka
    Diana Tomka
    Diana Tomka
    UI/UX Designer
  • Illia Havryshchuk
    Illia Havryshchuk
    Illia Havryshchuk
    Front-End Developer
  • Volodymyr Shorinov
    Volodymyr Shorinov
    Volodymyr Shorinov
    Front-End Developer


  • 1
    October 2017
    R & D
  • 2
    January 2018
    Team formation
    Start of Development
    Business Registration
  • 3
    March 2018
    eMoney License Application
    ICO Website
  • 4
    April 2018
    Coins Ranking Component ID Central
    (Web and App)
    ICO Pre-Sale
  • 5
    May 2018
    Launch of Portfolio Management
    (Web and App)
    ICO Round 1 Sale
  • 6
    June 2018
    Mobile Recharge
    Fiat Central - (Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies)
    Coinnup Swift Swipe
    (Web and App)
    ICO Round 2 Sale

  • 7
    July 2018
    Exchange - Web (Beta) Mobile, Desktop
    Wallets (Beta) Loyalty Component
    ICO Flash Sale
  • 8
    August 2018
    Instant Withdrawals to bank
    Send and Receive Payments
    (Fiat or Crypto)
    Coinnup Debit Card
    ICO Final Sale
  • 9
    September 2018
    Online Shopping (over 30k Items)
    Shipment Module Integration
    Exchange and One Wallet - V1
    (Web and App)
  • 10
    January 2019
    POS Franchise (Test Branches)
    Global Expansion
    Decentralised Exchange (R & D Start)
    Coinnup Blockchain (R & D Start)
  • 11
    March 2019
    Utility Bills
    Buy Cryptocurrencies Using POS
    Borderless IBAN Accounts
    Payment Escrow Services
    Exchange - App
  • 12
    November 2019
    Merchant Services
    B2B, B2C Payment Gateway
    POS Beta Launch
    ICO Launchpad
    SDK Kit and REST API

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