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Code of Talent (CODE) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Education represents the core of humankind’s potential. Although we generally recognise its massive importance, four major problems are present in today’s educational market landscape:

  1. Billions of people do not have access to good teachers
  2. Classroom learning is mostly theoretical and boring, not adapted to modern distracted learners and millennials
  3. Despite the fact that internet provides free learning opportunities in abundance, people are not motivated to learn
  4. Education does not solve the disconnect between theory and skills

E-learning industry is failing to deliver results due to the lack of key factors such as effective engagement, personalisation of content and lack of human interaction. Code of Talent creates a micro-revolution in the Education landscape. It empowers educators to boost learner’s motivation during classroom or as a follow-up, allowing anyone on the planet to join, contribute and learn. We have capitalised on our 20 years’ experience in the training field to create a game changer, with blockchain technology at the heart.

Code of Talent is the world’s first blockchain powered micro-learning platform, designed to ignite people’s motivation to learn by:

  1. Earning rewards as they learn
  2. 10 min of daily learning sessions
  3. Direct teacher interaction within groups of maximum 40 participants

The platform will use the Ethereum’s smart contract to incentivise contributors with tokens, based on a community validated merit-based rewarding system. Learners, anywhere in the world, will be rewarded for their progress and achievements while educators will receive tokens based on the quality, interactivity and engagement of their micro-learning content. Code of Talent also builds a sustainable ecosystem and token economy by integrating premium content providers, employers, advertisers and sponsors.

About Code of Talent

Code of Talent is world’s first blockchain based micro-learning platform, born from the vision of addressing the existing problems in education. he project draws on the knowledge and expertise of Ascendis, a proven learning and development leader, with more than 21 years successful track record. Code of Talent also reflects the robustness and agility of the software development team of Co-factor, a dedicated partner in our endeavour as well as the attractive look and feel delivered by the Ideologiq team. Ascendis and Co-factor have already launched a BETA version of a B2B Code of Talent application (the “B2B product”), that is already being used by paying customers such as Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Piraeus Bank, Societe Generale (BRD) and JTI. Code of Talent delivers state of the art digital learning environment, with dramatic impact in terms of engagement and practical knowledge. Certain elements of the B2B product application shall be used on the blockchain platform and the Code of Talent blockchain platform will be developed jointly by Ascendis and Co-factor, the shareholders of the ICO token issuer.


We started Code of Talent having a set of core principles as foundation. These are strong beliefs and principles that have guided our common vision.

The first principle is that education is the root for the majority of humankind’s failures or achievements. It is the education level that drives the ability to truly understand the world and make decisions. This applies to almost everything, from poverty and war to developments in technology, culture and many other areas. As soon as we manage to address the education system problems, only then we have a real chance to fix the rest.

The second principle is that education should be exciting. People should be motivated to learn. It should be an insightful experience and a great journey that leads to the development of each individual, increasing the chances to lead a better life. We believe that micro-learning is the solution. Learning should be interactive, gamified and delivered in short, personalised sessions. Unfortunately, today learning is associated with something boring, difficult and the process is a drag. It is also expensive and learners find themselves with the burden of educational costs. E-learning failed to solve that problem too. Anyone, anywhere, should be able to enjoy the learning process and earn rewards for this.

The third principle is related to technology. We believe in the fast development and power of the blockchain technology. This is the major driving force that has the capability to transform the global educational landscape into a viable, learner-centred, motivating and interactive new ecosystem. This will enable our vision for a better education system.

The fourth principle aims at making sure that there is always quality in education. It’s increasingly difficult today to distinguish between valuable knowledge and well-marketed low value content. We believe that a self-curated system based on meritocracy will constantly improve the quality level of the learning content and process.

The fifth principle is that everything we learn should be correlated with the skills required in today’s rapidly changing economy. The current development of educational skills hasn’t been able to keep up with the technological progress and the changing/dynamic demands of the labour market. These days we are confronted with a major disconnection between the educational aspects that are currently being taught and the actual things that learners are required to do on the real market.

Token Sale

Code of Talent will issue an Ethereum ERC20 compatible token, with the core utility of being part of the incentive system that will reward the platform’s contributors and that will be used to pay for services within the platform. The token sale will be subject to the Terms set out in the “Legal Matters and Risks” document available on the website and will be final and non-refundable. Code of Talent will not be responsible for the loss of any of the tokens for any reason, including impossibility to access the tokens due to user error or hacker attacks. Anyone sharing our vision can purchase the Code of Talent tokens, that will be made available during our private sale, pre-sale and crowd sale periods. The contributions will have minimum and maximum limitations to ensure access from anyone that would like to be part of this journey. Our soft cap is calculated as a minimum investment level to make sure the platform’s development is secured in terms of core functionalities (Gamified micro-learning engine for teachers and learners and Platform’s incentive system). Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.

We will provide a total number of 280,000,000 Code of Talent tokens (CODE) for sale. The value of one CODE token will be 0.10 USD calculated as the equivalent in ETH, which will be fixed once the pre-sale starts. Use and lockup of team tokens (12%): 50% of them will be available in the same time as for the public, roughly 2 weeks after the TGE. 25% of them will be locked for 6 months and 25% will be locked for 12 months.


    CEO & Co-Founder Code of Talent

    Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder Code of Talent

    Chief Learning Alchemist & Co-Founder Code of Talent, Partner Ascendis

    Business Development Director & Co-Founder Code of Talent
    CMO Code of Talent, Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder IDEOLOGIQ

    Micro-learning Knowledge Manager & Partner Ascendis

    Micro-learning Content Development Lead & Partner Ascendis


  • 1
    June 2016
    Initial vision of CoT as a digital B2B
    micro-learning platform
  • 2
    June 2017
    CoT B2B micro-learning platform Alpha release
  • 3
    November 2017
    CoT B2B micro-learning platform Beta
  • 4
    December 2017
    Conceptualization of an open block-chain version of the CoT B2B platform
  • 5
    February 2018
    1M E European Union Funds accessed for
    training projects using CoT B2B platform
  • 6
    March 2018
    Development started for the CoT Block-Chain
    platform on Ethereum block-chain
  • 7
    May 2018
    CoT B2B featured at ATD event in
    San Diego, California USA
  • 8
    June 2018
    Token Generation Event starting 11th of June
  • 9
    June-July 2018
    Prototype block-chain version for the CoT
    Block-Chain micro-learning platform
  • 10
    Q1 2019
    First version for the CoT Block-Chain
    micro-learning platform
  • 11
    Q1 2020
    Full fledged Version 1 for the CoT
    Block-Chain micro-learning platform
  • 12
    Q2 2020
    300,000 learners
    2,000 active educators
    2,000 micro-learning courses
  • 13
    Q4 2020
    CoT Block-Chain platform Version 2
    development started
  • 14
    December 2020
    500,000 learners
    5,000 active educators
    10,000 micro-learning courses
    500 employers, advertisers and sponsors
  • 15
    Development of new features for employers,
    sponsors and business to business. New strategic
    partnerships and 3rd party integrations that will
    enhance the experience and services provided by
    the Code of Talent platform.

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