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Cloudmoolah (MOO) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Problems leading the origination of CloudMoolah

Before we jump to learning about something new, it’s always wise to know what exactly might lead it to this point. About CloudMoolah and its establishment, it has been utterly conceptualized when game developers came up whining about ‘little or no monetization scope’ from the gamers around Southeast Asia. They wish, if they could monetize their games from the gamer belonging to Southeast Asia especially. The reason why Southeast Asia has been specifically mentioned here is there low credit card penetration rate. In addition to this, all incumbent and leading App Stores offer online payment option, eliminating just another chance to use the credit card. Besides, these leading App Stores aim to serve game developers with big promotional budgets. CloudMoolah project is here to resolve such pain-points. The project aims to re-empower the game developers with scopes and platforms to look forward to revenues from their native payment options along with exploring their game development abilities. Well, that surely isn’t it – the project as well aims to augment the attributes of a Gaming App Store’s ecosystem.

If you had looked at the market census and analysis, you would see the sum of addressable Southeast Asia gaming market is above I.5 billion USD and it is considered to grow by 20% by 2015 and reach the total 9 billion USD. More to this, the internet penetration will be increased with greater player engagement, increased affluence in the territory and certainly improved game quality.

CloudMoolah Intro

ClouMoolah: Analysis and Interpretation

This project is quite interesting of all ongoing ICO projects  (similar to Fintechbit, Aktie Social, Qilin.Market, RepuX, Phoneum, Cibus, SprintX, Fire Lotto)in the present market. This is said to be the first virtual system for collective payments, which is concentrated to aggregate all major localized payment methods for the following kinds – e-banking, pre-paid cards and other payment options including the new latest MOO tokens as well. Well, there’s more. CloudMoolah will also empower all the game developers around the world to gain certain amount of profits generated through the apps and especially from the gamers, who have not really used credit cards while buying it.

The fact is that gaming market in Southeast Asia is certainly the stoutest in the whole Southeast Asia, however it is at the same time is challenged by some critical problems that need to be taken into serious consideration. CloudMoolah is actually the brainchild of parent company Cloud Alliance. This is a private limited company, based-out of Singapore. This organization is concentrated around supporting and backing latest technologies that is at the service of new generation of our society.

There used to be only players earlier, but the new-age has come up to adding an additional section dedicated gamers particularly. Gamers are referred to those, who have their minds stuck into mobile gaming. CloudMoolah has been conceptualized to provide payment solutions to the mobile gaming industry along with game localization, advertising and branding services.

Why and how did this project get initiated?

Southeast Asia has little or no rate for credit card penetration, which leaves the game developers with no profit from the gamers in real Southeast Asia. For the rate being as low as 3%, game developers have many-a-time been seen wishing, if they could monetize App Store. Basically, game developers pass through very hard times evaluating the market. As they have wanted to monetize their app store use by the gamers, they intended to spend months as to infuse several Software Development Kits with a variety of native payment companies. This whole new experience has quite been challenging for the game developers. However, the most indispensable thing is that it would affect the end-users. While the implementation of it seems to be almost an impossible attempt, CloudMoolah has come up perhaps the smartest alternative solution to it.

CloudMoolah Structure

How good is it as a solution?

MOO project has been though-out comprehensively and absolutely in a contemporary manner. Using advanced and extensive technologies, the creators have managed to not only address, but handle these issues right on their front-foot. Nothing to do much, but just to make an easy and quick integration of the software and access more than 100 million virtual gamers living around Southeast Asia. Well, the beauty of it is that MOO project has already got 500, 000 retail point of sales. With the release and successful implementation of this software, they will benefit the market with higher values by 2022. The amount estimated reads 4 billion USD increment, which is quite an incredible.

CloudMoolah – Innovation and Collaboration

This new yet comprehensive software is the first and foremost step towards decentralizing and democratizing distribution of smart gaming and enabling world game developers to gain profits from Southeast Asia gaming market – a marketplace with ten nations with split-up payment system and lower credit card penetration rate. You must not know that despite the lower credit card penetration rate, Southeast Asia has one of the fastest growing mobile gaming markets with $854 million smartphone subscriptions and almost 70% growth per annum. Looking at the current market size, it can be easily projected that the market’s annual growth will soar high by 4 million USD by 2022.

As far as collaboration of this project is concerned, CloudMoolah has collaborated with Unity Technologies. Unity technology itself is backed by DFJ, Sequoia Capital and Silverlake Partners. These three biggies are actually owners of world’s most used and popular Unity Editor – a video game development engine. Unity is already most favourite of 5.5 million game developers worldwide. This has moreover supported the creation of blockbuster hit, billion-dollar games such as Hearthstone, Assassin’s Creed, Pokemon Go and Super Mario.

CloudMoolah Payment

About Cloud Alliance

Back in the year of 2016, Cloud Alliance got itself into creation, development and incorporation of variety of services’ agreement with Unity in order to infuse CloudMoolah into this video game development engine. In the passing October 2017, the developers behind these projects have successfully incorporated MOO into the Unity Editor and today, you can find it available with almost all major technologies in the world including Amazon Apps, Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store. Integration of ClopudMoolah, as claimed by its developers, is no challenge. One can integrate it into their gam seamlessly, following which Unity developer will immediately activate in-app revenue for game developers and from 100 million gamers, logging-in from 500, 000 of its retail point of sales in Southeast Asia. The practice, thereby, saves you time and from all sorts of hassles that you would face while incorporating several layers of offline payment channels in the traditional Southeast Asian gaming market.

Why should you consider investing in this project?

Heard off many investment-vehicles, but hardly does any sound as promising as ICO investments. CloudMoolah sure is coming LIVE with ICO, but an ICO becomes successful when investors make an engagement with it. This project is advisable for your next big crypto investment is because it has a line of promising reasons. For the project being absolutely based on ‘blockchain platform,’ the software offers seamless integration facility with Unity Editor. Moreover, game developers from all over the world, are also enabled to access over 1 million gamers living in Southeast Asia region, giving them contemporary game titles through 500, 00 retail point of sales.

More insights into the project

One can completely consider MOO project all fresh and contemporary system for aggregated payment system that is supposed to combine native payment solutions (for example – telecom top-ups) along with the traditional mobile services including prepaid cards, e-banking and top-ups. Well, that’s not all. Game developers can as well collect in-app revenue using CloudMoolah’s native tokens ‘MOO Tokens.’ Here, the mandatory use of debit and credit card gets eliminated.

Team behind the concept

On doing some basic research, it has been found that the brains leading CloudMoolah have nearly three decades of industry experience each. Their experience does not only cater to game development, but marketing and promoting domains as well. Furthermore, each of the team member is having on-field experience Asian gaming market and also carrying a proven track record in publishing and marketing. They have record of working with the titles such as EA SportsTM FIFA Online 2, Counter-Strike Online, World of warcraft and Starcraft 2.

CloudMoolah Team

About Company’s Performance

Upon looking at the financial condition and their team’s market performance over the years, it has been found that CloudMoolah has penetrated the Southeast Asia gaming market quite with successful strokes. As per what latest data reads, MOO project is already enjoying a base of 10 million gamers by far.

About Partnership

Thousands of startups are surfacing on the market everytime, but hardly does any have market linkups. CloudMoolah comes to enable such startups with existing setup of exclusive partnership within the region of Southeast Asia. Presently, Unity and CloudMoolah are working in collaboration with each other.

Know the key attributes of this project

Blockchain enabled – The two primary common features blockchain technology is it enables your business to be operate in completely decentralized and democratized fashion. As much has been spoken and discussed about it by far, you probably know who they parent companies are of CloudMoolah – They are Cloud Alliance and Unity. You should also know that apart from being decentralized, the parents are upto exploring the development of MOO store using blockchain technology (like other ico tokens such as Bunnytoken, KickCity, Amon, Fiancia, PodOne, EQUI, StarLight, Dentix). The move surely will not ensure the simplification of content access, but will certainly improve privacy and security of the entire process.

In addition to this, the project is a platform too, which is game developer oriented, to be localized, self-branded/marketed, and it also has incentive + loyalty programs.

CloudMoolah ICO – Dates and details

This might sound just as another ICO at the market, but hardly could anyone differentiate the importance of each and pick the best, suitable one for himself. How does MOO ICO make one of the best choices? The founders are to allocate 500 million MOO Tokens during their ICO phase. Of this number, 300 million MOO tokens are be allocated to the investors. According to the official whitepaper of theirs, ClouMoolah is focused to raise 10 million USD as soft cap and 30 million USD as hard cap.

Apart from this, as far as pricing of each MOO token is concerned, they have set 0.30 USD against 1 MOO token. If you happen to be one potential ICO investor and CloudMoolah seems to be of your use, note that the company will qualify you for ICO participation only when you will buy 500 tokens.

CloudMoolah Token

Know the dates and other details below –

  • Token: MOO
  • Price: 1 MOO = 0.30 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Country: Singapore
  • Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist
  • Restricted areas: USA


You have read and learned a lot about the technological and mechanical construction of CloudMoolah project. Time to know a few of its less discussed yet the most exciting features – Experience Development Team, well-maintained track record and exclusive partnership with Unity.

Click to know more about ICO stats.


    COO & Co-founder
    Chairman & Co-founder
    CFO & Co-founder
  • TT LIM
    TT LIM
    TT LIM
    Biz Dev Director
    Technical Director
    Managing Director, Greater China


  • 1
    Start of Crowdsale
  • 2
    End of Crowdsale
  • 3
    Release of MOO Store Alpha version
  • 4
    Release of MOO Store Beta version
  • 5
    Live launch of MOO Store. Completion of Phase 1 and 2
  • 6
    Refining existing solutions + User acquisition + Begin development of Phase 3
  • 7
    Complete implementation of Phase 3 – Marketplace and Reward system

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