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CLEARS (CLRS) ICO Review – ICO Token News


KYC—or Know Your Customer—is a critical process for all financial companies dealing with international investors, shareholders and customers. Clears is a technology based on the Ethereum blockchain offering a scalable and personalized KYC process. It aims to expedite the acquisition and delivery of required information to companies and regulators around the world, simultaneously improving the user experience by increasing security of sensitive personal data while lowering the cost.

Today, most companies use proprietary and standardized KYC processes, requesting every new customer to submit an ID and a document certifying their current address. Only after a successful customer authentication has occurred are companies allowed to do business with a user

Clears Connect Product Solution

Clears can be seen as an escrow for personal data based on the blockchain. Clears will use top-tier processes for identity verification and background checks. It will leverage the power of a decentralized blockchain to simplify and reduce the cost of a traditional KYC process. For every new user signing up to Clears, Clears creates a unique, unalterable blockchain ID, known as a Clears ID. This ID will be used to identify each user during all KYC processes they will ever be required to complete. Using private and highly-secure databases, including Anti Money Laundering – AML databases, Clears will then perform a complete background check for every new user. Registrations and KYCs are always free for the user.

Clears will then be able to provide the following for every user:

  • A thorough identity check and proof that the KYC has been completed, with Clears acting as a third party
  • The ability for any company doing a KYC to validate their data by comparing it with the certified data only available through Clears
  • A complete data hash, hosted inside the Ethereum blockchain, complete with a timestamp

The Clears ID will never change for a given user; its integrity is guaranteed by the Ethereum blockchain, one of the most secure blockchains in existence. When a user is asked to complete a new KYC via Clears on a given application, by providing their email or Clears ID, Clears will complete an identification check by asking random questions regarding the user and upon satisfaction will immediately certify that the KYC has been completed. An additional transaction, called KYC hash is stored inside the blockchain to confirm the completion of a KYC between a company and a user.

Clears Wallet Certification

Verifying the ownership and the integrity of a wallet can be a critical for ICO websites that wish to prescreen potential token holders to ensure they have active wallets. Clears will have an optional flow that will allow a user verify the ownership of an ERC20 compatible wallet during the KYC Process.

Clears will initiate the procedure by sending a small amount of CLRS ICO tokens and ETH coins. Using his/her private key the user must send back the same amount of CLRS tokens to a wallet generated by Clears. The user will pay the transaction fee using the ETH sent by Clears during the initial transaction.

KYC Data Cross-Matching

KYC Data Cross-Matching The Clears goal is to provide a complete decentralized KYC solution, where companies can rely on Clears for the complete KYC process. When a KYC is audited or the authorities need additional information, companies can direct request to Clears. In some instances such as common first and last names, it may be necessary for the company to maintain a record of the KYC, in addition to the KYC Hash provided by Clears, in order to properly identify an individual.

These records can consist of users first and last name and the US or Canadian social security number to prove that the user is the same person as validated by the documented KYC. To do so, Clears will create a collection of REST APIs to cross-match data. It is important to note that Clears will never share, sell or send any data but will only provide a technical solution to verify the data entered by a specific user against the data collected and verified during the KYC process.

CLRS Token Value Proposition

CLRS token is an ERC20 token relies on the Ethereum blockchain. Companies wishing to use the Clears KYC technology will be required to pay for services using the CLRS token.

The following services will be paid for by the company requesting the KYC:

  • Completed KYCs
  • The physical validation of a document, via a Clears network certification professional
  • Additional services

Companies that are not holding CLRS tokens but that wish to use Clears services will be able to buy tokens on the Clears website, using fiat currency. Clears will introduce a buy back program to create more token velocity and liquidity. This will allow companies to simply buy Clears tokens on the Clears website.

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  • Florian Seroussi
    Florian Seroussi
    Florian Seroussi
    Co-founder & CEO
    lorian is a founder with a global investing and advisory track record (over 30 tech investments, including Weebly, Pixowl, Gorgias, Open Garden, and Prior to CLEARS, Florian co-founded OMC, Labotec and Global Roaming (IPO'd in 2008).
  • Alexandre Gonzales
    Alexandre Gonzales
    Alexandre Gonzales
    Co-founder & CTO
    Alexandre is a seasoned developer and entrepreneur. Alexandre founded, a programmatic ad exchange, in 2015 and was previously CTO at Labotec.
  • Cecily Haubner
    Cecily Haubner
    Cecily Haubner

    Cecily brings 6+ years of design experience from various industries and has worked with creative agencies, media giants and start-ups including NBC, Time Inc, MEC Global, L2 Inc., Recombine and Oliver.
  • Brian Coulombe
    Brian Coulombe
    Brian Coulombe

    Brian is an experienced marketing professional with over 13 years spread across agency and startup environments including British Airways and Goodyear. He most recently led customer acquisition at
  • Jack Currier
    Jack Currier
    Jack Currier
    Principal Architect

    Jack has over ten years of experience working on web development and graphic design projects in-house, as a freelancer, and with design agencies.
  • Remy Wilders
    Remy Wilders
    Remy Wilders
    Compliance Director

    With more than 20 years of experience Remy brings an in depth understanding of the banking industry regarding business, regulations, communication and customer data management. Remy also co-founded, in 1999, Bantry Technologies an Irish smart card company which was later bought by Trusted Logic in 2003.
  • Joan Gonzalez
    Joan Gonzalez
    Joan Gonzalez

    Joan is the new kid on the block and breathes fresh air into the projects he touches. He loves UI/UX design and thinks big picture solutions. He is wildly curious and applies his knowledge from various mediums into his work. He’s eager to learn, grow, and is always looking for ways to improve his work
  • Simon Guigue
    Simon Guigue
    Simon Guigue
    Content Editor

    Simon focuses on helping startups improve their products. It implies user research, UX design, graphic design and product marketing. Simon co-founded @Addr
  • Yannick Lescure
    Yannick Lescure
    Yannick Lescure
    Project Manager

    annick is an accomplished Project Manager. He has been working in the several industries since 2008 which makes him a polyvalent asset.
  • Steven Nerayoff
    Steven Nerayoff
    Steven Nerayoff

    Steven Nerayoff is an investor, founder, venture capitalist and a prolific entrepreneur. His Experience includes the formation and operation of several companies in Silicon Valley as well as New York City. He is the founder and CEO of Maple Ventures, a Venture Capital firm primarily focused on emerging technologies including blockchain-based payment systems, consumer focused internet startups, and socially conscious organizations.
  • Jeff Pulver
    Jeff Pulver
    Jeff Pulver

    Jeff Pulver is an American Internet entrepreneur known for his work as founder and chief executive of and co-founder of Free World Dialup, Vonage, MoNage and Zula (app). Pulver has been called a Voice over Internet Protocol pioneer, and has written extensively on VoIP telephony, and the need to develop an alternative to government regulation of its applications laye


  • 1
    Concept Launch
    Official Whitepaper Release
    Concept Software Release

  • 2
    2018 Q1
    Completed Staff and Advisory Roster

    Private Sale Starts
    5,000 ETH raised
    Feb 2 2018

    Marketing Strategy Approval and Launch
    Mar 2018
  • 3
    2018 Q2

    Pre-Sale Launch
    Apr 9 2018

    Alchemist Money Summit
    April 16-20 2018

    London Blockchain Expo
    April 16-20 2018

    Alpha Software Release
    May 2018

    KYC Processing Begins
    May 2018

    First Company Partnership
    Dashub / AXT
    May 1 2018

    Completion of First Media / Promo Kit
    May 2 2018

    Community Event
    May 4 2018

    Clears Targeted User Base:
    10,000 KYCs completed
    June 2018
  • 4
    2018 Q3

    Clears Targeted User Base:
    25,000 KYC completed
    June 2018

    Beta Launch
    Sep 1 2018

    Network of 10 Companies Partnered with CLEARS
    Sep 2018
  • 5
    2018 Q4

    Beginning of Public Sale
    Oct 1 2018

    Agents Onboarding Starts with Marketing Around the World
    Oct 1 2018

    Public Sale Ends
    Oct 26 2018

    Clears Targeted User Base:
    50,000 KYCs completed
    Oct 31 2018

    Establish Clears Certification Professionals Network in:
    San Francisco/San Jose
    New York City
    Buenos Aires
    Los Angeles
    Kansas City
    Tampa/St. Petersburg
    Tie: Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and Austin, Texas
    Dec 1 2018

    CLRS Mobile Apps Launch
    Dec 31 2018
  • 6
    2009 Q1

    Product Launch
    Feb 1 2019

    Clears Targeted User Base:
    100,000 KYCs completed
    Mar 2019
  • 7
    2019 Q2

    Clears Targeted User Base:
    200,000 KYCs completed
    May 31 2019
  • 8
    2019 Q4

    Clears Targeted User Base:
    500,000 KYCs completed
    Dec 31 2019

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