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CheckitsReal (CIR) ICO Review – ICO Token News


The checkitsreal platform is live. checkitsreal has active clients, and the client list is growing daily. checkitsreal is founded and backed by an amazing team of very serious and highly experienced entrepreneurs, security specialists and technology geniuses. Every member of our senior team has more than twenty years’ experience in their specialist field. We take a very direct, no nonsense approach to business. We have a passion for and enjoy what we do. The checkitsreal model is brilliantly simple, with two global patent’s pending. We generate a unique tag for every single product. The type of tag we use depends on the requirements of the manufacturer. We use QR codes for mass produced products, including sun cream, cosmetics and baby food. For other products we use a proprietary hologram which (for example) is used in clothing, sports shoes, and perfume. We also use NFC (near field communications) chips which can be imbedded into products, like designer handbags, electronic goods, watches and high value pharma products.

Each checkitsreal tag is unique, containing code which only our app can read. The hologram and NFC chips are impossible to copy, with the NFC tag having additional security features due to its two-way communications capability. The consumer simply scans the checkitsreal tag using their mobile device. Our app verifies if the tag is a genuine and then extracts the product details from our blockchain database. If the code is valid, the details of that product are displayed on the mobile device, allowing the consumer to validate the authenticity of the product.

How it works?

We send checkitsreal tags (QR codes, holograms or NFC chips) to our registered clients. The tags themselves are unique, in that each code is destined to be associated with one single item. Multiple codes (each unique) may be used for the same item. As example, a packet of medicine may have a unique QR code on the box, another unique QR code on the product leaflet (inside the box) and a third unique QR code printed on the foil packaging of the medication blister pack. Our tags can carry many data items pertaining to each product.

As example, we can carry product expiry dates, storage instructions or indeed the product record can later be appended within the blockchain database with additional information, as may be the case whereby a manufacturer issues a product recall notice. checkitsreal tags can form part of the supply chain process for the manufacturer and the point of sale process for the retailer. When a consumer is looking at a product, they simply scan the checkitsreal tag using the app on their mobile device. The mobile app performs several verification steps, and then displays the product information associated with that specific tag to the consumer on their device (assuming it is a valid checkitsreal tag). The consumer then visually validates the product information from the app against the physical product to make the determination.

Checkitsreal performs several checks to ensure that codes are not duplicated. One of these is the auto-lock feature. Once a product is sold, and (as in the example above) if the codes on the insides of the package are scanned, the QR code is auto-locked. The QR code can be scanned any number of times from the purchaser’s device, and will come up valid each time, but if that same code is scanned by any other device it will come up as invalid. There are many other parameters which are used by our app to validate the authenticity of the codes and we use several AI algorithms to assist in this process.

The Two Brands

Checkitsreal has two separate brands, both of which use the same technology architecture. checkitsreal is our ubiquitous brand, applying to all products. Our verifymymeds brand is specifically for medicine. Whilst the technology is basically the same, we take a slightly different approach with verifymymeds. Fake meds are a 110$ billion annual industry and one million people lose their lives each year as a result of counterfeit medication. We are on a mission to reduce that number.


  • Focused exclusively on eliminating
  • counterfeit medicine Smaller app and off-line use
  • App records no data from the device to preserve anonymity
  • Conforms to FDA, DSCSA and GxMP standards


  • Ubiquitous solutions which can apply to any product
  • Extendable app to deliver additional functionality
  • Records data from device
  • Gives each user their own ID and QR code for auto registration purposes

How the CIR Tokens Work?

Checkitsreal’s customers are product manufacturers. We have customers from almost every sector, including pharma, electronics, apparel, foodstuffs, luxury goods and infrastructure. Manufacturers engage with us to implement our solution into their production process. We deliver these services and software to manufacturer, along with a continuing supply of checkitsreal tags. These tags can be QR codes, BFC/RFID chips, holograms or indeed a combination of all. Manufacturers pay for our services, software and tags in CIRTokens. This is a specific utility token which we have created which is based on the Ethereum ERC20 token standard.

We will issue a finite number of CIRTokens which will be continually bought and sold in the market. When a manufacturer wishes to pay us, they purchase CIRTokens from the market. They transfer these tokens to us, as payment for our software, services and tags. checkitsreal then resells these CIR ICO Tokens back to the market to exchange for FIAT currency, which we use to pay our own business and staff costs. This continual buying and selling of CIRTokens will create a very healthy level of market liquidity.

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  • Charlie Sherlock
    Charlie Sherlock
    Charlie Sherlock
    Founder and CEO
    Charlie has led and / or been involved in six separate software start-ups in Dublin, Tel Aviv and California, with successful exits in same totalling $115m.

    Charlie has been in IT for all his working life and has held many senior global commercial positions, with a focus on inventing solutions and bringing them to market.
  • Christopher Karatzinis
    Christopher Karatzinis
    Christopher Karatzinis
    Co-Founder and CIO
    With over 25 years software experience, Christopher has been a founding director of three technology solution companies.

    Christopher is regarded as one of the top technologists in Ireland and is a recognised expert in all areas of software development, blockchain and cyber security.
  • Martin Wickham
    Martin Wickham
    Martin Wickham
    A former CIO of Esat Telecom and BT, Martin, a Six Sigma black-belt, is a recognised internationally for his strategic

    vision and his ability to build highly effective technology groups who deliver.

    Martin acts as mentor to many international CIO’s and COO’s. His international experience includes senior positions in Apple, Gateway and Ascend/Lucent.
  • John Hand
    John Hand
    John Hand
    SVP, Architecture and Technology
    John’s prior role was as Head of Global Data Architecture and Information Services for HSBC.

    John has been responsible for delivering $100m+ projects into 70 countries and has managed up to 4,500 IT Professionals at any one time. His expertise on technology scaling, performance, payments systems, network architecture, commercial negotiations and standards are a significant addition to the team.
  • Liz Sherlock
    Liz Sherlock
    Liz Sherlock
    Currently CFO for Cruatech, Liz’s prior financial experience was primarily in the financial services world, with previous senior roles in Ulster Bank, Bisys and Bank of Ireland.
  • Ron Immink
    Ron Immink
    Ron Immink
    VP Corporate Communications
    Ron is entrepreneur-in-residence for Sustainable Nation and has worked all over Europe and the USA with a variety of clients, including the Irish government, EBRD, ILO, OECD, Arizona State University, DCU, UCD, ICM, RBS, Allianz, Deloitte, AIB, Bank of Ireland, Primark, Enterprise Ireland, Ulster Bank, HP and many more.

    His books focusing on entrepreneurship and strategy have been best sellers in both Ireland and the UK
  • Sean Honan
    Sean Honan
    Sean Honan
    Director, Marketing
    Sean is currently a Director of LinkedGrowth, an independent Digital Marketing firm.

    Sean has over 15 years’ experience of defining and running digital marketing campaigns across multiple digital channels.
  • Gavin McWhirter
    Gavin McWhirter
    Gavin McWhirter
    UK Market Ambassador
    Formerly a senior advisor with Enterprise Ireland, Gavin has over 20 years sales and marketing experience in the UK across multiple business verticals.

  • Georgia Tzampazi
    Georgia Tzampazi
    Georgia Tzampazi
    Customer Services and Compliance Director
    Prior to joining checkitsreal, Georgia was responsible for providing 24x7 global customer support for Microsoft, Compisol and Saasplex.
  • Michalis Pelekanos
    Michalis Pelekanos
    Michalis Pelekanos
    Blockchain Architect
    With over 15 years’ experience in technology architecture, Michalis is a recognised expert in Blockchain technology and is a lead consultant to several cryptocurrency providers.
  • Stratos Zolotas
    Stratos Zolotas
    Stratos Zolotas
    Director IT Systems, Networks and Security
    Having started his IT career in Telecoms in 1998, Stratos has been involved in deploying a multitude of complex IT architectures. In addition to his IT roles, Stratos is a part time lecturer and mentor on cyber security
  • George El Aily
    George El Aily
    George El Aily
    Strategic Advisor
    George is one of the foremost businessmen in Lebanon and is the holder of multiple global patients.

    George is the founder of a number of international telecommunications and medical companies, including Kleos and Spectronite.


  • 1
    May 2018

    Pre-ICO launch and complete
    Secure additional team resources (Sales/Marketing; R&D)
  • 2
    June 2018

    • ICO Launch and Complete
    • Establish new office location
    • Commence development of additional applications
  • 3
    July 2018

    • Sales team setup
    • Marketing director appointed
    • V3 of apps launched on Play Store and iTunes
  • 4
    2018 August

    • Secure major customers in Pharma / Luxury goods and food
    • Extend app development team
    • Launch checkitsreal Blockchain v3
  • 5
    Sep 2018

    • Launch full checkitsreal ID service
    • checkitsreal ID portal launch
    • Integration with key manufacturers CRM systems
  • 6
    Oct 2018

    • Major verifymymeds customer launch
    • Working with specific governments, verifymymeds becomes a standard in certain countries
  • 7
    Nov 2018

    • # codes issued crosses 5m mark
    • checkitsreal track and trace functionality deployed
    • Websites updated with greater content and dashboard functionality
  • 8
    Dec 2018

    • # codes hits 10m mark
    • Client base hits +20
    • Key partnerships established with AI technology companies

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