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Bitmag (BTM) ICO Review – ICO Token News



BITMAG is an ecosystem that consists of: BTM Exchange, BTM Connector, and BTM Marketplace. Users will be able to keep hundreds of different digital currencies in just one wallet. Users can deposit different types of cryptocurrency or fiat currency into their account on BTM Exchange and create different altcoin wallet addresses allowing them to receive, store and keep track of their altcoin transactions.   Users can send money to friends, partners, or pay for services using the Hub Exchange. This function will help users to manage transactions, recipient addresses, and to track their transactions via the – explorer of the Ethereum blockchain.

BTM Connector

BTM Connector  is a platform to make and win BTM tokens easy and fast. You will be able to play based browser games and download mobiles games where prize will be a lot of Bitmag coins. Another way to earn Bitmag coins is using Bitmag App where people will watch videos, download differents apps and completing surveys. Bitmag will organize different contests and mini championships with prizes in BTM coins.

BTM Marketplace

Shopping  is easy with low transaction fees, complete transaction transparency, and safety features such as escrow and rating system. BTM marketplace will offer a wide variety of products – everything from a needle to a train. What happen when you order  something from BTM Marketplace and you will pay the shipping of products with Bitmag coins.  It’s easy and cheaper to pay what you want with just a transaction.   Bitmag will integrate differents stores on  the BTM Marketplace and will be partner  with gaming sites.

BTM Exchange    

Exchange and store all popular digital currencies, safe and easy. BTM Wallet can store more than 100 different cryptocurrencies. Any funds you put into the exchange are only used to facilitate trading through your account. Unlike banks, we do not operate on fractional reserves.

ICO Rules

Our token is an ERC20 utility token, and aims to provide social and environmental transformation, where all proceeds will support the development of the software and MVPs currently placed in Romania. BTM token can also be seen as a loyalty token allowing investors to show their The utility tokens are initially distributed in sale (ICO sale) which starts on May 1 and lasts until May 29 at midnight CET.

A maximum of 1 million BTM tokens are offered during the ICO sale at a price of 600 BTM /ETH. Only payments in ETH are accepted. Bitmag assists parties preferring to participate in the ICO sale with ETHEREUM. If all 1 million BTM were sold in the ICO sale, USD 1.2 million would be raised. Tokens that were not allocated in the ICO sale will be added to the BTM Connector for games rewards and others platforms. 20 milion BTM tokens will be added to BTM Marketplace for coupons and an alternative to payments in stores.


  • Paul Cotori
    Paul Cotori
    Paul Cotori
    Founder and developer
  • Mihai Daniel
    Mihai Daniel
    Mihai Daniel


  • 1
    1-2017 = Bitmag platform and coin creation begins
  • 2
    '20-2017 = Start testing Bitmag coin
  • 3
    20-2018 = BTM Connector creation begins
  • 4
    16-2018 = BTM Marketplace platform desingn begins
  • 5
    1-2018 = First round of ICO sale begin
  • 6
    1-2018 = First round of ICO sale begin
  • 7
    29-2018 = Last Round of ICO sale ends
  • 8
    1-2018 = Bitmag blockchain is released for testing in sandbox and bug testing bounty campaign

  • 9
    15-2018 = BTM Connector Released
  • 10
    4-2018 = Integration of stores on BTM Marketplace
  • 11
    20-2018 = Bitmag will release best phone for gamers
  • 12
    Continued worldwide integration with Bitmag platform on stores, games and any more

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