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BitIndia ICO Token Review – ICO Token News

India is among the countries paying highest amount of bank charges including conversion and cryptocurrency exchange rates both, which require a great deal of time plus patience. The mission and vision behind establishing BitIndia is very much simple, to bring diverse banking manners into the system, enabling everyone to trade their assets in the most streamlined way. BitIndia emboldens the investment in cryptocurrencies, especially in Bitcoins as it thinks that this will surely improve the condition of native economy.

A peek into detail

BitIndia has been designed as a highly progressive cryptocurrencies trading platform and wallet. This enables merchants and investors from all over the world come and participate in Cryptocurrency trading, using local Indian currency. BitIndia trades in four main Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple and Litecoin. Until now, India has only BitIndia as the largest Cryptocurrency exchange platform and wallet.

BitIndia’s Pre-sale schedule

Speaking of 2017, it was started on 11th of September, whereas finished on 30th of the same month. However, there is much to learn and get familiar with before the crowdfunding begins and leads to the end of the sale.

BitIndia aims to offer a podium that creates opportunities for the people to come and trade their respective Indian commodities to the global markets. While performing this, Indian traders are allowed to trade globally and also in virtual currencies.

BitIndia launched its ICO in September 2017 with cheaper tokens and it lasted till 30th of September. BitIndia’s pre-sale tokens are generally more affordable than they are during the actual crowdfunding. BitIndia offers an excellent platform to buy bitcoin online through its ICO

How to participate in BitIndia’s pre-sale

  • On visiting BitIndia’s website, a well-formatted online application form will be presented to you. Fill it up and verify the KYC. KYC verification is a must to become eligible for participation.
  • Remember, deposits are made in Ethereum mostly. Thus, transfer your ETH to the account address of BitIndia and they will allocate the token as soon as your ETH reaches the smart-contract.
  • Note that, My Ethereum and MyEtherWallet are two client-side interfaces for generating Ethereum wallets powering BitIndia, enabling the users to custom-add their token to either of them.

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