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BitAir Token: Is It Worth Investing? Know The Details Here.

Needing a crypto revolution in the way payments are made while on the go

The traveling-related money transfer charges are increasing, and the transaction times are getting way longer than before. During such times, a fresh payment system is needed for allowing individuals, firms, economic agents, and governments to seamlessly transfer money every day without any hassles.

BitAir — a cryptocurrency payment solution designed for next-gen travelers

This new system is built by BitAir—a robust payment platform that is designed on the blockchain Ethereum technology. The platform streamlines on-demand payments, has lower transactional fees, and is secure and fast enough to let buyers perform tour and travel–related services such as making reservations or booking an airline ticket.

In BitAir, users can spend tokens, BTCA, for buying a variety of tourism and travel services. Already a number of passengers have made complex payments within Bitair using BTCA. The team at Bitair has carried out an extensive survey where close to 65 percent passengers have said “Yes” to using BTCA instead of different methods such as bank transfers, cash, and visa.

BTCA is tomorrow’s tourist-centric smart currency

BTCA is a fresh digital currency that will be used between participants such as suppliers and users. BitAir has different incentive programs in place for encouraging more consumers, or travelers, to join the network. BTCA can be used by the tokenholders to buy services and products directly from ATP and other related groups.

This token can be exchanged for buying airport pickup and dropoff services, making hotel reservations, booking tours with awesome promotional offers, etc. By using BTCA, a tokenholder will be making the most of the sophisticated BitAir payment landscape. Some of the benefits of using BTCA include:

  • This token is valid across different jurisdictions that will help retain a specific, uniform method of value.
  • BTCA tokens let in managing incentives for all the users of the BitAir payment system.
  • As BTCAs are blockchain-based tokens, it is simpler, quicker, and safer to perform the settlements inside a smart contract.
  • With a specialized, unique token for tourism and travel, it is easier to provide stability from any extraneous consideration that makes cryptocurrency landscape volatile.

BitAir ICO schedule — knowing the details

  • The BTCA ICO had begun on August 30, 2017.
  • The final day of buying the ICO was on November 16, 2017 (UTC 00:00).
  • From August 30, the first 15 days were dedicated to ICO presale
  • The period from September 15 to November 15 was dedicated to selling ISO public sale.
  • The BTCA tokens are limited to 1,000,000,000 (one billion) units.
  • 70 percent of tokens will be released to the public; the rest will be staying in the possession of BitAir’s owners.
  • After 7 days from the end of ICO, every investor who has participated in the event will be given BTCA tokens in the holder’s wallet.
  • A BTCA token will be easily accepted in exchange for ETH or BTC.
  • 1 ETH = 0.076 BTC = 10,000 BTCA tokens.

Where will the acquired tokens be used?

BTCA tokens will be allocated in the following four groups.

  • BitAir Foundation will take 20 percent of the tokens.
  • The BitAir team will take 10 percent.
  • 15 percent will be reserved for investor presale.
  • 55 percent will be allotted for public ICOs where 40 percent will be earmarked for purchases and 15 percent for bonuses.

So invest in BitAir’s tokens and be part of the journey to transform the payment system for the global travel and tourism industry.

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