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BCharity (CHAR) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Problems leading to the origination of BCharity

The rising gap between poor and rich has been a debatable topic for years across the world. This is why, charity is considered the most generous and smart by the society. Most of us might not have time to sit and think about what significance a charitable act carries or brings forth to the next community that has been the victim of poverty for a long time now. However, this does not change the fact the charity has great impact over social tension, also over the psychological and moral conditions of the society.

Now, the percentage of people, who could look beyond and see the real problem that exists in the sphere of philanthropy is almost 0. However, that sure is a matter of common sense though – Why would someone from non-philanthropy market want to invest his time in finding out what’s wrong and what’s right with the system? So, here’s where some enthusiasts and active philanthropists have come up with –

  1. They say, there are no or only a few international platforms that provide opportunity for doing charities internationally.
  2. The second problem says, language has always been one of the primary barriers when you come to do charity internationally. This is rather a restriction, which have bothered many philanthropy enthusiasts as well as active philanthropists across the globe.
  3. The third problem talks about dearth of charitable organizations in certain regions, cities and countries around the world with what philanthropy enthusiasts could meet and greet and make a way for smooth charity.
  4. The fourth problem follows in fact the big problem. With technological revolution, the market has seen development of blockchain technology and the gradual growth of cryptocurrency into several industries worldwide has resulted in parting the charity world way from world of cryptocurrency.
  5. The fifth problem says that the existing ecosystem of charity market is low in confidence. There is a growing uncertainty regarding proper and efficient utilization of funds collected through different charities. There are numbers of cases that show the history of fraudulence by organizations.
  6. The last problem talks about those small charitable funds and organizations that have interest to do charity, but not sufficient platforms to make it happen. All these collectively make a strict barricade that has led to the origination of BCharity.

Bcharity Intro

BCharity is the solution to all these surviving problems in the charity industry. This is in real a blockchain-based platform (similar to other ICO tokens such as DateCoin, ORCA, Bitnation, Cappasity, Lotuscore, DIW, Koios, XYO) or you can otherwise call it an enterprise itself with extensive team of specialists. Leveraging on latest blockchain technology, this very enterprise is on bridging the ecosystem of charity. A brand new ecosystem with NO involvement or engagement of third parties (ripping almost the underserving benefits), no delays and little or no risk of fraudulence. Label it as ‘international exchange platform’ that works within a blockchain network (like other ICOs such as BunnyToken, Seal, Streamity, Upline, DenCity, BitRewards, COTI, StealthGrid). The concept behind this astuteness is to address the problems of charity industry effectively. From eliminating language barrier to offering charity platforms to those un-facilitated regions or countries, BCharity stands as the one outperformer amidst millions of performers.

BCharity: Review and Analysis

While charity has come out as an essential, irrespective of any society or country, hence individuals and organizations, tending to do some charities, must be given all the possible means for an effective progression. This enterprise aims to push charity industry to the next level by aggregating all important requirements and processes onto a single point of contact. BCharity will rather serve as an all-inclusive platform for processing your offshore/inshore charity activities seamlessly and effectively.

The founders of the enterprise by now have shown quite a success at their very motto. By encompassing, all the necessary connectivity in order to enable various charitable and funds organizations to use the exchange at nominal cause, they truly are doing an applaudable work. Consider it as the longest step towards bolstering the charity industry. On this date, Cryptocurrency industry is growing stronger, faster and better than our conventional one.

If you are a philanthropy enthusiast and thinking to bring difference, in a supposed poverty-stricken region based-out internationally, join BCharity right away as it facilitates you with all possible and pre-requisites. Skeptics come out with many criticism and hardly do they hamper the ones with good motive. They say, most big enterprises and corporations come up with ‘charity’ concept, so they can skip taxes and get fame instead through donations. Using the act as sort of marketing, they attract traffic. Well, BCharity has a brilliant counter-attack for that matter – they say, if an act’s ultimate result brings positive and motivating change in the society, no otherwise reason matters in real.


You might have no idea that 85% of the charitable acts are done just because someone asked for it. BCharity has a line to attract more and more un-asked, but willing donations by providing individuals with platform to display their story. Speaking of the market size of charitable industry, there’s actually no concrete statistics available. Approximate 1.5 million NGOs are registered and active within the US market. Last year, there was a raise of 390 Billion USD in the charitable market of the US.

Bcharity features

Why is BCharity project a better solution that others?

A drastic acceleration of information accessibility, technological advancements and capabilities and consciousness has brought the world to a tipping point. Well, the worse thing is that humanity, at the same time, humanity is going through a dire situation. World’s a major part is still poverty-stricken or human lives are living by the shore of natural catastrophe, while the smaller portion is looking through a new window at the new world.

Financial markets have seen the rise of an absolutely disruptive market, i.e. blockchain-enabled Charity Market. It has made a fundamental shift in the conventional arena, providing innovative solutions to its existing and imminent problems. Things are changing today with new models and modifiers sourced in the blockchain-based marketplaces.

This platform is up to transforming global charity into a new form and design. With the integration of cryptocurrency, any marketplace automatically enhances their potential to grow stronger and constructive across their communities. BCharity helps open a door to offshore/inshore charities from the world’s future generation of wealth and asset class. For the cryptocurrency industry being ungoverned or unassociated with high street financial institutions and government of the state, there is little or no chance for your transaction to be cancelled at any point of time in a year. In addition to this, you’ll experience much improved and heightened service such as instant transfer and immediate impact over those, who are in need.

How does investing in this BCharity solution benefit you?

Being positioned as a universal exposure, this platform prides itself in integrating with innovations and world’s most disruptive technology ‘blockchain’ for lending help to the humans, who are in dire need of foods, money, sheds and jobs. There is one more reason for BCharity to come up with these ideas – Cryptocurrency is a disruptive marketplace and as you more use it for fulfilling basic needs of life, the farther it reaches out.

To be clearer with BCharity concept, this is a platform to serve the purposes of both the parties – those, who are in need of help and those, who want to help. This is going to work as single point of contact for the world deprived of all the privileges and the asset class, who desire to share a bit of their income with the next. Along with pushing the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide, BCharity has appeared to be the most sorted and well-streamlined means to transform the world.

Team behind BCharity

There’s no innovation unless there’s a team working together and forever. Much has been discussed about what and how BCharity is going to be of any help by far. Time is now to put light on one of the most essential parts of the whole project – The Team. Apart from getting the most of their skills and experience, there is a common protocol that it needs to go by, i.e. to have mutual conclusion of every discussions. Whether it be Vlasislav Kolodistyy (CEO and Founder) of the company or Mike Elnikov (one of the senior project developers), there is an unseen string that has attached every single soul within the organization. Thus, having a mutual conclusion of every discussion is essential.

To talk of their technical skills and industrial proficiency, team has throughout maintained a start-to-end project management. Good thing is, the platform has evolving features. They are never done and dusted, but busy digging heads deep to deeper. Be it developers’ team or team of expert advisors, BCharity has always been backed and pushed by the best of bests.

BCharity: Token Sale – ICO

The quest of ‘how to invest in BCharity’ ends here. Join the ICO and get a chance to be partner of a dynamic marketplace, i.e. BCharity. This is a potential platform to make global charitable donations reach every corner they are intended for without any interventions and slowdown. Whoever is interested to donate or take donations can take a principal part in BCharity and change the current scenario of their surroundings.

Thus, for this to make happen, they have announced ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Without crowdfunding, such an immense project and an evolved idea is impossible to have executed. Moreover, since increasing the adoption rate of Cryptocurrency is also one of their motives, ICO is the only valid, plus advanced mode to circulate the currency. BCharity Token is acronymed as CHAR and developed on Ethereum-based smart-contract.

CHAR Token has been designed and marketed as utility token, which has ERC20 standard and it follows the devaluation model. CHAR is exchangeable with the following cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Classic, Ripple, Monero, DASH, Zcash and Litecoin. Well, as it is mentioned earlier, BCharity has dynamic features, which is quite evident through their plans to accept additional cryptocurrencies too in near future.

Bcharity Fund allocation

Dates and Details

  • Token: CHAR
  • PreICO Price: 1 CHAR = 0.5 USD
  • Price: 1 CHAR = 1 USD
  • Bonus: Available
  • Bounty: Available
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP
  • Soft cap: 5000000 USD
  • Hard cap: 35,000,000 USD
  • Country: UK
  • Whitelist/KYC: KYC

Bcharity Advisors


This platform has been developed as the maiden global charity exchange within blockchain network. On the other hand, this very charity exchange platform is trying to take the charitable donations to the tipping point by streamlining all the essential processes to an ultra-smart single-point-of-contact. On a successful deployment of this plan, people, who are in need and who want to donate, can be connected easily from any corners of the world. A fundamental change is brewing and the marketplace of charitable donations will be taken to the next level, overcoming all existing imminent problems that have been a barrier so far. So, let’s welcome the disruptive, blockchain-enabled charitable marketplace together!

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  • Vladislav Kolodistyy
    Vladislav Kolodistyy
    Vladislav Kolodistyy
    (CEO and Founder) - BCharity Team Lead, a visionary of technology with the genuine desire to modernize charity.
  • Matthew Guignard
    Matthew Guignard
    Matthew Guignard
    (Co-СEO) - An entrepreneur with experience and desire to make a difference, he will be a communication point of contact and push BCharity forward.
  • Pramod Mendonca
    Pramod Mendonca
    Pramod Mendonca
    (CTO) - A technology expert with more than 15 years of experience. Pramod holds multiple degrees across physics and computer sciences, A Full-Stack Developer with a passion for Blockchain, Pramod can find the answer to whatever is asked of him.
  • Robby Schwertner
    Robby Schwertner
    Robby Schwertner
    (Co-Founder) - Social media influencer and crypto advisor, focuses on building growth for blockchain ventures which provide #ReturnOnSociety - a clear added value for people and cultures across the globe.
  • Roman Prishchip
    Roman Prishchip
    Roman Prishchip
    (Head Developer and Co-Founder) - A professional in the field of technical development of web resources with years of experience. Wide experience in Ruby, JavaScript and Erlang programming languages.
  • Dmitry Maslo
    Dmitry Maslo
    Dmitry Maslo
    (Co-Founder) - An active philanthropist with technical project management experience, actively advising on several IT ventures.
  • Anatolii Shovkovyi
    Anatolii Shovkovyi
    Anatolii Shovkovyi
    (Head Designer) - Controls project Design system & website. Great experience of work in famous companies.
  • Gery Maes
    Gery Maes
    Gery Maes
    (International Business Development) - A Ph.D. of Health Sciences and an international humanitarian. Gery is an international investor with a vast network of philanthropists while also operating a number of health-based businesses globally. Actively involved blockchain applications that will have direct social / economic / health implications.
  • Tony Sousa
    Tony Sousa
    Tony Sousa
    (US Legal Advisor) - With in-depth experience surrounding ICO legislation and operating requirements, Tony will help ensure that all US market opportunities are realized and executed.
  • Jamil Hasan
    Jamil Hasan
    Jamil Hasan
    (Business coach and facilitator) - He currently advises several tokenized companies including Zaahah and the aHa token, Asset Token, Sprizzi, CryptoPolice, Artified, snd Stichting Karuna Foundation.


  • 1
    Birth of the idea of creating BCharity
  • 2
    Study the charity market and preparatory work
  • 3
    Launch of PR campaign, holding of Private Sale
  • 4
    Pre-Sale conducting
  • 5
    Main Sale, MVP presentation, placing a token on stock exchanges the introduction of blockchain technologies
  • 6
    Presentation of the beta version and the beginning of development of a full version of the Product. Meeting with
    the world leaders in the field of charity
  • 7
    Expanding the company's staff, completing the development of a fullfledged version of the product, a security audit
  • 8
    Presentation of the full version of the product, brand
    popularization, marketing and PR campaigns
  • 9
    Development of applications for mobile devices on all operating systems
  • 10
    Geographical expansion of the market expansion, access
    to all kinds of organizations that need charity

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