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Asura Coin (ASA) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Asura World is a self-sustainable eSports platform, which focuses on the community ecosystem as a whole, this in tune creates an ecosystem that will be self-regulated & self-evolving. Fueling Asura World is the ASA Coin, an NEP-5 token which provides a range of functions and utility across the platform. This will be used as a Coin for payments, bets and stakes, and to incentivize the sharing of quality content, professional guides, forum contributions and more. Asura World will provide both free-to-use and paid content. The platform will also offer multiple avenues for members to earn ICO tokens, by hosting tournaments and/or contributing content which provides value to the community.


Online Sports Betting

As the popularity of eSports continues to increase, so does the market for online betting and wagering. Through recent years, we’ve observed a rapid surge in this market, with reported figures showing a whopping USD $649 million of cash bets being wagered on eSports games in 2016. This “official” figure does not account for betting in unregulated markets, which Eilers & Krejcik Gaming estimate to raise the total to USD $5.5 billion dollars in both cash and digital asset (e.g. skin) wagers.

Betting System

Everything in Asura World is focused on improving user experience and maintaining a wonderful community. We aim to involve the community in the decision-making process for as many facets of the platform as possible, gradually phasing it into a truly self-sustainable eSports platform. We want users to experience something new and exciting with each and every activity they participate in – especially in regards to betting and wagering.

Unique Betting Rules

The Unique Betting Rules are the selection of bets available for each match. Traditional betting rules tend to be identical across all online platforms, clearly lacking creativity and depth. Asura World’s rules are more specific to the gaming world, and allow for more depth that resonates better with gamers. One of the most important factors for a community-focused platform like Asura World is the ability to listen to the community, as well as carrying out their collective wishes. With Asura World eSports betting, we encourage members to submit their own creative betting ideas under “Community Center ”. Members submitting their bets are advised to include written details, and in-game examples where possible. This is to prevent any misinterpretation in the case that Asura World implements it as a winning selection.

Live Streaming

Asura World will provide a one-stop shop for everyone to watch their tournaments live and free-of-charge. Users can maneuver through the streams by simply clicking on the game titles shown below. Clicking on “League of Legends” will automatically change the stream to League of Legends content, and so on. Asura World live streams directly from Twitch for Dota 2, LoL, and CSGO, KoG is streamed directly from Chinese portals instead. During times when there are no active tournaments, Asura World will replay footage from previous tournaments, or play other game-relevant material.


Protecting sensitive personal information is highly important in today’s digital age. As we have seen in other cases, without proper security in place, anybody with the correct set of skills is able to access sensitive information, and cause a host of complications amongst users of the platform8. A platform that operates using any form of sensitive user information must have adequate levels of data security in place, to eliminate unauthorized access. By leveraging the use of NEO blockchain technology, the security of the Asura World platform is improved considerably over traditional centralized systems. Blockchain can remove human error, make data records tamper-proof, and create a trustless system for worry-free transactions. Asura World also seeks to integrate a new DNS Security Extension (DNSSEC) to protect users from being misled to malicious fake websites. This new protocol verifies the authenticity of the website, in this case, Asura World, and makes sure the user reaches the website they’re actually trying to reach. Asura World utilizes the NEO public ledger to store digital certificates, public keys and other authentication data. When requested, this data will be verified and compared to the data provided by the website through the DNSSEC protocol.  To know current trend of ICOs, you can check ICO stats.


A total of 1 billion ASA Coins will ever be created. To achieve the development goals set by the Asura World team, we intend to allocate these 1 billion coins as follows:

Public Sale – 65% of ASA Coins (650,000,000) will be available for purchase during the presale. With bonuses at different stages that accommodate to all investor interests.

Growth & Betting Reserve – 25% of ASA Coins (250,000,000) will be for the referral programand to leverage strategic partnerships with key companies to grow the Asura World network. The Asura World team will seek to run contests with prizes awarded in Asura Coins.

Team – 10% of ASA Coins (100,000,000) will be allocated to the Asura World core team and advisors, to align the team with project delivery



  • Peter Shen
    Peter Shen
    Peter Shen
    CEO / Co-Founder

  • Eman Abdollahi
    Eman Abdollahi
    Eman Abdollahi
    COO / Co-Founder

  • Haoyang Feng
    Haoyang Feng
    Haoyang Feng
    CTO / Technical Lead

  • Nathan Frater
    Nathan Frater
    Nathan Frater
    Marketing Manager / Growth Strategist

  • Steven Ngov
    Steven Ngov
    Steven Ngov
    Web Developer / Digital Specialist

  • Dang Tie Peng
    Dang Tie Peng
    Dang Tie Peng
    Blockchain Developer / Huawei Nanjing

  • Kang Ji Hye
    Kang Ji Hye
    Kang Ji Hye
    UI/UX Developer / eSport Content Creator

  • Huang Pan Ding
    Huang Pan Ding
    Huang Pan Ding
    Betting Odds Statistician / ZTE Nanjing

  • Stuart Feigin
    Stuart Feigin
    Stuart Feigin
    Honorary Advisor / Oracle / 5th Founding Member of Oracle

  • Nick Fujita
    Nick Fujita
    Nick Fujita
    Advisor / City of Zion Contributor / Crunchyroll

  • Christopher Obereder
    Christopher Obereder
    Christopher Obereder
    Advisor / Forbes 30 under 30 / / Savedroid / Naga

  • Richard MacDonald
    Richard MacDonald
    Richard MacDonald
    Advisor / Social Entrepreneur / Founder of Alexanders


  • 1
    1st Quarter 2018
    - Demo ver 1.0 Alpha / Live Streaming & Unique Betting section
    - First Video Call meeting with NEO Shanghai
    - NEO NEP-5 Smart Contract Development Commences
  • 2
    2nd Quarter 2018
    - Demo ver 2.0 Alpha Launch / UI / Betting, Streaming, Professional Guides, Community Matchmaking, Tournaments, Community Centre, & Forums
    - Asura World Professional Guides to commence with ranked Dota 2 players RAIN & WRATH
  • 3
    April 2018
    - Asura World CEO @ Amsterdam NEO DevCon
  • 4
    May 2018
    - Whitelisting / KYC
    - Asura Coin Token Sale

  • 5
    3rd Quarter 2018
    - Smart Asset Management for Asura World
    - Asura World Betting Alpha Launch / Testing Module
    - Asura World Forum, Community Centre, Voting system Alpha implementation / Testing Module
    - Asura World Guides Post Production and ready for implementation
  • 6
    4th Quarter 2018
    - Asura World Professional Guides Implementation
    - Asura World Tournament Pre-Alpha Testing
    - Asura World Matchmaking Pre-Alpha Testing / Dota 2 & League of Legends API testing
    - Asura World Betting & Live Stream BETA Launch
  • 7
    1st Quarter 2019
    - Asura World platform Beta Annoucement
    - Asura World First Monthly Tournament
    - Asura World first custom bet voting launch
  • 8
    1st Quarter 2019
    - Asura World platform Beta Annoucement
    - Asura World First Monthly Tournament
    - Asura World first custom bet voting launch

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