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ArchiCoin (ARCHI) ICO Review – ICO Token News


ArchiCoin is a distributed storage that using the stable cryptography. Instead of a centralized server, the file system is formed by an unlimited number of servers in the Internet. Anyone can provide his or her disk space to participate in the unified world system of the protected data storage. ArchiCoin keeps all data in the encrypted form. Access to the user files is realized through the private key. No one except the owner can get access to the information downloaded in the network. ArchiCoin allows to safely store, exchange or monetize any structured data. ArchiCoin is scalable and ready for large data. When you upload a file to the ArchiCoin network, it is divided into parts, then these parts are encrypted and sent to a swarm of peers. Nobody stores the whole file, even in an encrypted form. Such method of data storage has obvious advantages over keeping data on a local server. Server with data can be hacked, closed, blown up or confiscated by the court’s decision. Nothing of these can happen to the swarm of peers. The advantage of the system is a possibility of storing both unstructured and structured data. All files will be indexed with the help of blockchain and distributed in the ArchiCoin network. The user can also create containers where the data will be distributed. It allows the creation of distributed database. In addition to data storage, ArchiCoin offers a secure access to the user information without interacting with a third party. No one needs to keep records about the user files or information necessary for authorization, so only the owner has an access to data and decryption. Companies are spending billions to share personal or regulated data safely. They are looking for various management methods of flexible access to data. It is realized through smart contracts that allow adjustment of access to data without fear of leakage.

Use of the product

Corporate Use  – ArchiCoin offers a full range of services for the corporate block of clients and guarantees complete safety of commercial information that will avoid costs when data is hacked or stolen, a quick access to data and integration with the company’s systems at a price which is 10 times lower than the market price. ArchiCoin also makes possible a group access to the files, ensuring complete confidentiality and safety. It allows optimization of business processes connected with operating activities of the company.

General users use – ArchiCoin can also be used by simple Internet users who want to have fast, stable and protected access to their personal files, to documents all over the world with confidence that their personal information cannot be given to third party, requested by the court’s decision or used for commercial purposes. Nowadays it is almost impossible to find offers, which can ensure proper protection of the personal information, integration with the systems, which are comfortable for the user, distributed storage, and confidence that no one has an access to the document except for the user.

Token and Token Sale

For internal calculations the system introduces the ARCHI token, which will become the main accounting unit and means of payment for the data storage. For the support of the blockchain work computing power of miners is required. Miners will receive a reward in ICO tokens. The general principle is analogous to the well-known methods of forming blocks and emission and it works on a PoW system. After launching, the distributed cloud storage system will function entirely through the ArchiCoin system. The payment for space of the storage, internal tariff and deposit on space for the storage will be performed only by the system. However, taking into account the feature of the technology of our blockchain, we cannot release the independent ArchiCoin because it will only appear after the launch of the blockchain, and will be operational only on our own blockchain. So, we will release the token ARCHI in the Ethereum blockchain, which after the launch of our blockchain we will exchange for ArchiCoin in proportion of 1 to 1. ARCHI token performs only temporary functions and is created only for the period till we have established our own blockchain. Still, ARCHI token is a 100% utility token, that, once it is distributed to buyers, can be immediately used on our Ethereum blockchain platform, for purchase of platform services.

The zero stage, closed presale, was held from 01.12.2017 to 10.02.2018. It put for sale 40 mln ARCHI at a discount of 75% from the price of Token Sale with the price of $0.005. The first stage, Pre-sale, will be held in June 5 –July 5 2018. It will put for sale 70 000 000 ARCHI at a discount of 50% from the price of Token Sale, and it will be $0.01. These funds will be used for advertising and marketing. The second stage, Token Sale, will be held in July 5 – September 13 2018. It will put for sale 1 250 000 000 ARCHI at the price of $0.02. Collected funds will be used for launching of the ArchiCoin blockchain, further distribution of ARCHI will occur through the mining. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.


  • Kairat Egemberdiev
    Kairat Egemberdiev
    Kairat Egemberdiev
    CEO Archicoin
  • Nathan Adamson
    Nathan Adamson
    Nathan Adamson
  • Ilia Ni
    Ilia Ni
    Ilia Ni
    Frontend developer
  • Andrey Novikov
    Andrey Novikov
    Andrey Novikov
    Software developer
  • Dmitry Peregudov
    Dmitry Peregudov
    Dmitry Peregudov
    Security System
  • Vladimir Bobrov
    Vladimir Bobrov
    Vladimir Bobrov
    Backend developer
  • Nikolay Popandopulo
    Nikolay Popandopulo
    Nikolay Popandopulo
    Senior Business Solution Architect | SAP

  • Vladimir Malakchi
    Vladimir Malakchi
    Vladimir Malakchi
    Marketing expert

  • Anatoly Bordyugov
    Anatoly Bordyugov
    Anatoly Bordyugov

  • Davlet Dzhakishev
    Davlet Dzhakishev
    Davlet Dzhakishev
    Software engineer

  • Dr. Animesh Baruah
    Dr. Animesh Baruah
    Dr. Animesh Baruah
    ICO expert


  • 1
    September - December 2017
    Start of the developments
    Preparation for closed pre-sale
    Announcement of closed pre-sale
  • 2
    December 2017 - January 2018
    Carrying out Closed pre-sale
    Preparation for Pre-ICO
    Announcement of Pre-ICO
  • 3
    February - March 2018
    Carrying out Pre-ICO
  • 4
    February - March 2018
    Preparation for ICO
    The development of a demo version and its demonstration
  • 5
    April - May 2018
    Carrying out ICO
  • 6
    May - June 2018
    The output of the token on the stock exchange and strengthening its exchange rate
  • 7
    June 2018
    The development of a stable product version
  • 8
    September 2018
    The Demonstration of a stable version
  • 9
    September – October 2018
    Transition into Open-Source mode

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