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AliCoin (ALI) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The world of e-commerce and auctions is evolving real fast. However, with that evolution come tons of roadblocks to greater efficiency, improved transparency, and higher security. So, overall, there has to be something that should enable e-commerce to keep up with this fast evolution. Then only the entire vertical will be revolutionized.

That is where blockchain kicks into action. When blockchain meets e-commerce, the consumers will not only see a rise in efficiency, transparency, and security but also experience lowered cost. And the developers behind Aligato—an auction-sale platform—is successfully bringing blockchain to e-commerce. That integration will happen seamlessly in the coming time; and with that, this team will create a next-gen platform that’s got AliCoin cryptocurrency at its core.

In short, with this platform, the consumers will experience the sheer value that blockchain can bring to the e-commerce landscape. Put simply, the idea of the project sure sounds interesting. Which is precisely why, we’ve reviewed this groundbreaking project for you all. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s see what we found during our review.

AliCoin analysis

Referred to as Aligato 2.0 project, this one brings blockchain at its core just to revolutionize the world of e-commerce once and for all. Since it’s having blockchain, this platform can be thought of as an updated version of the popular trading ecosystem that kicked into operation in 2016.

The Aligato 2.0 platform’s brand-new e-commerce dimension will operate on blockchain. Also, AliCoin will be used for monetizing every transaction happening on the network. All in all, the ecosystem is engineered with an aim to create a global digital payment system with its own crypto coin.


The team working on this project has the primary mission to become a trusted, reliable, professional company that’ll make online transactions simpler, faster, and securer for the e-customers. With blockchain and its well-built algorithms, this e-commerce portal will add speed and security to every single on-the-network transaction.

Aligato 2.0’s beta version has been successfully launched, and the team’s working quite hard to unveil it in different foreign markets. For making the international launch a success, the team is planning to bind the platform’s different operations with the blockchain. So if that happens, the consumers will experience the full power that’s packed inside a robust blockchain network.

The team believes that using blockchain to streamline transactions is just part of the story. Besides streamlining the transactions and raising user safety, this ecosystem will base a lot of its operations on blockchain. For instance, you can think of logistics—which is integral to e-commerce—being based on blockchain.

So, that way, this platform has serious potential to disrupt a range of e-commerce operations—well, that’ll definitely be neat. Whenever that happens, the project will get top ICO ratings for sure and will be counted among the best ICOs to invest. Well, we simply can’t leave this phase without discussing the team that’s working on the project.

This team is great because it includes a mix of talented players. Right from IT strategist and web developers to blockchain-cum-cryptocurrency enthusiasts and hardcore technologists, this project is backed by really talented people. Because of that only, the project has managed to meet all its milestones on time up till now. Best of all, the team is active on social media channels as well—whether it’s Medium, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Telegram, or Reddit, the project’s team is unlocking the full potential of every social channel.

So, since we’ve dealt with the basics of this project, let’s get down to all the points that make this blockchain-based e-commerce portal stand out in every way.

AliCoin innovation

Innovation is one of the building blocks for any blockchain-backed project. That’s precisely why the value of innovation has never been kept on the back burner by the developers working on AliCoin. The project’s team is seriously committed to delivering not only the best but also the most innovative e-commerce network built on blockchain.

In this section, we’ll explain the different points that make this blockchain-powered project innovative and highly investible. Let’s get right into it.

AliWallet—the new eye-protected wallet

On using this e-commerce portal, the users-cum-investors will be able to access the robust AliWallet mobile app. The app will be completely safe for the users to store their coins owing to the robust security systems used within this revolutionary wallet. Storing the digital assets in this wallet for a long space of time can easily let the users earn profits as well.

This wallet uses the radical Pay via Eye (PvE) technology, and the app can even be used for paying for different products and services worldwide. Also, this all-new PvE tech is incorporated into the system for allowing the users to verify all the transactions without even taking out their cards. Plus, since it uses eyes for making the payments, the tech—and even the native wallet—is taking the security part to the next level.

Putting AI innovation to the core

Doubtlessly, AI is changing the way a lot of businesses work these days. And that’s what the core developers on this project know very well; they know the value of deep learning and AI, and that’s why they’re using these tech principles on Aligato 2.0. By implementing these concepts on this platform, the development team is improving user experience and shopping efficiency by a wide margin.

Through AI alone, the system will streamline the purchase and sale processes. The tech will allow the system to remember all the customer preferences; that’s how the platform can even adjust the offers as per those preferences. Last but not least, when such revolutionary pieces of tech are incorporated, any e-commerce portal will find it simple to publish auctions or any other sale offer. It’s just a matter of entering a couple of parameters; once it’s done, the platform will be all set to match the needs of its customers/visitors.

Bringing innovation to logistics

Humans are invaluable in a lot of aspects—but, in some ways of life, tech has successfully replaced humans. And one such area is logistics. This fact is understood well by the core developers who’re working on Aligato. The flagship idea is the development of a system that’ll consist of having completely infallible, automated delivery drones using the platform’s radical solutions. Doing that, the platform can possibly transform spaces such as warehouse surfaces and other renewable or ecological energy sources.

As far as plans go, the concept is available on the market. However, the team has patented its groundbreaking logistics solutions that come packed with a super-innovative approach. Because of that only, the project can possibly leave the whole competition in the dust. However, this logistics solution will need a lot of financial outlays. For that only, the project’s team is relying on this ICO sale so that it gets the funds and even the traction required to implement its future-oriented global vision ASAP.

Truly globalized in every way

The primary goal of the team working on this project is to make the life of every consumer or shopper simpler and easier than ever. By improving the lives of its targeted consumers, the project will be destined to experience high organic growth come what may. If the project runs as mentioned, then it’ll expand its reach and cover a lot of people in the shortest turnaround.

Soon, the project plans to form a lot of big-ticket alliances to begin implementing its groundbreaking idea. Since there’ll be lot of big alliances and partnership coming its way, the project will definitely gain investor trust in the very beginning. By forming these robust alliances alone, the team believes that it’ll make the project’s scope global in every sense of the word.

Safety and transparency

Whenever blockchain gets involved in a business idea, that concept becomes safer and more transparent than ever. Well, the same thing goes for Aligato 2.0. The project’s transparency and safety go to the next level since its every aspect has been planned to get linked with the project’s underlying blockchain.

Further, the ecosystem’s digital currency—AliCoin—is built on completely decentralized blockchain technology. That way, every single transaction happening on the platform will be transparent and safe while remaining super effective and efficient. Because of all this, the platform’s transparency and safety will be top-notch without fail.

Because of these factors only, the project will be highly innovative and will be head and shoulders above the competition. Now, for claiming part of that innovation, you have to participate in the project’s ICO sale. So, let’s know how AliCoin will be sold during its ICO campaign.

AliCoin ICO

AliCoin is a fully decentralized digital currency that’s operating on robust blockchain that empowers the Waves network. This digital currency is the vision of the team that’s working on this platform. In the coming time, the team behind the platform will allow its users or investors to use fiduciary currencies as well.

However, since a large part of this platform is based on blockchain, it’ll be designed to let clients become comfortable using AliCoin—a currency that’s engineered to be fully safe and superfast. The chief aim of these ICO eventspresale and main crowdsale—is to raise enough funds that’ll accelerate the platform’s development and globalize its offerings.

fund allocation and ico token

ICO facts and figures

  • Ticker: ALI
  • Platform: Waves
  • Token price: 1 ALI = USD 0.80
  • Total tokens to be minted: 100,000,000 ALI tokens
  • Minimum buying amount: 1 ALI token
  • Accepted currencies for payments: BTC, DOGECOIN, ETH, and LTC
  • Pre–ICO phase: April 20, 2018 (00:00 CET)–May 20, 2018 (00:00 CET)
  • ICO phase: May 21, 2018 (00:00 CET)–June 30, 2018 (00:00 CET)
  • Soft cap: 1,000,000 ALI tokens
  • Hard cap: 70,000,000 ALI tokens
  • KYC: Yes
  • Bonus and discount: Yes

Note: If the project doesn’t meet its soft cap, every invested fund will be repaid to all the investors once the ICO closes. Plus, once the ICO finishes, the unsold tokens will be burned without delay.

Whenever the ICO sale finishes, the token-holders will be given the golden opportunity to easily trade the tokens across the Waves exchange network. Best of all, all the investors who are ready to purchase the tokens early on will be given heavy discounts. So, all in all, it makes all the financial sense to join the sale since the ICO countdown has already started. Now, let’s check out the way this project’s tokens are distributed and the token proceeds are allocated.

ICO distribution

Minting tokens is one thing, but evenly distributing these assets is a whole new ball game. So, let’s see how this project has distributed its tokens.

  • The investors will get 70 percent of the tokens through the presale and ICO sale.
  • Fifteen percent of the tokens are reserved for developing the infrastructure.
  • The project’s advisors get 7 percent of the tokens.
  • Five percent of the tokens are kept in reserve.
  • Last, 3 percent of the minted tokens will be kept as for providing bounties and discounts.

Token proceeds

Apart from token distribution, one other important thing that can either make or break a project is the way the raised funds are allocated.

  • Forty percent of the proceeds will be used for the platform’s improvements.
  • Fifteen percent of the raised funds will be kept for developing the team’s IT infrastructure.
  • Out of all the raised funds, 10 percent of them will be used for building the project’s team.
  • The marketing and promotional activities will get 30 percent of the funds.
  • Five percent of the proceeds will be kept in reserve.

Summarizing AliCoin

Looking at AliCoin, we can say that the project is revolutionary because it’s changing the way e-commerce and auctioning work. And the best part is that the project isn’t just transforming the way transactions happen on such portals; instead, it’s restructuring the way goods move in and around an e-commerce world. All in all, the project has all the right points to be part of your crypto portfolio. However, be a prudent investor and do your own due diligence before making the final investment decision.

If, however, you’re confused about how to buy tokens, then we’ll recommend going through our guide explaining how to invest in ICOs.


  • Adrian Dymarczyk
    Adrian Dymarczyk
    Adrian Dymarczyk
    (CEO, Co-founder, Developer) - Creative and highly motivated Director, with respect for co-workers and customers.
    Experience in building successful company strategy, IT systems, web developer.
    Specialties: Director in building company (industrial automation, air conditioner and electric system), Director in technology company(Web developer, system and server management) , high technology industrial products and solutions, sales of technical products and services B2B and B2C, business research.
  • Bartek Juraszek
    Bartek Juraszek
    Bartek Juraszek
    (Marketing Director, co-founder, Social Media Manager) - Entrepreneur, strongly involved in building and developing new business entities and new business projects. In the years 1997-2001 he managed sales groups and dealt with sales training. In the years 2001 - 2013, he managed companies with foreign capital in manufacturing industries. From 2014, he was associated with the Aligato group as a co-founder of Enthusiast of new technologies and cryptocurrency. Welding and CNC technology specialist. Constructor, designer, contractor. In e-commerce it has been operating since 2011. Hobbistically deals with the psychology of sales and building the image of companies in social media.
  • Katarzyna Dymarczyk
    Katarzyna Dymarczyk
    Katarzyna Dymarczyk
    (Product Manager) - A highly ambitious member of the team. Her specialty is direct sales. Hobbistically deals with cosmetology. A mother of two children.
  • Vasili Simanau
    Vasili Simanau
    Vasili Simanau
    (Web developer, Graphic) - In the Aligato team for 1.5 years, a great graphic designer, web developer and designer in one. Possessing an extraordinary sense to visualize the design, creative, responsible, one of the most important characters in the team.

  • Maciej Dutko
    Maciej Dutko
    Maciej Dutko
    Auditor, adviser, investor
  • Damian Cieślak
    Damian Cieślak
    Damian Cieślak
    (Marketing Co-Director, Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager) - In the team he’s co-responsible for marketing campaign and public relations. He has extensive experience in network and digital marketing, which he combines with investment practice in range of many successful ICO projects. He also specializes in: economics, financial markets, direct selling and social media marketing.
  • Michell Hoduń
    Michell Hoduń
    Michell Hoduń
    (Developer) - Has been working in a development field for more than 10 years. his background also includes 4 years of experience in big systems architecture, and 2 years in Aligato developer team.
  • Kacper Juraszek
    Kacper Juraszek
    Kacper Juraszek
    (Junior developer) - The youngest member of the team wants to become a programmer. Systematically extends his knowledge and supports us in social media.
  • Karol Stadnik
    Karol Stadnik
    Karol Stadnik
    (Product Manager & Promotion Specialist) - Field of study: political science, specialization: journalism, advertisment and promotion. Experience in editing, writing and publishing texts. Another area of his activity is internet marketing. He is passionate about psychology and personal growth incl. business. In free time he likes reading books and playing sports. He is interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
  • Patrycjusz Kaźmierczak
    Patrycjusz Kaźmierczak
    Patrycjusz Kaźmierczak
    (ICO Advisor) - Patrycjusz Kaźmierczak has 5 years of experience in the field of internet marketing, cooperation with people is not unknown to him. Independent investor, observer and consumer in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for 2 years. He focuses on continuous personal development.


  • 1
    Preparation of AliCoin technical background, Start Pre-ICO, preparation for ICO.
  • 2
    Start ICO AliCoin on the Waves market as well as the main method of payment on the beta platform Aligato 2.0 ™. Beginning work on the application AliWallet ™ The presence of AliCoin on binding quotations of cryptocurrencies - CMC and others. Conversations for cooperation with external exchanges.
  • 3
    Creating your own Blockchain based on the Waves network. AliCoin on selected Polish and foreign stock exchanges. Launch of the beta version of AliWallet ™, the beginning of the Proof-of-Stake function.

  • 4
    Implementation of necessary optimization, marketing work on full globalization and the possibilities of the widest possible use of AliCoin as a means of payment.
  • 5
    Aligato 2.0 ™ and AliCoin as Polish competition for global brands in the industry. Work on technical improvements and solutions recommended by our community. AliCoin is everywhere
  • 6
    High-tech works on an autonomous delivery system for drones.
  • 7
    Test platform for delivering drones, working ULA prototype. Obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.

  • 8
    Completion of works on the new headquarters and laboratories of Aligato and AliCoin.

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