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Akaiito (AIC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

In the history, people have been utilizing barter system for selling and buying goods or products. Later the fiat money is invented which is approximately 100 years ago. Today, fiat money is used as a leading source of money. But, surely it is not the last chapter in money turnover history.  Today, cryptocurrencies are considered as a new type of money which is not like goods or any fiat money.

Nowadays, you can see cryptocurrencies are extensively used for investment purpose but it is not widely used by people as a mean of payment and there are many merchants who do not accept these digital currencies. Cryptocurrency is actually representing a distributed and decentralized system of digital money which is based on cryptography. This digital currency of the system can be exchange with fiat money on the basis of the market rate.

Akaiito has come up in the market to resolve this problem by developing a platform that allows users to utilize digital currency for their economic activities.  Similarly, like other ICO  companies such as the Akaiito has also launched its ICO to raise funds for the development and expansion of the project.

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All about Akaiito

Akaiito is complex platform developed on advanced blockchain technology. The platform is specially designed so that people can utilize a new form of money called cryptocurrency in the real world. In short, it gives a unique opportunity of using cryptocurrency for buying goods, cars and apartments and for other different services.

The Akaiito is peer-to-peer platform based on a C2C business model. The platform will utilize its own currency called AIC token and it’s all the deals will be based on Smart contracts.  Akaiito platform model will unite four parts that include

  1. Online Market: for trading goods between users
  2. Rent: cars and apartment rents between users
  3. Services: provision of service between users
  4. Online Map: an overview of entertainment service places, food places, etc. where it is possible to pay with cryptocurrency

Different technologies used in Akaiito

  • Certificate of Safety (SSL)
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Decentralization
  • Smart contracts
  • Mobile availability

Principal and functioning of Akaiito’s online Market

The platform not only provides full integration of cryptocurrency to traditional currency system but also deliver excellent market capitalization efforts. The main principal and functioning of an online market are:

  1. Allow a user to create his/her own account with merchant bureau for product exposure
  2. Clients are allowed to offer any product with the retail selling of as much as 10AIC.
  3. If individuals want to offer things at higher prices than they are required to improve their rating by getting positive reviews/scores after every confirmed and closed deal. The scores should not be less than 7 points out of 10 because this level of scores will be taken as a positive rating of the seller. Every 5 positive score which is not less than 7 will get an opportunity to sell the expensive goods with an addition of 5 AIC to the standard cost.
  4. The calculations will be considered in AIC.  For user convenience, it provides an in-built calculator which will display the price value of any other currency according to the exchange rate

Akaiito Platform for Online Market

This is a major platform of Akaiito which user can use to buy or sell goods by using cryptocurrency. Working process of an online market on the platform:-

  1. Process : The seller will present own merchandise with an estimated price for it. Buyers can search the merchandise and buy it by using cryptocurrency (AIC).
  2. Price:  The rate of a token will be fixed at the time when a buyer is approving to purchase the product.  A seller can choose the fixed price or floating price according to the exchange ( risk of the price going up and down as per the exchange adjustments)
  3. Taxation : The tax will occur as per the user country of location legislation
  4. Reviewing: This review system will be related to both buyers and sellers.
  5. Goods: All goods will be divided into categories to make search easy and convenient
  6. Blocking: Online market Akaiito follow the strict policy when it comes to blocking of illegal goods and authentic user. This will build the trust and confidence among the users.

Akaiito Platform for Online Services

The online service field of the platform is designed for those who really need a help from a specialist and for those who can provide their service to help them.

  1. Service: The key idea behind this concept that services are meant for all different types of works from hairdresser to lawyers.  With this part of the platform, people will able to search help for any field of the life.
  2. Categories:  For convenience and ease of use, services will be divided into different categories
  3. Taxation: Tax will be charged as per the country of location legislation of the user
  4. Price: The token rate will be fixed for the moment when buyer get agree to purchase the good
  5. Reviewing: This system of reviewing will be related to user offering service like same as for user ordering services.
  6. Blocking: The platform‘s online market of services follow the strict policy for blocking the illegal services and dishonorable users.

Akaiito Platform for Online Car Rent

  • It offers a convenient way to use during travelling for car rent
  • The rate of a token will be fixed at the moment when a renter agrees to rent a car
  • A lessor is allowed to choose fixed or floating price as per the exchange.
  • The renter can influence the other reputation by providing review or score after the deal is closed.

Akaiito Platform for Online Map

  • The online map will show the locations with a possibility of paying with cryptocurrency in every city across the world where you will visit
  • This section of Akaiito platform will include cafeterias, restaurants, entertainment, exit rooms, etc.
  • On the bases of a selected category on the map, it will show the location signs with address and list of acceptable cryptocurrencies.

Why to Choose Akaiito

1 – All in One

Provide one single platform through which users can easily use the cryptocurrency in their daily activities.  There are numbers of good applications which are designed for using cryptocurrency in real life. The Akaiito wants to provide a one single powerful platform for massive community.

2 – Safe shopping system 

The platform offers safe shopping experience with trustworthy smart contracts, Deposit system and QR code system. It offers a reviewing opportunity so that users can influence the other users by leaving review or score. But, this can be done only after closing the deal. Smart Contract will utilize to maintain the interests of both parts of the deal.

  • At the time when buying token will be booked
  • When the product is safely delivered to the buyer. The QR code is scanned to confirm that product is successfully delivered to the concerned person and deal can be closed now. After this tokens are transferred to the seller. The whole process shows the purity of the deal.

3 – Low commission

The platform charges small commission fees of 3% in which 1% will be returned back in the form of cash back. So basically commission fee will cost you just 2%

4 – Cash back System

The sellers can enjoy the benefit of cash back of 1% after confirmation of the deal and reviewed. Every buyer who confirmed the deal and review it, a seller will receive cash back of 1% on total purchase of amount.

5 – User-Friendly

You can easily use the Akaiito app on your desktop and smartphone. The users can easily use the Akaiito app from anywhere, anytime on their smartphones and do the payments in cafes and restaurants through cryptocurrency.

What Problems Akaiito Is Resolving?

In the starting of 2017, the total value of the cryptocurrency market was $ 18 billion but in the next year, it shows significant growth of 2000% that indicate the incredible interest of investors and individuals in the crypto industry. Of course, 2017 was the incredible year for the growth of bitcoins and altcoins but still, a community was not ready to accept this rapid growth of crypto. Even, after this huge growth of cryptocurrency, only 5% of crypto holders use them for direct purchase like for payment of goods and services, renting an apartment, etc. The world is moved to a new level of life but not able to utilize the complete benefits of cryptocurrency which leads a huge problem for its owners. In short, the industry is struggling with two main problems that include no long-term development of cryptocurrency, lack of usability of cryptocurrency in mainstream and price volatility.


To resolve these issues, Akaiito brings a unique platform that plays well in filling this difference. This project will connect the digital platform with a traditional market and allow cryptocurrency holders to use their crypto fund for purchasing the real world.  With this platform, users can easily utilize their crypto funds for making payments of online shopping, cars, houses, etc.  Platform features to resolve the problem includes:-

  1. The platform allows reverting crypto money to real product and services
  2. It provides a stable ecosystem through which currency can grow and self-correct as it develops. Creating a highly adopted platform back supported by secure stable growth of AIC toke on market.
  3. Under the decentralized community model, a network of cooperative business and service can easily coordinate with each other like a single unit

The ICO projects are grabbing huge popularity in the market; therefore, Akaiito has also launched its ICO for the quick growth of its project. You should read ICO beginners guide that gives you complete information on how to invest and reap good benefits by ICO. However, if you are seeking for best ICOs to invest then you should have a look at ICO stats and ICO rating that help you in taking a right decision.

ICO Details

  • ICO Starts on : 13thmarch2018
  • ICO ends on : 18th April 2018
  • Maximum (Hard Cap) : 25000 ETH
  • Maximum (Soft Cap) : 1250 ETH
  • Minimum Purchase : 10 AIC = 1000 AIC
  • Price : 1 ETH =1000 AIC

Token Distribution

  • Token amount : 30,000,000
  • Sale of Tokens : Up to 22, 500,000
  • Marketing : Up to 2, 100, 000
  • Bounty Consultants : Up to 9000,000
  • Team : Up to 4, 500, 000

SoftCap- Distribution of Funds

  • Project Development : 60%
  • Marketing : 20%
  • Operational costs : 10%
  • Legal Service : 5%
  • Associated wages : 5%

HardCap- Distribution of Funds

  • Project development : 65%
  • Marketing : 10%
  • Operational costs : 20%
  • Legal services : 2,5%
  • Associated wages : 2,5%


We know how to use our traditional money but most of the cases we are not able to utilize our digital money that comes in the form of cryptocurrency. Now, we are moved to a new qualitative life but still don’t want to use the new resource which can shift us to a new level. Cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to move our life in a better way. This is a reason Akaiito is providing an easy way to start using cryptocurrency in an effective manner like the way you are using your fiat money.

Akaiito is actually a network of a platform that unites everyone by using one single token AIC so that everyone can use cryptocurrency for economical purpose. The platform wants to make cryptocurrency as a mean of payment for buying goods, apartments, renting a car and for different services.  To achieve this mission, Akaiito has launched its ICO to raise funds which they will be utilizing for project development. If you are new in the crypto world but interested to invest in the ICO then you should read how to invest in ICOs that can help you to understand it in a better way.  Nowadays, many companies take the help of airdrops feature to attract investors towards their project.


  • Sergey Brek
    Sergey Brek
    Sergey Brek
  • Vladislav Garbuzenko
    Vladislav Garbuzenko
    Vladislav Garbuzenko
    Lead Developer
  • Ksenia Deina
    Ksenia Deina
    Ksenia Deina
    Marketing Manager
  • Katja Krolova
    Katja Krolova
    Katja Krolova
  • Serhii Yelchenko
    Serhii Yelchenko
    Serhii Yelchenko
    Project Manager
  • Eduard Shultzik
    Eduard Shultzik
    Eduard Shultzik
    Marketing Manager
  • Andrei Tšerednik
    Andrei Tšerednik
    Andrei Tšerednik
  • Tamara Bazylko
    Tamara Bazylko
    Tamara Bazylko
    QA Engineer
  • Muhammad Netto
    Muhammad Netto
    Muhammad Netto
  • Denis Kanavin
    Denis Kanavin
    Denis Kanavin
  • Aleksandr Rakutin
    Aleksandr Rakutin
    Aleksandr Rakutin
    Senior Developer
  • Dmitriy Polozkov
    Dmitriy Polozkov
    Dmitriy Polozkov


  • 1
    February, 2017
    Market Research.
  • 2
    June, 2017
  • 3
    November, 2017
    System build up.
  • 4
    February, 2018
  • 5
    February, 2018
  • 6
    March, 2018
    BETA Version of online market.
  • 7
    July, 2018
    Full BETA version.
  • 8
    December, 2018
    Platform release.

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