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AIDA Service (AID) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Many experts around the world consider corruption to be one of the major problems faced by the ecommerce industry worldwide. Most businesses add 5% to their operational costs for corruption expenses.

Attention Interest Decision Action (AIDA) is a global peer-to-peer service platform without intermediaries. Smart contracts and blockchain technology are used by this platform to effectively eliminate the problem of corruption in the ecommerce industry faced by users, producers, and logistics professionals.

AIDA Service (AID) Analysis

What is AIDA Service all about?

Similar to other ICOs such as SkyChain, BunnyToken, Cryptoneum, Repux etc, AIDA Service is a decentralized automated service that is created on blockchain technology that will systematically unities all the participants of the construction industry and provides the opportunity of exchanging relevant information in a timely and fast manner.

The core development team behind this project has been able to offer affiliate networks with:

  • A tool designed for logistics experts.
  • A tool designed for warehouses.
  • A tool for partners for carrying out earning on sales with the services.

How does AIDA work?

Companies can set up their ecommerce business on the online platform developed by the core development team associated with this project. All the services rendered by this platform will be completed automated. It will enable users and sellers to enjoy a service that will make them spend less in setting up the functions of their ecommerce business. The services on this platform will be easier to use by both sellers and users.

Services provided by AIDA Service

  • Member area of customers.
  • Multilingual and global marketplace.
  • Production management system.
  • Promotional tools for purchase funnel and affiliate network.
  • Warehouse management system.
  • Logistics management system.

What does AIDA Service aim to be?

This platform aims to create a global peer-to-peer service to ecommerce and simplify interactions between suppliers, customers, and logisticians. It will provide automated sale services in ecommerce sectors with intermediaries.

Targeted users of AIDA platform:

  • Customers.
  • Producers.
  • Logisticians.
  • Warehouses.
  • Network partners.

Future prospects of this platform

Currently, this platform aims to solve the problems associated with ecommerce websites dealing with construction materials, but they are fully aware that similar problems exist in other business areas.

The developers of this project are considering entering other market after the process of testing and implementation of the platform. Furniture, equipment, computer hardware, food, etc., are some of the industries that this project aims to capture in the future.

Values and principles

  • The core development team associated with this project aims to create the most usable and effective ways of interacting between the users, sellers and logistics professionals.
  • The management of this platform seeks to keep high quality organizational level of events and projects.
  • Digitalization and ecommerce development.
  • Elimination of corruption and intermediaries between sellers, users, and logistics professionals.
  • Generation of new orders for sellers.
  • Systematically managing orders of the enterprise.
  • Cost optimization.
  • Timely notifications.
  • Security for users and sellers.
  • Planning capability and quality analytics.

What problems is AIDA Service trying to solve?

This platform will try to solve problems associated with the ecommerce business by providing the necessary tools.

  • The platform will solve problems of tracking orders for users.
  • The problems of document circulation for all participants are solved through electronic document circulation.
  • Each user will have a personal account as a tool to plan and carry out its activities.
  • The problem of corruption will be solved using smart contracts and blockchain technology
  • This platform will not charge any subscription fee for the tools to the users of the platform.

How is AIDA Service different than other solutions?

Security and automation are two differences between AIDA Service and other companies providing similar services to their clients. This platform makes use of smart contracts and cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain technology to ensure security and automation of ecommerce businesses around the world.

Token price and token sale

Just like other popular ICO tokens such as Serenity, CoinMetro, Globitex and Lendo, this platform will also issue tokens for public sale during the ICO sale in order to collect funds for the future development of this project.

  • ICO sale start date: February 28, 2018
  • ICO sale end date: May 25, 2018
  • Form of payment for token sale: USD, LTC, BCC, BTC, ETC.
  • Price: 4 AID tokens can be purchased by paying USD1.
  • Unlimited AID tokens can be purchased per person.
  • 100USD and 500USD are the minimum and maximum transaction amount respectively for fiat currency during the ICO sale.
  • 20USD is the minimum transaction amount for cryptocurrencies during the ICO sale.

How to participate in the AID token sale?

The process of participating in the ICO sale is simple just like the sale of other popular ICO tokens. Investors can visit AIDA site and register themselves with a valid email address in order to take part in the ICO sale.


  • 10% bonus will be given to investors who purchase AID tokens during February 27, 2018 to March 25, 2018.
  • 5% bonus will be given to investors who purchase tokens during March 26, 2018 to April 25, 2018.

Tokens distribution

  • 1% of the total tokens will be allocated for bounty rewards.
  • 3% of the total tokens will be allocated for partners.
  • 20% of the total tokens will be allocated for the founders and team associated with this project.
  • 76% of the total AID tokens will be issued for public sale during the ICO sale.

Usage of funds/budget allocation

  • 35% of the funds will be used for the development of the new modules of automation and service development.
  • 35% of the funds will be used for service promotion in different regions.
  • 17% of the funds will be used for administrative expenses for the purpose of developing services in different regions.
  • 8% of the funds will be used for for legal support costs.
  • 5% of the funds will be used for hardware and technical equipment.

The team behind AIDA Service

The core members associated with this project are:

  • Ualikhan Nyssanov, Managing Director.
  • Denis Goncharenko, IT Director.
  • Aizhan Biskembayeva, Commercial Director.


The main objective of this platform and its core development team is to provide its clients with an automated sales platform that is built on Ethereum blockchain technology. This platform will help clients to improve their ecommerce businesses without needing to hire services from any third party or intermediaries. The cutting-edge blockchain technology and advanced smart contracts are used for development of this secure, decentralized, and non-refundable project.


  • Nyssanov Ualikhan
    Nyssanov Ualikhan
    Nyssanov Ualikhan
    (Chief Executive Officer) - Project Architect. Expert in marketing and sales. Entrepreneur since 2010, experience in sales ranges from 1 million dollars.
  • Goncharenko Denis
    Goncharenko Denis
    Goncharenko Denis
    (IT Director, Blockchain expert) -
    Co-founder. IT director. Expert in automation of business processes.
  • Urmagambetov Samat
    Urmagambetov Samat
    Urmagambetov Samat
    (Co-founder) -
    Has built more than 1.2 million square meters of residential and commercial real estate. The founder of the construction holding "Center Group".
  • Kunsakov Arman
    Kunsakov Arman
    Kunsakov Arman
    (Executive Director) -
    Experience: 15 years in sales, management and in project management. Achievements: management of sales of the plant for the production of PVC window and doors profiles.
  • Kulikesheva Dinara
    Kulikesheva Dinara
    Kulikesheva Dinara
    (Web Designer) -
    Experience: 2 years in the IT field. Achievements: work experience abroad (Latvia, Riga), two peaks above 3000 km., Economic and music education. Expertise: UI/UX design.
  • Narimanova Тomiris
    Narimanova Тomiris
    Narimanova Тomiris
    (Web Developer) -
    Experience: 2 years in IT. Expertise: FrontEnd, design.
  • Orazmukhammet Alpamys
    Orazmukhammet Alpamys
    Orazmukhammet Alpamys
    (Blockchain&Smartcontract developer) -
    Experience: 3 years in IT Achievements: The participant of the cryptoSpace conference, the implementation of the blockchain technology Expertise: On integrating IT technologies, Database protection and encryption, Oracle Database Administration.
  • Mayanova Diana
    Mayanova Diana
    Mayanova Diana
    (BTL marketing and Public Realtionship) -
    Experience: 3 years in the marketing and PR field. Achievments: project work with the First President Foundation, SNC magazine, International University of Information Technologies, Nur Otan Party and Public Fund "MALiS".


  • 1
    Constructive materials market research
    (2014 - 2016)
  • 2
    Making a detailed statement of work
    (2016 - 2017)
  • 3
    MVP service development
  • 4
    Pre ICO
  • 5
    (Feb - May)
  • 6
    Testing of alpha version
  • 7
    Beta-version. Introduction of suppliers, warehouses, logistics specialists
  • 8
    Mobile application development
  • 9
    Development of personal Blockchain within the project
  • 10
    Complete launch of the product in CIS region
  • 11
    SLA implementation at the smart contract level
  • 12
    Implementation of internal currency – AIDACOIN – to accelerate the payment transactions
  • 13
    Implementation of the AID tokens exchange for AIDA coin at the stock price
  • 14
    Introduction of AIDA coin to the stock exchange
  • 15
    Service adaptation to the markets of Europe and Eastern Asia
  • 16
    Expanding the product line service to the other fileds
  • 17
    Adaptation of the service to the markets of North and South America

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