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Cryptocurrency Exchanges

CEX Exchange

CEX.IO is a multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange that is trusted by many investors worldwide. This exchange offers cross-platform trading through a website, a mobile app, a REST API, and WebSocket. Additionally, the users of the platform can gain access to high-liquidity orderbook for finding all the leading currency pairs present on the market.

The crypto exchange has its own simplified, streamlined bundle interface that will allow users to buy and sell Bitcoins instantly. The exchange has even developed an end-to-end multilevel account system that will give an individual approach to all the customers ranging from institutional traders to Bitcoin beginners. Other highlights of this time-proven platform include worldwide coverage, 24 × 7 support, and multiple payment options. All of these features improve the platform’s stability and guarantee the safety of data and assets stored on it.


The evolution that created an exchange revolution

CEX.IO is among the oldest Bitcoin exchanges. It all began in London in 2013 when this exchange was even functioning as a dedicated cloud mining provider. At a point of time the exchange’s mining pool, Ghash.IO, became so huge that it controlled 42 percent of the network’s mining power.

In January 2015, the cloud mining operations were suspended and CEX.IO started operating as an end-to-end cryptocurrency exchange. In March 2015, the exchange managed to secure the FinCEN registration. Finally, in 2016, the exchange rolled out its margin trading capabilities and Bitcoin affiliate program. The platform has truly undergone a lot of evolutions to create a fresh revolution in the Bitcoin-trading space.

Why picking CEX.IO makes complete sense?

Multiple payment options: The exchange allows its users to use different payment methods such as bank transfers (SEPA and SWIFT), MasterCard, Visa, and cryptocurrency.

Exceptional security: The exchange has its own security processes in place; these processes protect the exchange against a number of DDoS attacks. Apart from that, the platform does full-data encryption and adheres to the most rigorous PCI DSS standards.

Worldwide coverage: The exchange has access to 99 percent of the countries worldwide including 24 states in the US.

Why Cex

Legality is intact: The exchange is registered in the UK and even has the MSB status in FinCEN. Also, the platform has all the essential licenses and strong relationships with banks. 

Marginal trading: For allowing marginal trading, the exchange platform has automatic funds borrowing, 1:2 and 1:3 leverages, negative balance protection, and the like. 

Competitive commissions: The platform has pocket-friendly trading fees for takers and makers, strong offers for every market maker, and special conditions for high-volume traders. 

Cross-platform trading: Institutional traders can do cross-platform trading through mobile apps, website, REST API, and WebSocket. 

Advanced reporting: The exchange’s users get actionable insights through downloadable reports, real-time balances, transaction history, and transparent fee. 

High liquidity: The platform has high liquidity since it allows low spread and fast order execution and gives access to the orderbook for finding top currency pairs. 

Considering everything, this exchange has all the features that make it secure and scalable in every possible way.

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Binance Exchange 

Binance is a portmanteau made from two words “binary” and “finance.” This cryptocurrency exchange is developing fast and is ranked among top-volume exchanges. The reasons for Binance’s rise are simple—its availability in many languages, its neat user interface, and its capability to process high-speed transactions. This exchange only trades cryptocurrencies and does not support any form of fiat-wired deposits.

Binance’s development story up till now

This cryptocurrency exchange was established in China by mid-2017. However, after the Chinese government banned crypto exchanges, Binance shifted its base to Hong Kong. Despite being a centralized exchange, Binance offers unmatched reliability because it handles high volumes regularly. For evolving its services and operations, Binance adopted the hottest way of funding itself—ICOs; Binance’s crowdsale concluded by July 2017.

After the crowdsale, this exchange will use the raised funds for improving its centralized architecture. Furthermore, the exchange is robust enough to support transactions using multiple crypto coins such as BTC, LTC, ETH, and BNB. Apart from that, the safety and stability of the exchange are guaranteed by its multi-cluster and multi-tier system architecture. Now, here are the top advantages that have made most crypto investors trust Binance.

What makes Binance a reliable crypto exchange?

Delivering innovative products 

There are more than 30 exchanges running on Binance’s underlying platform. This fact establishes the robustness and efficiency of the trading technology powering this crypto exchange and its related products. Plus, the platform supports different devices in different languages—and that definitely improves the user experience. 

Leveraging a strong team 

The team behind this crypto exchange is managed by Changpeng Zhao. Because of Zhao, the team has built rich experience and deep expertise in both crypto finance and wall-street trading. This team, further, has a proven track record in developing some of the most successful start-ups from the ground up. 

Using superior technology 

The platform uses a certified matching engine that easily processes 1,400,000 orders every second. As the order-processing capability of the platform is high and quick, Binance has risen as a reliable cryptocurrency exchange present in the world today. Also, the platform’s core development team keeps inventing new technologies and algorithms to simplify the business of cryptocurrency trading.

Binance labs

Accessing top-class industry resources

The exchange has built a rock-solid relationship with many industry leaders. For more details in this regard, all the prospective traders can just view the long list of advisors and investors standing behind this platform. Because of such high-quality industry resources, this exchange makes crypto trading secure and fast.

So, for knowing more about why you need to make your account on Binance, now you can visit the website and start purchasing cryptos and investing to ICOs.

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